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Thursday, July 26, 2018

'My Heart Will Go On' singer Celine Dion slays in colourful pantsuit

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Celine Dion who is currently on world tour rocked a hot lemon yellow, double breasted suit by Maison Rabih Kayrouz recently. She accessorised the bold outfit with Prada sunglasses and embroidered pumps, and a wedge-shaped Chloe bag.
The Canadian pop singer shared the image on social media with the caption:
“Beautiful Bangkok...unforgettable.
“Bangkok...magnifique et inoubliable. - Céline xx...”

Lovely ensemble. You like?
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Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil and Side Effects

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Peppermint oil is much more than just being there for flavour in foods and beverages. It is also responsible for the magical and irresistible fragrance in your soaps or cosmetics. Above all, it is helpful for a variety of health conditions which is the reason behind its universal popularity and demand. Derived from the peppermint plant, the oil is clinically proven to relieve indigestion, headaches, irritable bowel symptom together with being helpful for skin and dental health. Peppermint oil is also used as dietary supplements and many a skin care preparation contains it for benefits. With the right use, it can keep you healthy and help you stay disease-free. 

Here are some of the health benefits of peppermint oil -

1. Pain muscle reliever

Peppermint oil is considered very effective in reducing pain in muscles and providing a calming effect to troubled persons. It’s also deemed highly effective in alleviating headaches, sore back and muscle aches. For ages, the oil has been in use across cultures and societies for relieving pain and bringing a soothing feel to a person of any age and gender.

2. Help in digestion

Peppermint oil is just perfect for those who look for a natural remedy to help in digestion. Its contents (and carminative nature) are helpful in treating a variety of digestion problems including excess gas. You just have to add a few drops of this oil in water and drink it for getting immediate benefits from indigestion and related issues.

3. Effective for headaches and nausea

If you search for an effective home remedy for headaches and nausea, try peppermint oil as it works big time. You just have to put the oil on the head and it will work like a magic in relieving pain. It is believed to even cure migraine beaches. And you can inhale it to reduce nausea and motion sickness.

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4. Good for the joints

As we age, the joints start showing signs of wear and tear and also makes movements progressively difficult. You can trust peppermint oil to reduce pain or stiffness in the joints. Applying a mixture of this oil with lavender oil can help relieve muscle pain almost instantly. The oil can also keep you warm.

5. Stress reliever

If you have stress and you want a home remedy, peppermint oil is then perfect for you. Its soothing properties are considered helpful in alleviating stress, mental fatigue and depression. More so, the oil is extensively used across cultures for relieving anxiety. You can keep it handy at home and let stress go away without relying on those mystic pills that often have side effects.

6. Skin care

For ages, peppermint oil has been used for skin care and beaut

y care. It has menthol which is known to provide a cool sensation on the skin. With regular use, this oil can easily get rid of your dull skin and oily skin. This is how you can make your skin refreshing and rejuvenated and start looking younger to your age.

7. Freshen Breath and Reduce cavities

If you are dealing with bad breath problem, you can trust peppermint oil as a great home remedy to get rid of the issue. This oil has been in use for generations for freshening breath and eliminating bad breath. What’s more, it can also help prevent cavities, much more than your chemical drugs do. You can use it as a tooth cavity treatment, wash your mouth daily and maintain a superior dental health.

Peppermint oil side effects

When used in excess, peppermint oil can be toxic and extremely harmful to the body and your overall health. In fact, large dosages can even lead to kidney failure or kidney inflammation. So, it’s essential to take caution with the use of the oil to enjoy its numerous health benefits.

Some of the common side effects of peppermint oil -

· It contains a neurotoxic content and may harm nerve tissue

· Its content can also be toxic to the liver.

· The oil is not recommended for patients with gallstones and gallbladder inflammation

· The oil may also worsen a hernia

· It may also cause drug toxicity to harm the body

· The oil may also decrease testosterone levels

· Peppermint oil is not recommended for infants, children or pregnant women

· The oil may also lead to allergic reactions

· It may also cause dermatitis

· Nausea and vomiting and heartburn are some other side effects of this oil

· Use of the oil may also cause blurred vision

· Breathing problems may also happen with the use of this oil

· Acid reflux and heartburn may also happen with the use of this oil
In overall, peppermint oil is good for you with numerous health benefits but only when used with restraint. You have to be careful with the dosage else it might harm the body greatly.

Author Bio:

Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He loves sharing views on anything that provides value to the readers and helps broaden their horizon.
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Beyonce and Jay Z share new family vacation photos

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Beyonce and her husband Jay Z shared adorable photos of their 13-month-old twins - Rumi and Sir Carter and big sister Blue Ivy during a family trip to Europe on the Queen Bey website.

