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Friday, April 29, 2016

9 Ways To Save Your Relationship from break up


Why do couples break up these days? Why can’t they live happily ever after like in the movies? If there’s trouble in paradise and you don’t want to split up, then you need to talk about it. Communication is the key to a fruitful, fulfilling and happy relationship. Most couples don’t talk about their issues; they avoid them in the hopes they’ll eventually fade away.

Sadly, that will never happen, and before you know it, the whole relationship becomes a nightmare. Couples therapy is not something you want to do, and many would agree it’s useless. Do you want to save your relationship? How far are you willing to go to do that?

Here are nine guidelines that can help you find out:

1. Be yourself, not somebody else.

For a relationship to work, it must be based on trust. Be yourself, and don’t allow your significant other to change who you are. Stay true to your passions, dreams and goals. Above everything else, stay true to your own identity.

Just because you got married, it doesn’t mean you have to change your personality. The person who chose you likes you just the way you are. If you change, he or she will end up resenting you. We all know resentment leads to painful breakups.

2. Spice things up in the bedroom.

A brand new romantic relationship comes with great sex. That’s because the people involved and the emotions are new, fresh and exciting. After a while, things change. Some choose to do nothing about it, which may lead to a breakup or couples counseling. Others choose to spice things up.

If you want to help save your relationship, you can’t think sex isn’t an important factor. Get close to your partner and be happy when you’re together. Let your emotions do the talking, try new things in the bedroom and don’t be afraid of experimenting.

3. Be thankful.

A lot of people are not thankful enough when they’re in a relationship, which is why they eventually end up in marriage counseling. They often see affection, romance and love as something awkward and embarrassing. It is important to keep the flame burning if you want to be a happy couple.

Be romantic with your significant other and show that person you care. Set your reluctance aside, and tell your girlfriend or wife how you actually feel. Be grateful using your words, gifts and flowers. Sometimes even the most innocent kiss can be the perfect reminder of love.

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4. Compromise.

Romantic relationships work because they’re based on a fundamental word: compromise. As the relationship advances, you’ll notice you share different opinions. That’s OK. You don’t have to agree with everything your husband or wife says, but you have to listen to this person to try to reach common ground. Married couples who are genuinely happy understand that compromise is they key to the success of their relationship.

5. Stay focused on the good parts.

Couples fight because they have different needs, whether they’re family related, financial or intimate. Conflict arises when arguments don’t come to an end. What can you do about this? Start by focusing on the good things you share.

Talk to each other and say what bothers you out loud. Work it out, and make concessions with your partner. By focusing on the good, you will eventually ignore the lesser things happening in your life.

6. Fights will occur sooner or later, so acknowledge that.

It’s really important for couples to acknowledge they won’t fight less if they get married. Fights are normal as long as you learn to accept them. Rather than seeing a therapist as a last resort, why not try listening more?

Replace those feelings of hostility and resentment with good will and humor. You’ll feel a lot better. If you have an argument, try not to freak out. You’re fighting with the person you love most in this life, which basically means it can’t be that bad.

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7. See the good in your partner.

Couples in stable, happy marriages are positive individuals. They see the good in their partners, and they won’t try to change them. Appreciate the person sleeping on the other side of the bed, and show him or her your utmost respect. Do that even when you’re fighting. Don’t let arguments escalate and become destructive.

8. Value honesty.

Be honest with your loved one if you want things to work out in the long term. Rather than focus on your spouse’s flaws, you should first assess your own. Search for a way to make the relationship work. Communicate more often, tell the truth and don’t force him or her to change.

9. Ditch the ego.

A lot of people go to couples therapy because they can’t give up their egos. When two people are stubborn, there’s no way their relationship will work. For things to go smoother, you have to give something up in order to get something else in return.

Be kind to each other, and admit if you made a mistake. Don’t cover it up with your ego because you’ll end up in conflict. When couples fight over insignificant things, they bring out issues from the past, and nothing good ever comes out of that.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton marks 5th wedding anniversary

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Prince William and Kate Middleton are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary today. The couple
exchanged vows inside London's historic Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011.  They have two kids - Prince Goerge and Princess Charlotte together.

Kate Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Katherine Middleton and Prince William Duke of Cambridge

Wishing the royal family a happy anniversary.

