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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

10 Ways to Prepare the Best Christmas Party


Have you already heard Jingle bells this year? If not, then you apparently will, as Christmas is around the corner. It is a time full of magic and festive spirit, thus there are many stunning ways of its celebrating that is why today we will muse a bit about hosting an ideal Christmas party. Does it sound interesting? Then check these 10 five-star Christmas party ideas:
1. Choosing Appropriate Settings

The first thing you have to do before organizing a party is choosing appropriate Christmas party themes. Of course, the most ordinary variant is hosting it at home, but what about holding it on the roof of your block? Moreover, if there is a pool there, you are a lucky person. Amidst the other variants is a country house, café or restaurant. You can choose whatever variant you like and create a charming atmosphere that you will recall all year round.

2. Preparing a Theme Party

If you have already passed your exams, and do not need live paper help anymore, then you can think of organizing a thematic party. It is not an easy task though, as you have to not only choose a theme, but also insist on the dress code for all your guests. It is usually the hardest part, as many people just do not care about costumes. Once you are done with this, roll on the next step.

3. Covering it All with Glitter

Once the party theme and place for the celebration are chosen, you can start decorating everything you see. You just need glitter, tree toys and all sorts of Christmas décor that you can find at local shops. Remember that a rule of “the simplest, the better” doesn’t work in this case, thus don’t be afraid to overdo, as this day everything is possible.

4. PreparingYummy Festive Appetizers

Christmas appetizers can really improve the mood of your guests when they arrive and get a bit hungry. Amidst the best appetizer ideas for Christmas are tartlets, snacks, bruschetta, bites, toasts, chips etc. You should choose things that are easy to do, but can feed even the crowd. The meal should not be essential; this is why they are called appetizers.

5. Do not Forget about Delicious Meal

The cool party apparently needs a good menu. The main rule here is cooking simple dishes that most of the people like. This way you will not spend the whole day cooking and end up being very exhausted; it is a common mistake for many women now. Definitely, if you do not want to spend your time and can afford to order a meal from a special service, café o restaurant, then do it. There are also many catering services, which will do everything instead of you, just google to find the best one.

6. Special Cocktails Can Make Difference

Party can’t be successful without cocktails, but it can be even better if you try to create your own signature ones.As a result, you will get amazing drinks, millions of compliments and have fun. 

7. Making your Christmas Tree Shine

Can you imagine Christmas without Christmas tree? I cannot. This is an attribute of any Christmas, it is a must-have for you; you can choose from the artificial trees and real ones and decorate it with everything you have. If you have enough time, you can craft DIY Christmas tree toys or even make your guests do it! Just imagine how much fun you will have playing this game at a party.

8. Creating a DIY Theme Costume

Hosting a thematic party is very enjoyable, although only a few people really bother with thematic costumes, thus you need to be a king/queen of persistence to make all of your guests follow the dress code you have chosen. On the other hand, you can always make concessions and choose special color/colors for your party; this will be much easier.

9. Inviting your Closest

This is a very special day that you should spend with your closest; thus, you should invite only people that you really want to see and spend time with. The quantity does not mean quality, thus narrow your social circus to the people that value the most to you.

10. Just Forget about Everything and Enjoy the Party

Whatever holiday party ideas you will choose, do not forget that the main aim of this day is spending it joyfully, forgetting about the everyday routine, work and everything that disturbs you right now. Just live that very moment and keep everything aside. 

This list is not full, but it contains the most useful ten tips you can follow to make your party be perfect. Hope you will use my Christmas theme ideas when celebrating Christmas 2017.
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Creative Handmade Invitations to the Party

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No question that every single person in this world has got a huge number of special dates and important days during the year, which he or she wants to share with his/her friends or relatives. But what can help you make this special event really unique and unforgettable? This question is much easier than you can even imagine! 

One of the best ways to make your party or any other kind of celebrations really specific and magic is to create invitations by yourself!Of course, you can buy or order them on the web, and in some cases, it can be even quicker, easier and less stressful for you. But the main point here is that with handmade invitation cards you can save your money, and ensure that your guests would appreciate such a warm gesture. It also proves that you love, respect your friends and that you will always come to the rescue when they need your advice! It is worth it, isn’t it?

Despite the fact that there is such a vast diversity of materials for making invitations, and a tremendous variety of technics, methods, and tools, I still tried to collect the most useful and the most basic DIY invitation kits for you, no matter what kind of party you want to organize.

