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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Beyoncé and Jay-Z mark 13th Wedding Anniversary at Cipriani

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Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas on April 4.  The couple have been for 13 years.  They got married on April 4, 2008 in a secret ceremony in New York City.

The power couple left their 3 kids at home while they went on their special date and a romantic dinner at Cipriani.  Queen B posted some pictures on social media documenting her outfits for the occasion.

Happy anniversary to them.  Beautiful outfit.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Woman finds her long-lost daughter on her son's wedding day


A China woman attending her son's wedding was left in tears after she identified the bride as her long-lost daughter. She noticed that a birthmark on her new daughter-in-law's hand was similar to the one on her lost daughter's hand over 20 years ago.

After spotting the birthmark, the mother-in-law approached the bride's parents and asked if she had been adopted.  The bride's family though baffled by the question, revealed that they had found a baby girl by the roadside several years ago whom they brought up as their own daughter.

On hearing the story, the bride burst into tears. She wanted to know more about her biological parents. She described the moment of meeting her biological mother as "happier than the wedding day itself".

The bride was later concerned about marrying her elder brother. The mother-in-law however revealed that the groom was also adopted after she lost all hopes of finding her missing daughter.

Hence, there would be no problem in their marriage as they were not biological siblings.  The bride was relieved to know this and the couple completed their wedding rituals.

The wedding guests gave the family their best wishes on the doubly joyous day.


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