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Announcement: FG declares May 2 public holiday for Workers’ Day

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The Federal Government has declared Monday, May 2, 2016 as public holiday to commemorate the 2016 Workers’ Day celebration. The announcement was made in Abuja on Thursday, by the Minister of Interior, Lieutenant General Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau (retd), on behalf of the Federal Government.

Happy celebration!
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FBN Holdings to Cut 1000 Jobs in Bid to Restore Profit

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FBN Holdings Plc, the parent company of First Bank Nigeria Limited, plans to cut about 1000 jobs and focus less on providing loans to the oil industry in a bid to reverse last year’s 82 percent slump in profit.

The lender expects to boost its return on equity, a key measure of profitability, to between 11 per cent and 14 per cent in 2016 from last year’s “really bad” figure of 3 percent, according to the chief executive officer of FirstBank Nigeria Limited, Mr. Adesola Adeduntan. The bank is also targeting a cost-to-income ratio of 55 percent in two years’ time from 59 percent, he said.
Bloomberg quoted him as saying: “ROE will be much better than last year. At a minimum, we should triple it. We do not shy away from taking difficult decisions. We used to have above 8,000 people. We’ll push it down, gradually, to 7,000.”

Net profit fell to N15 billion from N84 billion in 2014, as impairments soared and Africa’s biggest economy slowed amid a crash in the price of crude, the biggest source of government revenue and export earnings. Growth decelerated to 2.8 percent in 2015, the lowest level since 1999, and may worsen to 2.3 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund.

First Bank’s non-performing loans ratio stood at 22 percent at the end of March, compared with 3.8 percent a year earlier. Reducing that figure is the “number one priority,” said Adeduntan. The bank will do that by reducing the proportion of its lending to the oil and gas sector, currently at about 39 per cent of total loans, and focusing more on blue-chip companies in other industries, he said.

Adeduntan ruled out any equity raising this year, saying the bank’s capital adequacy ratio of 17.2 percent was enough of a buffer and above the central bank’s minimum requirement of 15 percent. It would still be adequate if the floor is raised to 16 percent in July for systemically important institutions, including First Bank.

“We continuously evaluate it and the position now is that there’s no need for external capital,” said Adeduntan who became CEO in January after joining First Bank as chief financial officer in mid-2014. “We generate enough internal capital,” he said.

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Military Arrests 6 Boko Haram Kingpins in Borno State

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The Nigerian military in continuation with the clearance operations in parts of the North-east, has arrested six Boko Haram terrorist kingpins according to This Day.

The Director of Army Public Relations (DAPR), Col. Sani Usman, in a statement yesterday, that the troops had in a renewed onslaught on the leadership of Boko Haram terrorists, troops had earlier yesterday “made an unprecedented catch”.

According to Usman, “the gallant troops tracked and arrested six terrorists kingpins who sneaked into Kala Balge as a result of the onslaught of our heroic troops on the terrorists in Sambisa”.

He said the six notorious Ameers (leaders), noted for getting logistics support and information for the Boko Haram terrorists, were arrested in a swift military operation by troops of 3 Battalion, 22 Brigade.

He named those he described as “unrepentant and hardened insurgents” to w include Musa Kalile Sabakara (an Ameer), Babagana John (an informant and also seller of foodstuffs), Isah Abakar (an Ameer) and Usman Abasa, (who specializes on cattle rustling and selling of food stuffs), as well Bukar Gujja (a tailor who prepare clothes for the terrorists) and Bukar Kahalifa (also a tailor who prepares the dress for the Boko Haram terrorists), are presently undergoing interrogation.

Welcome development.
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Oluchi Olandi Celebrates 35th birthday today

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Supermodel Oluchi Orlandi is a year older today. She turns 35. Her friend Yvonne Nelson shared above pictures to celebrate the mother of two on her Facebook page. She captioned it:

Happy birthday to my SUUUPER MODEL friend @oluchi1 🎂🎂🎉🎉 hope you have the best birthday ever. Wishing you a fantastic and special birthday with Gods blessings ❤️⭐️

Wishing her a happy birthday.
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Kim Kardashian sizzles in a figure hugging sheer red dress for Naomi Campbell's event

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Lady in red: The reality queen looked fantastic in a figure hugging sheer red dress
Kim Kardashian rocked a beautiful diamond-patterned dress on Thursday in Beverly Hills, California. The reality star and Naomi Campbell stepped out together at the Taschen bookstore where Naomi was signing a copy of her new coffee table book.

