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Friday, July 19, 2019

How to Increase Revenue for Your Online Shoe Business?

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Gaining revenues is one of the most essential activities that your company can engage in. They allow businesses to succeed by hiring the right minds, purchasing equipment and manufacturing products and delivering services. There is no future for any business if they fail to make profit.

The poor economies are specifically hard for the small business. Irrespective of whether you are among the affected companies or you just want to boost your sales, here are some strategies that will assist you in increasing the revenues for your business.

Your online shoe business is bound to fail if it does not have a solid selling process and a great online presence. The millennials will research your business online first and if your business website fails to impress them, they won’t purchase. It is that simple.

Here are some tips that will help to boost your shoe business and gain more revenues. Just take a look.

·       Create a Great Experience for Your Customer – The simpler you make the shopping experience the more likely it is for the customers to return. When customers browse through the pages of your website, they expect easy and fast loading of the pages. An easy checkout process is also expected from your business. If the customer sees that a particular merchandise takes over 2 weeks to be delivered, she is going to abandon the cart then and there. The shoe customers are quite demanding and at the time of purchasing online they expect short delivery times with free shipping.

·       Gain Knowledge about the Industry – You can get the ultimate competitive edge by knowing the nitty-gritties of your industry. For prospering and thriving, you must be dedicated towards updating your knowledge and knowing your times inside out. There should be the desire to prosper and the energy to achieve the goals. Here are some of the reasons of failure for the online businesses.

Ø  Vision Lacking
Ø  Failing to Create Goals
Ø  Dearth of Proper Knowledge of Industry
Ø  Inadequacy of Capitalisation
Ø  Poor Marketing Strategy

·       Make the Customer Interactions Count – Customers expect the omni-channel experience. There are many software available today that can make the retailers create highly effective and targeted campaigns which truly resonate with their customers. Through this you can know whether the customers took your new marketing campaign about heels well or they responded better with your previous campaign. This process can also assist the entrepreneurs leave a positive impression on the customers by constantly building and nourishing the relationship created by them.

·         Advertise More both Offline and Online – Advertising is most essential and without it no business can thrive irrespective of whether yours is a brick-and-mortar shop or an online shop. It is also wise to enhance your budget for marketing as there is more sales and less competition. For this, apart from the traditional modes of advertising like the newspaper ads and the magazines you must make your online marketing ads more result oriented. You should invest in digital marketing, SEO and of course social media marketing. This is an infallible way to enhance the revenues for your shoe business.

·         Give Your Business a USP – In order to sustain and succeed in the competitive market, you must offer your online shoe business something that the customers won’t get elsewhere or a USP or Unique Selling Point for it. For this you can empower your website with innovative traits like product personalisation. This can be done by simply integrating your ecommerce with the cutting-edge Shoe Designer Software. It is an efficient software which can offer the liberty of designing their shoes to your customers. This is definitely going to make your business stand out and attract more customers to your business.

·         Decrease the Abandoned Cart – You tend to lose money every time a customer visits your website but does not complete the purchase. Visitors can add items to cart but leave during the checkout process. It is completely a worthy investment to assist customers get rid of their hesitation and complete the buying process. The email recovery can be an effective way to remind the customers about completing the orders.

The above are some of the ways in which you can enhance the revenues for your online shoe business.

Author Bio:
Nitesh Ranjan is a digital marketing expert with keen interest on topics, trends and ideas related to brand promotion and advertising. He regularly shares information on the ways to market businesses across digital channels for better ROI, increased conversions and more sales. His blog can help anyone interested in boosting the online visibility in the digital world and eyeing access to a wider and bigger marketplace without spending big on marketing. Trust his digital marketing knowledge to enhance your brand’s presence on the internet.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Healthy Lifestyle Can Reduce the risk of Dementia - New Study Revealed

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A new study by the medical journal JAMA has revealed that healthy lifestyle choices might help reduce the risk of dementia, even when a person has a genetic risk. 
These lifestyle changes are: 
  • Do not smoke.
  • Avoid too much alcohol consumption.
  • Exercise at a moderate to vigorous level for at least 150 minutes per week.
  • Eat a brain-healthy diet.
  • Get cognitive stimulation.
The study looked at 196,383 adults age 60 and older who lived in the UK and found that specifically, 1.13% of those with a healthy lifestyle developed dementia later in life compared with 1.78% of those with a less healthy lifestyle — a statistically significant difference.

The adults who took part in the study joined it from 2006 to 2010 and researchers followed up with them until 2016 to 2017.

Elzbieta Kuźma, a research fellow at the University of Exeter Medical School who worked on the study said,

“This research is exciting in that it shows there are actionable things we can do to try to counteract a genetic risk for dementia,”

“In our study, adherence to a healthy lifestyle was associated with a reduced risk of dementia regardless of the genetic risk.”
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