The images were taken while they were On The Run II World Tour.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Benefits Of Swimming: 10 Reasons Every Woman Should Start Swimming

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All women want to be healthy and beautiful. One of the most popular ways that many women choose is taking exercises to be healthier and more beautiful. Depending on your ability, there are a wide range of exercises for you to practice. Swimming is increasingly familiar with many people because of its popularity, advantages and suitability for everyone at any age, from toddlers to the oldsters. Actually, swimming is not just a fun way to be cool down during hot summer, it also brings numerous amazing benefits for the body, especially for women’s. Let’s see how good swimming is in the article below:

1. Swimming Is A Full Body Workout
Most types of exercises focus on a certain part of the body. Thus, in order to have impact on all parts of the whole body, we need to practice different forms of exercises. Fortunately, you do not need to do that with swimming. It is a full body workout without heavy equipment. When you jump in the water, swimming can help tone your whole body from head to toes with a just few laps. Therefore, if you’re looking for a total body workout, swimming is your best option.

2. Swimming Is A Great Way To Burn Calories
Freestyle swimming is the most common and effective stroke which helps burn a lot of calories and improve metabolic process. An hour of freestyle swimming can help burn 472 calories for a woman whose weight is 130 pounds and 563 calories for a woman whose weight is 155 pounds. If you are more advanced in swimming, you can lose more calories.

3. Swimming Helps Maintain A Healthy Weight
Because swimming is a total body workout which burns lots of calories, it can help maintain a healthy weight effectively. If you are worrying about overweight, try swimming to lose the amount of weights as you wish. Apart from strengthening heart and lungs, swimming works out all major muscles which can help keep your body slim and fit.

Thanks to the combination of burning calories and building up muscles, swimming brings fitness effect for your body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that we should spend 150 minutes on moderate swimming every week to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Swimming Increases Flexibility
Swimming is an exercise that activates most of the main muscle groups including shoulders, arms, legs, back and abdominal muscles. The more you swim, the more flexible your muscles are. This is because when you swim, strokes’ repetition improves the endurance of muscles.
Moreover, the resistance against your body from water is much more than that from air when you take exercise on land. As a result, swimming helps strengthen and tone the muscles. Thus, it helps increase flexibility which can protect you from injury and cardiovascular disease.

5. Swimming Is Good For Lungs
In order to swim properly, you must breathe in through your nose and then exhale through your lips. This process makes carbon dioxide get out of your body. Your body also adapts to take in more fresh air every time you inhale during the process. Thus, swimming is especially useful for people who find difficulties in breathing. It helps expand the capacity of lungs and make them function more efficiently.

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6. Swimming Reduces Stress
Women are twice more likely than men in getting stressed because of their hectic work and family schedules. In this case, swimming might help them reduce stress. Swimming may bring a calming effect by decreasing immune system chemicals and heightening body temperature.

Much more than that, it also liberates endorphins and neurotransmitters which increase the good feelings, such as accomplishment and self-worth, and get you away from worries, sadness and other symptoms associated with stress.

You can also swim like doing meditation by focusing on your breath and rhythm of swimming. This allows your mind to relax and feel peaceful.

7. Swimming Makes You Smarter
It’s hard to believe that swimming can make you smarter. However, it’s true. While you are swimming, you have to focus on counting strokes, breathing, dividing and flying that kicks off the wall. Your attention must always lay on all these activities during long workouts.
The Journal of Physiology also claims that when you are submerged in water, there is a 14 percent increase of blood that flows to your brain. All these things help make you become smarter.  

8. Swimming Strengthens Muscles
Swimming does not only strengthen your muscles but also lengthen them. Different strokes encourage different groups of muscles. Lap swimming has impact on the muscles in biceps and triceps, hamstrings, abdominals, quadriceps and gluteal. Butterfly swimming focuses on muscles in deltoids, abdominals and legs. Backstroke swimming tends to emphasize the muscles in legs and triceps. Freestyle swimming involves in muscles of torso, thighs and lower legs.

All the movements during swimming work on muscles throughout your body and enhance muscle tone and endurance in the core. This process makes the muscle groups strengthened and lengthened, leading to the improvement of your body form.
In addition, the water resistance also guards your muscles from quick and jerky actions which may cause injury. For those who want to look healthier, slimmer and higher, swimming is a good choice. 

9. Swimming Makes Women Look Younger
This is good news for most women in the world. The truth is that regular swimming makes women look younger. Researchers at Indian University concluded that if you swim regularly, you are physiologically twenty years younger than your true age. Especially, swimming makes your cholesterol level, blood pressure, cognitive system, cardiovascular endurance and sympathetic system more youthful. This successfully contributes to the process of slowing down the aging.

