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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil and Side Effects

Peppermint oil is much more than just being there for flavour in foods and beverages. It is also responsible for the magical and irresistible fragrance in your soaps or cosmetics. Above all, it is helpful for a variety of health conditions which is the reason behind its universal popularity and demand. Derived from the peppermint plant, the oil is clinically proven to relieve indigestion, headaches, irritable bowel symptom together with being helpful for skin and dental health. Peppermint oil is also used as dietary supplements and many a skin care preparation contains it for benefits. With the right use, it can keep you healthy and help you stay disease-free. 

Here are some of the health benefits of peppermint oil -

1. Pain muscle reliever

Peppermint oil is considered very effective in reducing pain in muscles and providing a calming effect to troubled persons. It’s also deemed highly effective in alleviating headaches, sore back and muscle aches. For ages, the oil has been in use across cultures and societies for relieving pain and bringing a soothing feel to a person of any age and gender.

2. Help in digestion

Peppermint oil is just perfect for those who look for a natural remedy to help in digestion. Its contents (and carminative nature) are helpful in treating a variety of digestion problems including excess gas. You just have to add a few drops of this oil in water and drink it for getting immediate benefits from indigestion and related issues.

3. Effective for headaches and nausea

If you search for an effective home remedy for headaches and nausea, try peppermint oil as it works big time. You just have to put the oil on the head and it will work like a magic in relieving pain. It is believed to even cure migraine beaches. And you can inhale it to reduce nausea and motion sickness.

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4. Good for the joints

As we age, the joints start showing signs of wear and tear and also makes movements progressively difficult. You can trust peppermint oil to reduce pain or stiffness in the joints. Applying a mixture of this oil with lavender oil can help relieve muscle pain almost instantly. The oil can also keep you warm.

5. Stress reliever

If you have stress and you want a home remedy, peppermint oil is then perfect for you. Its soothing properties are considered helpful in alleviating stress, mental fatigue and depression. More so, the oil is extensively used across cultures for relieving anxiety. You can keep it handy at home and let stress go away without relying on those mystic pills that often have side effects.

6. Skin care

For ages, peppermint oil has been used for skin care and beaut

y care. It has menthol which is known to provide a cool sensation on the skin. With regular use, this oil can easily get rid of your dull skin and oily skin. This is how you can make your skin refreshing and rejuvenated and start looking younger to your age.

7. Freshen Breath and Reduce cavities

If you are dealing with bad breath problem, you can trust peppermint oil as a great home remedy to get rid of the issue. This oil has been in use for generations for freshening breath and eliminating bad breath. What’s more, it can also help prevent cavities, much more than your chemical drugs do. You can use it as a tooth cavity treatment, wash your mouth daily and maintain a superior dental health.

Peppermint oil side effects

When used in excess, peppermint oil can be toxic and extremely harmful to the body and your overall health. In fact, large dosages can even lead to kidney failure or kidney inflammation. So, it’s essential to take caution with the use of the oil to enjoy its numerous health benefits.

Some of the common side effects of peppermint oil -

· It contains a neurotoxic content and may harm nerve tissue

· Its content can also be toxic to the liver.

· The oil is not recommended for patients with gallstones and gallbladder inflammation

· The oil may also worsen a hernia

· It may also cause drug toxicity to harm the body

· The oil may also decrease testosterone levels

· Peppermint oil is not recommended for infants, children or pregnant women

· The oil may also lead to allergic reactions

· It may also cause dermatitis

· Nausea and vomiting and heartburn are some other side effects of this oil

· Use of the oil may also cause blurred vision

· Breathing problems may also happen with the use of this oil

· Acid reflux and heartburn may also happen with the use of this oil
In overall, peppermint oil is good for you with numerous health benefits but only when used with restraint. You have to be careful with the dosage else it might harm the body greatly.

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