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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Lifestyle Program improves Fertility in Women - New Study

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A new study by University of Sherbrook, Canada has established that  lifestyle changes through Fit-For-Fertility (FFF) programme can improve fertility in women with obesity.

The programme provides an alternative to the usual standard of care for women seeking fertility treatments.

Lead researcher, Matea Belan states that “Our study shows that the FFF programme can significantly improve the pregnancy rate, especially the spontaneous pregnancy rate when no fertility treatments are required, as well as the live-birth rate,”

The study was presented virtually at ENDO 2021. 130 women were recruited to receive treatment at a fertility clinic and were randomly divided into two groups.  The first group had access to the Fit-For-Fertility programme alone for the first six months of their participation, and in combination with fertility treatments if no pregnancy occurred after six months.

In the second group, the control group, women had access to the fertility treatments from the outset but did not take part in the FFF programme.

Of the 108 women who completed at least six months of the study, or became pregnant during the first six months, the FFF programme generated a difference of 14.2 per cent points in the live-birth rate (51 per cent for the FFF group and 36.8 per cent for the control group).

The spontaneous pregnancy rate (pregnancy without any fertility treatments) was 33.3 per cent in the treatment group, compared with 12.3 per cent in the control group. (IANS)


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