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10. Swimming Eases Exercise Difficulties For Pregnant Women
Most women are buoyant while swimming. Because of this, pregnant women with their heavy weight may find it more comfortable with submersed exercises than on-land ones. Swimming offers stronger muscles and oxygen efficiency which can help pregnant women’s baby absorb oxygen more effectively. However, the benefit does not stop there. Swimming is extremely advantageous for pregnant women due to its effect on lowering stress and anxiety associated with pregnancy. According to The Baby Center, swimming can help women sleep more deeply and enhance their ability to cope with psychological and physical challenges.
Now you can see that swimming brings a wide variety of positive advantages for your body. Do not hesitate to make it part of your daily regular routine to maintain an overall healthy body. Let swimming benefit you by jumping into the pool and enjoying your time of swimming every day.

About the author:
Victoria Tan is a Health and Beauty expert who has more than 8 years of experience in Health Care industry. For more health care tips on healthy living, visit her at the website TrueRemedies.com. There, you will find posts on natural treatments, healthy foods, DIY recipes and so much more.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

List of the Best Cars With Manual Transmissions

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Some people may say that cars with a manual transmission should be replaced by vehicles with automatic transmission. However, it is a well-known fact that, at present, the majority of the modern automotive manufacturers continues to produce the newest vehicle models with a manual transmission. The reason for such an interesting tendency is that the major part of drivers prefers cars with a manual transmission to the vehicles with an automatic one. In the most cases, their choice can be influenced by a significant number of different factors. Below, you can find the most common reasons why people buy cars with manual transmissions:

One of the most important factors that may have a great impact on the individual’s choice is related to the pricing policies introduced by the automotive manufacturers. It is a well-known fact that the newest cars with a manual transmission can be sold at affordable prices. What is more, these cars are known to be cheaper than the vehicles with the automatic transmissions. As a result, buying such cars helps the drivers save approximately $1,000 or even $1,500.

Although the majority of automotive manufacturers tends to produce a number of fuel-efficient vehicles with the automatic transmissions, still, cars with manual transmissions are regarded as the best wheels in terms of cost-effectiveness. However, this factor is not clear enough, and that’s why you should compare the models that provoke your interest while choosing a new automobile.

While comparing the performance of vehicles with manual and automatic transmissions, the majority of drivers claim that the first one always wins. The important thing that should be mentioned is the fact that, being in the driving seat of cars with the manual transmissions, the individuals have a chance to change gears and manipulate the automobile in different ways. As a result, all the individuals that like driving a lot tend to buy such cars since they have the greater control with a manual transmission. By means of laser tachometer, drivers can shift gears more efficiently.

Some challenges related to the car maintenance and servicing basics represent another aspect that may be critical in choosing a particular car model. Compared to the automatic transmissions, the manual ones do not need a regular car service. For instance, all the vehicles with the automatic transmissions require a regular fluid change as well as a filter replacement. Since all the vehicles with the manual transmissions do not need having such car servicing and maintenance on a regular basis, it is evident that such automobiles manifest a significant cost-efficiency.

One of the most important benefits of driving stick is the fact that such drivers tend to have better driving skills compared to the individuals that prefer cars with the automatic transmissions. Apart from that, each of them feels less distracted being behind the wheel. 

In accordance with the recent statistical data, cars with manual transmissions are rarely stolen while the owners of the automatic transmissions are often placed in such a disadvantageous situation.              
Below are Top 5 Cars With Manual Transmissions:

1. BMW M4

This car model is considered to be a true evolution of the M concept designed by the BMW’s motorsport division. The manufacturers offer their customers a six-speed manual gearbox as well as the reliable and lightning-quick gearshifts. Regarding the engine, this evolutionary automobile introduces a high-pressure turbocharging system. Some components of this vehicle like, for instance, trunk lid, engine brace, and roof are made of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic. As a result, the manufacturers managed to produce an incredibly strong car with reduced weight and enhanced maneuverability.

In addition, the interior layout of BMW M4 won’t leave anyone untouched. For instance, this car offers the electronically adjustable seats with a standard heating system. Apart from comfortable sports seats, the owners of BMW M4 may notice the integrated headrests an adjustable side bolsters as well. What is more, the BMW’s motorsport division offers dashboard infotainment electronics that includes a rotary dial controller and a modern color screen.