Supplies Needed:
1. Paper of different colours or/and craft paper;

2. Pens, pencils, water colours or/and markers;

3. Any decorations you would like to add;

4. Satin ribbon or/and twine;

5. Pair of scissors;

6. Sticky-tape;

7. Tape-glue.

Step One: Choose the Design of Your Invitation 

The first step in making the invitations of your dream is to search a lot of examples of different letters on the Internet or on the pages of modern magazines. You will soon understand what style and type of letters do you prefer and which one would you like to make manually!

You can also check here now and decide what style is best for you in no time!

1. Explorevariouswebsites and magazines in order to find the best suitable option for you, which will coincide in the best way with the type of your party or celebration.

2. If you wish to have very modern and extraordinary invitations it will be much better you’ll read some articles about colour, decor and texture tendency of that or those seasons.

3. Don’t worry if you cannot find what you are looking for – try to be as much creative as you can!

Step Two: Create the Basis
Before you start fulfiling your craziest birthday invitation ideas, or classic wedding traditions (actually, there isn’t any difference what kind of letter you want to prepare), make a sample of your work, a rough copy, in order to check all the details and peculiarities.

1. Use all the needed supplies for creating a model of your future event.

2. With the help of paper, glue and a pair of scissors trying to make the most realistic mock-up of the invitation.

3. You can also use a computer former for creating an appropriate size of your letters and try to find many details on the Internet for decoration your future request. Nowadays, there are also a lot of different online invitation makers, so you can create everything you want like an artist!

4. If you’re not sure what size or form to use, make several copies of it before decorating.Don’t hurry up!

Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2017

Step Three: Start to Decorate

Finally, you can start to do the most beautiful and the most interesting part of the whole process of creating invitations to the party.

1. Use all types of decorations that you can find– it can be paper or fabric of different colours and forms.

2. With the help of glue try to stick all the details to your basic invitation cards.

3. Don’t forget about coloured pens and pencils, paints or markers for writing original motivational and invitational expressions.

4. Be very tidy working with the glue and paints, don’t be messy and try to stick details and paint your card as careful as you can.

5. At least, give some time for your already made cards, as glue, or paints should dry up perfectly for the best result.

6. Don’t be hurry, and do every single step given above in an attentive and careful way!

Step Four: Find the Appropriate Words 

The last step in making your own invitation cards is to sign them and write all the information about your future party.

There is only one single rule to make it correctly – be clear and understandable, trying to deliver the most appropriate message to your friends about the celebration, according to the type and style of your party. Try to be more creative, accurate and polite!


Thus, here were my basic step-by-step recommendations on designing invitation cards for the parties. You can change some steps or add some yours, but the most important thing, which I hope you’ve already understood is that you shouldn’t be an artist if you really want to design own invitations, and make a little surprise for your friends and relatives! Just be creative, enthusiastic and let your imagination do everything instead of you!
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How to wear your sexy dress in cold season without being frozen

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There is no denying it now, the winter Christmas crazy party season is just around the corner…diaries will soon be booked up with nights out, office get-togethers, dinners, drinks…you name it…all needing a fabulous outfit to wow your peers with. BUT…that age-old problem will rear its ugly head when it comes to flimsy party dresses…how do you keep warm!!

Now, while there are some of us who live and die by the winter rule of cab to club, meaning that they don’t enter the outside world at all on a night out. Instead of opting to jump from a taxi into a venue with the minimum amount of time outside. The majority of us, however, are forced to step outside to get from a to b and there are a few simple tricks that you can follow to look AMAZING in your skimpy dress but also keep yourself warm while in transit.

First up…tights…now I know, these are not the most attractive accessories to have in your closet but in winter they are a must-have. Depending on what dress you choose to wear, I would highly recommend having the appropriate coloured tights to match. That’s why I think black is a great choice for winter nights out, as you can pair with plain or patterned black tights that not only look good but keep your legs cosy and warm. Skin coloured tights don’t really look that great and are also by nature quite thin so won’t keep you as warm as their black counterparts.

Anyway, black is always a more dramatic and sexy vibe for wild nights out!

Or, if you're a brave sexy mini dress lover and it's hard for you to give it up even in the cold winter, a pair of knee-high boot is also a good defence against the cold. But NEVER try to match the boots with your knee-length skirt, believe me, this may not make your sexy legs look that long.