Naomi stunned in a silky red sleeveless gown as she wrapped an arm around Kim at the book signing


Big book: The reality star flipped through the large coffee table book 
Pictures or it didn't happen: Kim K took a snap of her special dedication from the supermodel 
Got it back: Having recently posed for her first post baby bikini shoot, Kim was clearly proud of her fugureGot it back: Having recently posed for her first post baby bikini shoot, Kim was clearly proud of her fugureLimited edition: The limited edition Naomi Campbell book features her pert bust on the coverSelf portrait: Kim took a selfie with NaomiNew book: Naomi showed her timeless beauty at the book signing
Getting close: Naomi gave Kim a kiss as they embracedCan't miss a selfir opp: With no pockets to speak of, Kim was left carrying her ubiquitous cellphone
Book signing: Kim Kardashian attended a book singing on Thursday featuring Naomi Campbell at the Taschen bookstore in Beverly Hills, CaliforniaFashion fans: Kim is a fashionista and shared a photo on Thursday of herself with Naomi at the 2014 Met Gala

Photo credit: Daily Mail
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Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to stretch your salary till the next pay day -Tips


A lot of salary earners find it difficult to stretch their salary till the next pay day. Some will even be in huge debt before collecting their salary and will be left with nothing to save at the end of the month.

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with economists and financial experts on how to stretch your salary till the next pay day.

‘Everything is changing, you have to prepare for the change’ – Dr. Austin Nweze

Is it possible for an average salary earner to stretch his or her salary till the next pay day?

Everything is possible.

How can it be achieved?
It depends on how much the person earns and what his or her monthly commitments are. You must have a personal budget, try and stick to it. Don’t live above your means. Divide your salary into different percentages, your tithe, transport and feeding habit. If you are an impulsive spender, if you buy things without planning, for it then, you need to adjust your spending.

Plan how to spend your money, if not it, will be for everybody’s asking. For every kobo that comes into your hands, have a plan for it. Form a habit of saving, it could be personal or national saving. Nigerian is what it is now because the government refused to save for the rainy day.

Try to start an investment, don’t just put aside your money. Invest it so that it can yield for you. A clairoyantant person will be able to see before things happen. Everything is changing, you have to prepare for the change. Most people don’t have money problem. It is the individual that has problem.

Send your salary to work so that it can sustain you. It is not when you get a better job that you should invest. Every N5,000 from your salary is not too much to invest. Let your investment yield something for you because of emergency. It will definitely come one day.

Don’t think if you don’t solve somebody’s problem, heaven will fall. Don’t go borrowing because you want to solve somebody’s problem. They wouldn’t care if you go bankrupt. You must have a budget for emergency. If it finishes, don’t touch your savings, wait for the next month’s budget.

Money is a great friend if you send it out to work.

‘It depends on your ability to manage your budget’- SIR SUNNY NWOSU

Is it possible for an average salary earner to stretch his or her salary till the next pay day?

Everything depends on your ability to manage your budget. Set aside what will be left after the budget. By setting aside that amount, it means you are willing to save money.

How can it be achieved?

It depends on your ability to manage your budget. Budget is an all encompassing calculation. Your salary will be the net of every deduction. Look out for the rent, house up keep, fuel allowance, children’s up keep and decide on the percentage of your salary.

Some people prefer doing insurance. Some do physical saving. If your salary is not delayed, it will work out well but if your salary is delayed, you have to spend from your savings. If you are an investor, put aside your dividends and save it.

You must be able to control your money. You must be able to control your appetite if not, you wouldn’t be able to achieve your goal.

‘Choose your priority right’ – MR. HENRY BOYO

Is it possible for an average salary earner to stretch his or her salary till the next pay day?

Maybe you are looking at your salary as an elastic thing. Salary is not elastic. You just need to be wise about it.

How can it be achieved?

Like I said, you have to be wise about it. Choose your priorities right. Reduce impulsive purchases you make. Have a budget at the beginning of every months, have your own budget and stick to it. Don’t look across the border. Don’t compare yourself to others.

You don’t know how they get their money. Wages have been stagnant and inflation has been on the increase. So, it is quite difficult to stretch the salary. Just try your best. Put your priorities right, don’t look at Mr. A and what he has and how he spends his money. Consider your income and plan with it. Focus on the essentials, address them first, and leave the rest.
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Actress Kelly Ripa celebrates wedding anniversary rocking her 25-Year-Old Wedding Dress

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Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary recently. She shared a photo on twitter revealing that her wedding dress can still size her. She captioned the image:
“See that dress? That’s my wedding dress. And guess what? It still fits,”
The talk show host and television producer, who got married on May 1, 1996, said she purchased the dress 5 years before her wedding.
“I didn’t buy it as a wedding dress.