2. Mazda 6

This car has been produced since 2002 by Mazda Motor Corporation that is a prominent Japanese car manufacturer. Mazda 6 represents the Third generation of sedans designed in Japan and assembled in China. At present, this car model enjoys a great popularity since it represents the latest generation of the automobiles. That’s one of the main reasons why Mazda Motor Corporation continues to upgrade the previous models and produce the new ones. Although this innovative model is known for its exquisite appearance, it also includes a number of technological advances and dynamic benefits.
As Mazda Motor Corporation claims, Mazda 6 is the evolutionary car with a manual transmission that has already proved its cost-efficiency. While producing the newest model, the manufacturer made significant changes that include the fog lights, LED headlights, and the innovative radiator grille. The important thing that should be mentioned is the fact that this vehicle is one of the best car models in terms of safety. Indeed, Mazda 6 offers the advanced front airbags as well as the passenger-weight sensors. 

3. Honda Accord

In general, Honda Accord refers to the series of automobiles designed by Honda Motor Company that is a well-known Japanese public multinational conglomerate. In this case, it is important to underline the tenth generation of cars that was introduced to the society this year. The latest model of the Honda Accord has a manual transmission as well as the innovative entry-level engine. The interesting thing is the fact that the owners of this car model will have the opportunity to choose a particular mode of driving. Two-Mode Driving System includes a normal mode and sports mode.

Another important change implemented by the manufacturer is a number of technological advances that make the process of driving even more interesting. These innovations include Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Driver Awareness Monitor. Additionally, similarly to the other car models, the latest Honda Accord offers front and rear parking sensors that allows the drivers park their cars faster since they are not afraid to graze any cars causing the b. This product was designed in 2016 by the American manufacturer known as Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company. In general, the Chevrolet Camaro is a four-seat and rear-drive sports car that represents the sixth generation of the Chevrolet Camaro. The manufacturer ensures that this car model is one of the safest modern vehicles with manual transmissions.

4. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Sports was designed by Ford Motor Company in 2015. At present, this car model is considerably popular due to the set of technical characteristics offered by the manufacturer. The interesting thing that should be mentioned is the fact that this model is considered to be a 50th Anniversary Edition Model. 

Being the Anniversary Edition Model, Ford Mustang Sports enjoys a significant success because of the numerous innovations offered by Ford Motor Company. A list of the most evident changes includes new looks, different interiors, extensive engine lineup, and independent rear suspension as well. The most important changes that can be noticed are related to the safety issues. In this case, the manufacturer offers the cars enthusiasts additional safety aids like, for instance, blind sport warning, adaptive cruise control, and forward collision warning with automatic braking. 
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Yahoo Messenger shuts down after 20 years

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Yahoo Messenger service has been finally plugged off on July 17, 2018 as announced in June. The service was launched in 1998 and it was then named Yahoo Pager. The service was later re-branded as Yahoo Messenger in 1999 with emojis and stickers.

In a statement on their website, Yahoo said that Messenger was going away because "as the communications landscape continues to change over, we're focusing on building and introducing new, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs."

Although users will not be able to sign into their account, they can download their chat history to their personal computer or other devices by November end 2018.  Also, Yahoo Mail and fantasy will continue to function as usual.

The company has reportedly been working on another group messaging app, Squirrel, which is likely to be the replacement.
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Duchess of Cambridge steps out in yellow dress at Wimbledon men's final

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Image result for kate middleton in yellow at Wimbledon

Kate and her husband, William were at Wimbledon’s Centre Court yesterday to watch the men's singles final between Serbia's Novak Djokovic and South Africa's Kevin Anderson. The Duchess of Cambridge looked gorgeous in a £670 sunshine-hued yellow dress by Dolce & Gabbana which she wore to the event as she waved to fans.

Image result for kate middleton in yellow at Wimbledon

So beautiful!

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Thursday, July 05, 2018

WHO Announces new drug to prevent excessive bleeding after childbirth

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) in a new study has announced a new drug that can cure excessive bleeding after childbirth. It was in collaboration with MSD for Mothers and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.  The product innovator and oxytocin were provided by Novartis for the study.

The study, published on June 27, 2018, in the New England Journal of Medicine, has shown an alternative drug – heat-stable carbetocin – to be as safe and effective as oxytocin in preventing postpartum haemorrhage. This new formulation of carbetocin does not require refrigeration and retains its efficacy for at least 3 years stored at 30 degrees celsius and 75% relative humidity.

Commenting on the new drug, Dr Metin Gülmezoglu from the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at WHO states that:
“The development of a drug to prevent postpartum haemorrhage that continues to remain effective in hot and humid conditions is very good news for the millions of women who give birth in parts of the world without access to reliable refrigeration,”

Welcome development. 
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