Next trick is to invest in a serious winter coat to keep as much heat in as possible when out and about. Definitely choose a long floor length number here. Adds to the flamboyance of your look and keeps not only your body but your ankles warm as well! I would go for a fitted number when picking out a coat. This means you can make you outerwear part of your look by adding on a matching belt to cinch in your waist and complete your night time silhouette.

If you are a hat person, then, by all means, this is your time to shine. Hats can add a fun and functional element to your look and can complete an outfit and up your style stakes while still keeping you warm. Berets are a great choice for the Christmas party season, as they seem to remain timeless and elegant and are super snug.

Finally, don’t forget some gloves….black leather…always a good choice. So gorgeous and a really high end, classy, finishing touch to any look. You could go for a vibrant colour either like a dramatic bright neon pink or a Christmassy red. Just don’t pick a woollen pair for night time…stick with the more expensive looking style of glove. Remember, you need to have your look in equal parts night owl and snug as a bug! 
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

5 Mind blowing Facts About Women's Fashion

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Fashion for women can be a minefield of dilemmas…what to buy, what colors to choose, what styles, how to keep your clothes safe etc. There is so much information that it can be quite daunting. But with this simple guide, you will be able to get the most out of your closet going forward and look as stylish as if you just came off a high designer runway show!

Sound good?

The main thing to focus on when dressing in different seasons is to wear the colors of that season so that you will look en vogue and not out of place. Keep an eye on fashion websites like vogue.com and elle.com to see which colors featured the most during fashion weeks. For example, burgundy was huge for the fall shows this year. So for winter, stick to rich, indulgent reds, browns and burgundy hues and you can’t go wrong. An elegant wrap dress in a beautiful deep color will not only look good but give you a fashion edge.

Six tips to Breaking into Fashion career

Being sexy is not something to be afraid of and women should feel comfortable about showing off a small part of their bodies. Have fun with fashion and stay feminine, you will feel so much better about your look, just remember that less is more and you can’t go wrong.

When you go shopping, why not experiment and bit more this season and step out of your comfort zone a bit. This doesn't have to be a drastic change, but you could try and add in some different elements to your look, like statement necklaces, higher heels, big belts etc. Always keep changing your style slightly as the seasons go by to avoid getting stuck in a style rut. By all means, choose the clothes that you feel best in, like a gorgeous sexy dress, fabulous on its own, but add in a little bit of extra fashion focus such as an eye catching belt and bag for others to hone in on and you will help to keep your look current and up to date.

Finally, look after the little things. For example, always remove labels from soles of shoes when you buy them…unsightly if left there for all to see. Cut off long labels and hanger loops from tops. There is nothing worse than seeing those loops hanging out over arms, they will complete ruin the look of any outfit. Only use wooden hangers to store your clothes, wire hangers will totally destroy the shape of garments and distort their line irreversibly. Wooden hangers are much kinder!

3 Essential Prom Night Prep Tips

Look after you as well, if you have your nails manicured, hair styled and lovely, complimentary makeup applied, then your clothes will just be the cherry on top! Beauty comes from the inside out and if you feel good you will look even better.

Clothes are not something to be afraid of, but something to have fun with. Just by following a few simple rules you can get the most out of your closet and make sure that your first impressions last!

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#coverseason: "Diamonds" Rihanna covers four issues of Dazed Magazine and three issues of Vogue Paris

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Rihanna is on the cover of four Dazed magazine.  This is her first cover for the magazine.  The 29-year-old singer also unveiled her three covers for December December 2017/January 2018 issue of Vogue Paris on Monday.
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

All Aboard - Singers, Musicians, and Shows

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There are lots of things that are worth trying in a life of every person. One of these incredible things you may have the courage to try is a voyage on a cruise ship. If you worry that you may be bored on a cruise ship, you have never been there, and you are so wrong! Attractions on a board of cruise ships are an inevitable part of life aboard. A lot of interesting events is organized and occurs during the voyage, and in most cases, they could be way interesting and fascinating than any other walking tours around harbors. Each cruise liner has its own peculiarities and show programs for its passengers, for instance: climbing wall, cuisine workshops, wine degustation, video games, quest-rooms and so on.

Would you like to sunbathe or swim in a pool? No problems. Would you like to go shopping, try body massage treatments or to go gambling in a casino? There is no reason to refuse you in these pleasures. Even such attractions as surfing, kart racing or skiing are all available for people, who travel on cruise ships.