“I just bought it because it was really pretty, and I wanted to buy something from the Barney’s warehouse sale...And I said to myself, ‘I bet if I buy this, maybe it will be an investment piece. Maybe I’ll wear it more than once."
“I was working on the soap. I didn’t make a lot of money. And it was $199 on final clearance sale.” Quite the tough decision when you’re on a budget, but it turns out Ripa made the right call. “I wear it all the time,” she said, “It was the best $199 I’ve ever spent in my life.”

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Jump-Start Your Career with these Two Things


Over the years, I’ve noticed again and again two qualities that stand out to senior management when they’re considering whether to promote someone. I’ve also noticed that demonstrating both qualities impresses decision-makers even more. If you can develop these two qualities, it could catalyze your career advancement:

1.  Be Farsighted: Especially these days, with things changing faster than ever before, organizations need people who can think ahead in ways that benefit the organization. In my research, I’ve found this is one of the six characteristics that make leaders “followable” – that is, that elicit productivity and loyalty from followers. If you can demonstrate this characteristic even before you’re formally leading others, it serves as a powerful indicator of your leadership capability. Here’s what being farsighted looks like:

• See possible futures that are good for the enterprise

• Articulate your vision in a compelling and inclusive way

• Model your vision

• See past obstacles

• Invite others to participate in the vision

You might read this list and think that you can’t do these things unless you have a group to lead. But I beg to differ – you can start behaving in these ways within the framework of your very first job. And if you do, your boss and others in management will start to think of you as a leader-in-training.

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You need a Career Boost in 2016? Here are 10 Simple Resolutions You Need to Make 

2.  Do Your Job Wonderfully: Being able to look ahead in this way, see how something could be better, and then work with others to make it happen – being farsighted – is half of being seen as promotable. Consistently doing a great job at your job is the other half. If the assistant in my example had envisioned and found the better venue – but hadn’t taken care of all the other off-site details for which she was responsible… well, let’s just say her boss would have been much less impressed.

This is what doing your job wonderfully looks like:

Keep Your Agreements — Do What You Say You’ll Do: Period. And If it’s simply not possible to keep an agreement, let those affected — especially your boss — know as soon as possible, and say what you’ll do instead. If your boss knows that you will always do what you commit to do, and do it well, without prompting or needing a lot of oversight – you will be seen as someone to keep and grow.

Be Responsive To Feedback: Listen, make sure you understand, find out what needs to be done differently, and do it – don’t blame, complain, or make excuses.

Manage Your Own Growth: Discover and take the steps you need to develop – don’t expect your boss or HR to do it for you. If you’re fortunate, they’ll support and encourage your growth – but they shouldn’t have to be in charge of it.

Be A Good Company Citizen: Build positive, productive relationships with those around you – nobody likes a prima donna, and making it harder for others to do their job by virtue of how you’re doing yours is pretty much the kiss of death in terms of promotability.

As I’ve been wandering around companies of all sizes over the past few decades, and as I’ve worked with my business partner to grow our own company, I’ve seen these two approaches rewarded again and again – with more responsibility and influence, better compensation, more challenging work. If you can develop your skills of being farsighted while doing your current job really well, you’re much more likely to have a career that evolves rather than one that gets stuck in neutral.

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Two men arrested for concealing hemps in cartons of crayfish


Two suspects, Abdullahi Ismail and Valentine Malizu have been arrested by the men of the Seme Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) for being in possession of 40 wraps of substances suspected to be Indian hemps concealed inside cartons of crayfish.

The seized drugs weighed about 43.4 kilogrammes with a value of N412, 300.

The suspects, who were also found to be in possession of over nine different SIM cards and assorted charms, have since been handed over to officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

According to a statement signed by the Spokesman of the Seme Area Command of the NCS, S.K Taupyen, “The seizure was made possible by the Border Patrol Crack Team ‘A’ led by CSC Ozah M.O. After the suspects were arrested, they attempted to bribe the Border Patrol Officers, but their overtures were resisted.”

