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Monday, August 20, 2018

What you should know about smart speakers at work

Large corporations do everything to make smart speakers become the same household appliance, like teapots, microwave ovens or music centers. Life has figured out what gadgets are already on the market, and which ones will go on sale very soon.

IT-giants are once again trying to change the world. Users are accustomed to the fact that while ordering a taxi, hotel reservations or buying air tickets people will soon not have to sit at the computer or pick up a smartphone. It will be enough to voice your desire, and a clever column will cope with any mission.

On the one hand, this approach will save us a lot of time. On the other hand, there is a huge list of nuances, the main of which is under development, and at times frank dullness of voice assistants.
Smart speakers, like Amazon Echo, are quickly becoming something familiar, at least for Americans, writes Business Insider. The publication indicates that these gadgets win consumers much faster than it was possible for smartphones or tablets. Today already 16% of inhabitants of the USA have a clever column at home.

The edition also assures that these gadgets replace other home devices. Those who bought the column begin to watch less TV and less often take up a smartphone. But most of all the columns were struck by the already outdated radio news channel.

According to NPR and Edison Research, 39% of owners of smart speakers refused it because of traditional FM-receivers.
But, despite all the difficulties, Amazon, Apple, and Google do not give up and continue to develop smart speakers. Already in 2018 there can be a fierce battle between these brands for the buyer.

What is the essence of a smart speaker?

It's very simple: a smart speaker is a device that hears the user, analyzes his speech and tries to fulfill all the requests of the owner. In fact, the voice assistant from the smartphone is simply transferred to the case of the speaker, which also plays music, if you ask it.

In the long term, this is really convenient, because many people are not ready to communicate with the phone, but have nothing against talking with a separate gadget, which is for this purpose.

Modern portable speakers are clever day by day. In order five years ago to get a "smart" prefix, it was enough to have a wireless module on board to broadcast music from a mobile phone or streaming from an online service.

Additional features, such as a built-in display, support for a new audio format, 360-degree sound dissipation or conferencing mode, made the device particularly advanced. However, today such "twists" no one surprises. What now is the indicator of "mind"?  In 2017, a smart speaker is not just acoustics for listening to music, but a multi-functional device with built-in speakers. And the functionality is limited only by the imagination of its creators. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of the most interesting and popular modern smart speakers.

The device that can help you at work Column Amazon Echo with built-in voice assistant Alexa was released in November 2014 and became, perhaps, the most popular and discussed device in its class. After the appearance of Echo on sale, many manufacturers were puzzled by the creation of such a device, but only more advanced and stuffed with all sorts of modules and functions.

The device is equipped with several microphones for accurate recognition of voice commands. To play the sound there is one woofer and one tweeter, to enhance the bass - bass reflex. Due to its design, the column has a circular pattern. But the main function of the Echo is not to play music at parties, but to help the user in solving everyday tasks at work.

To work, Amazon Echo requires a constant connection to Wi-Fi and a 220 V network. It is controlled by voice or via iOS / Android application (although on the top there is a pair of buttons and a ring of volume control). The built-in voice assistant is able not only to execute commands but also enter into a dialogue with the user. For example, Alexa can offer to add the listened song to favorites or tell about the latest news, and not waste time.

The column will perform the proposed action only after the user's positive response.  English-speaking user Echo opens a lot of opportunities. First, the device understands the smart home control commands: the column connects to the IoT-technology and manages it at the owner's command. Secondly, the device can be associated with a Google account, which will allow you to check your mail, keep track of your calendar, etc. Thirdly, Echo tracks events outside the home - weather, traffic jams, news and you will never be late for work. And this is not a complete list of features of the smart speaker.

Amazon regularly releases updates for the Echo, and it can be assumed that in the near future the smart speaker will acquire even more interesting and modern skills.  34% of consumers said that with the column they freed the time that they used to spend on a smartphone. The fact is that such devices allow you to output sound notifications, write messages or make calls, so the need to constantly pick up a smartphone really decreases.

My name is Alexia Wolker, I am a blogger and work as an editor. I have a Master's Degree in literature and love both reading and writing about books and literary topics. I also help students with their literary assignments - articles, essays and summmaries of books, my works you can see at thepoetrytrust.org  website


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