There is a general tendency about all cruise ships: there are liners with a standard program, which includes an endless party with a moving animation and fascinating shows; premium class cruise ships offer you much moreleisurely and relaxed way of spending your time aboard. Most of the cruise ships can entertain their passengers with swimming pools, jacuzzi, theatres and cinemas, duty-free shops, saunas, fitness and SPA centers, gyms, bars, and clubs.

Travelling on apassengerliner, you will never be bored or tired of uninteresting days spent aboard. For example, Carnival Cruise ship can boast with Las-Vegas show programs and many other entertaining programs, like live music, magician, performance, concerts of many famous musicians. Each passenger has a precious opportunity to become a new musical show participator, attend karaoke bars and lots of amazing parties.

The main idea of most passenger ships is a freestyle in entertaining of their passengers. That is why there is always an endless variety of ways how to have fun during the voyage. Besides the standard set of attractions, you can easily find blues-clubs, wine restaurants, interactive theatrical show by Blue Man Group. There are dozens of live theatre shows, musicals and no less of diverse disco programs. Once in a cruise, they organize ‘The White disco’ when all the staff and other volunteers put on white clothes and a liner is decorated correspondingly.

 There is one of the biggest aqua parks on the board of the Norwegian Epic cruise ship, where you can spend best days of your voyage and get the brightest impressions. The ship is designed in a way you have a good time and fun all day long around the board and come cabin only to change. Those, who are lucky to live in a Villa class cabin (circa 600 m2), are able to arrange a party on their territory and invite other ship passengers.

Celebrity Cruises liners are very proud of the set of restaurants they have. The cherry on a cake isa world-famous chef, great serve and the best choice of dishes. Cruise is not only ocean voyage, but also the holiday of esthetic pleasure. Some of the ships invite best world acrobatic shows, which present an atmosphere of eternal holiday and pleasure to the guests of the ship.

On the board of each ship different workshops, studying lectures are organized, as well as concerts with live music, cabaret performances, traditional 5 o’clock tea and gambling lessons.

As the dark comes, most of thetransatlantic liners dive into the Las Vegas atmosphere. Casinos, which are usually closedin thedaytime, are stuck with people, who want to try their luck in Black Jack or poker. Different popular singers and bands give perform in lounge bars for you to enjoy the music and dance.

Each night different amazing show with laser and video effects are performed by professional dancers and singers for your entertainment. There you can also meet singers, comedians, magicians and other performers from the TV.

BIO: Helen Birk is a writer at https://australianwritings.com.au/coursework-writing-service, journalist, amazing storyteller and a blogger. She has been visited 18 countries for the last 3 years. Each week Helen shares her knowledge about traveling and voyage tips on his Facebook account with millions of followers. 
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How Waking Up an Hour Earlier Can Improve Your Appearance

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Image result for images for waking up

Adding an extra hour each day reaps enormous benefits for your appearance. A healthy person is more attractive than someone who is not. Two aspects of being healthy are getting exercise and eating correctly. 

Those who get out of bed early can squeeze in a workout. You don't have to be a morning person if you wake up early. Instead of snoozing, you are moving. Hitting the gym before the sun rises is an excellent way to seize the day.  Putting on your casual jumpsuits and starting your meditating in early-morning light is also a way to find peace and self-control.

The habit can boost your productivity and mood. The session will wake you up, energize you, and make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. Who do you think has a better appearance, someone who is relaxed and energized or someone who is tense and stressed?

Healthy Eating
Getting up early, allows you to eat healthily. Too often, people running late give into the temptation of a doughnut or grab a breakfast burrito from a fast food restaurant. Extra calories add up fast. That extra hour in the morning can be used to cook a high-protein, healthy meal. The healthy breakfast makes you feel satisfied and curbs cravings during the day.

Time to Plan What to Wear
That extra hour means you have the opportunity to spend time on little things that improve your appearance such as ironing your shirt or work dress and choosing the perfect shoes and accessories to go with your outfit. You have time to fix your hair and moustache, and for ladies, to apply makeup correctly and choose a nice lipstick.

Studies have shown that a job candidate's appearance and attire have an impact on the likelihood of being hired. Some easy fashion ideas include taking time to do a once-over after you are dressed. Snip loose threads and wipe away shoe scuffs.

Fashionistas suggest having a capsule wardrobe made up of pieces that can be mixed and matched. Start with an outwear collection. A polyester duffle coat in black, green, or coffee can polish an outfit. Other suggestions include denim, leather or faux leather jackets, blazers, dark jeans, and a white button-down shirt.

Take Advantage of the Time

Waking up early is not a magic appearance enhancer, in and of itself. Take advantage of the extra time to become healthier and well put together. An early morning arising can be a zen experience. It is a time to think, read, or breathe. You will feel better, and those around you will notice how attractive you are.  
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kate Middleton rocks faux bob (photos)

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Kate Middleton attended Remembrance Service on Sunday.  The event was held at The Cenotaph, London, England to honor and remember veterans who served and died for Britain.

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge looked good as she flaunted her faux bob.  She wore a Dolce & Gabbana black suit, black gloves and a stylish back hat to the ceremony.

You like?
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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

How to Overcome Career Slump -5 Ways

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A professional woman resting her chin on her right hand, looking bored at a meeting

There's something to be said for getting into a groove at work and coming in each day knowing exactly what tasks you need to tackle and how you'll get them done. But there does come a point when too much routine on the job turns into a negative thing. If you can't remember the last time you were excited about a project, or got to branch out and do something different, then chances are, you're headed for or are already experiencing a career slump. This especially holds true if you're in a role where opportunities for upward mobility are limited.

If you're in the midst of a career slump or creeping in that direction, don't despair. There are a few things you can do to breathe new life into your job and make your experience more fulfilling.

1. Volunteer for new projects

It's natural to get bored of doing the same old things over and over again. So if your manager doesn't think to assign you something new, seek out opportunities yourself and volunteer for them. This might mean approaching other teams and asking to get involved in what they're doing or suggesting valuable projects of your own and taking charge. Heading up a new initiative at work is a good way to not only bust out of a rut, but get your boss' attention -- and that could open the door to a promotion down the line.

2. Interact with different people

When we think about networking, we often imagine ourselves hobnobbing with outside associates at conferences or industry events. But there's no reason you shouldn't do your fair share of networking in your own office as well. And the more people you aim to interact with, the more opportunities that are likely to come your way, whether it's joining a different team or getting invited to share your input at different meetings.

3. Take a class

The more well-rounded an employee you are, the better you're apt to feel about your career. So if things don't seem to be going anywhere at your current job, furthering your skills could bring about new opportunities. One of the best ways to bust out of a slump is to take a class or pursue a certification that gives you more options if not immediately, then down the line. If anything, learning new things might also help you approach your current role differently, thus improving your outlook.

4. Make a lateral move

Maybe a promotion just isn't available at your company, or you're lacking a few key skills to move up to a higher level. But even if that's the case, there's no reason you can't try dabbling in a new area of the business. A lateral move, in fact, might be just the welcome change your career is begging for. If you're able to switch to another position, you'll get to meet new people, do different things, and grow your skills so that you are eventually able to climb that ladder, whether internally or elsewhere.

5. Take a brief sabbatical

If you're really struggling to get past your career slump and have seemingly exhausted all other options, you might consider taking some time off to refresh and recharge. Of course, most companies won't pay for sabbaticals, so if you're not in good shape financially, this won't be an option. Similarly, not every company will agree to it. But if you have a healthy amount of savings and your employer is willing to be flexible, consider taking some time to pursue hobbies, travel, or reconnect with family and friends. Then, when the time comes to return to your job, you'll be in a better place mentally.

Are you Unhappy with your career? Here are 7 tips to Guide You

Your job should serve not just as a source of income but as a means of personal satisfaction. If that's no longer the case, then it pays to work on breaking out of that slump. The sooner you do, the happier you'll be on the whole.

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The Evolution of Digital Comics

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Technology has changed the world in many ways. Even the traditional comics that we loved to read now has a new face. Digital comics are now a thing. In fact, they have been around for some time, but they have just gotten more attention in recent years.

They are also referred to as webtoons. They are gaining popularity mainly because they make the comic book reading experience come to life. Those who loved comic books before can continue their passion for comic book reading but the experience is brought to a whole new level.

You can read it using your computers or smartphones. You don't even need access to the Internet to read a webtoon. There are also visual and sound effects available. This makes the process even more interesting.

It is as if you are still reading an actual comic book but it can do more given the modern technology injected into it.

Given how wonderful the experience is for fans of comic books and those who have not read any before, webtoons have become a big deal. In fact, around the world, webtoons are becoming more popular.

Even if manga and other comics were a huge deal in Asia, webtoons have a far wider appeal. In both North and South America, the number of people who have tried reading a webtoon has drastically increased.

If you wish to get more ideas about the evolution of digital comics, check the infographic below. It presents ideas that will amaze you especially on how comics has survived over the years.

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