The suspects have been handed over by the Area Controller, Seme Customs Command, Comptroller Dimka V. David to the Senior Narcotics officer of the NDLEA, Idris, D.U who represented the Commander of the NDLEA, Seme.

After the handing over, the CS C reiterated that the tempo of aggressive patrol within the border would be sustained by his vigilant officers and warned that all those involved in trans-border crimes should desist from the act or they will continue to face the full wrath of the law.

The NDLEA authority said that scientific analysis of the illicit drugs and the subsequent prosecution of the suspects in court will be the next line of action.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

American Rapper Lil’ Kim undergoes plastic surgeries, releases new pictures

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Lil’ Kim has transformed herself from dark to light skin which makes her virtually unrecognizable. She confirmed this by flaunting her new look in the new photos she uploaded on Instagram.   

She’s changed, in ways that words can’t even begin to capture.   

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10 cancer symptoms men should not ignore


Cancer remains one of the deadliest diseases in the world, with 14 million new cases and 8.2 million deaths recorded in 2012, World Health Organisation statistics show.

According to cancer.org, cancer can start anywhere in the body.

It starts when cells grow out of control and crowd out normal cells. This makes it hard for the body to work the way it should.  It is important to note that cancer affects both men and women.

“One of the best ways to fight the disease is to catch it in the early stages, when it’s more treatable,” says WebMD’s Linda Rath.

“The problem is that the warning signs for many kinds of cancer can seem pretty mild.”

Below are 10 cancer symptoms men should not ignore:

1. Finding it difficult to urinate

2. Changes in testicles

3. Blood in urine, semen or stool

4. Weight loss without trying

5. Bone pain

6. Erectile dysfunction

7. Skin changes

8. Breast changes

9. Belly pain and depression

10. Mouth changes

Punch NG
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Hoodlums kill a father of three, injure one in Lagos

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There is anger in Oreyo community in the Igbogbo, Ikorodu area of Lagos State after some gunmen ambushed and shot dead a father of three, identified as Saheed Agbede, a week to the burial of his mother.  Agbede, who sold building materials, was preparing for his mother’s burial which was to hold this week’s Saturday, before he was caught in the crossfire.

It was learnt that Agbede, who lived on Gbenga Ajadi Street, was killed on Saturday at about 1pm in the neighbouring Ire-Agunfoye area during a clash among land speculators.

Punch learnt that the deceased and a friend, identified only as Gbenga, had on Saturday left home to deliver some cloths to be used for the burial to their friends in the Agunfoye area.

It was gathered that the speculators were exchanging gunshots when bullets hit the two at about 1.30pm.

The police said Agbede died instantly, while Gbenga sustained injuries and was rushed to a hospital.

The matter was reported at the Ikorodu Police Division, and policemen came to remove Agbede’s corpse. The policemen were also said to have made some arrests.

A neighbour to Agbede, who begged to speak anonymously, said residents were angry because the hoodlums, who killed Agbede, were invited by a man allegedly known by the police.

The neighbour claimed that the man who brought the hoodlums, identified only as Baba Oloda, was well known to the police at Igbogbo.

He said, “Agbede was a landlord on Gbenga Ajadi Street. He was not involved in the clash. His mother died recently and her burial is to hold on Saturday. The deceased, who also had three children, was planning for the ceremony. He had bought the cow, foodstuffs and cloths. He and his friend, Gbenga, also a landlord, had gone to Agunfoye to deliver some of the cloths to their friends.

“It was while they were returning that bullets hit them. Agbede died, but Gbenga is in the hospital as we speak. Everyone is angry because Agbede was innocent. There was no reason for Baba Oloda’s hoodlums to direct their guns at them. We will not allow this to die down. Baba Oloda is known to the police in Igbogbo.”

Another resident of Oreyo, who gave his name as Segun Ake, said, “The hoodlums were fighting over land. There were two factions of land speculators in Agunfoye, but Agbede belonged to neither of the factions. He and the other friend were just caught in the hoodlums’ crossfire.

“The incident happened in the afternoon. What would then happen if it was in the evening? People are boiling and calling for more security in the area.

“Agbede is the breadwinner of his family. He had made all the provisions for his mother’s burial on Saturday. The hoodlums just cut short his life. He is still in a morgue. The police have not released his body for burial.”

Our correspondent gathered that four suspects had been arrested in connection with the killing.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed Agbede’s death, adding that the case would be transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, for further investigation.

She said, “Saheed (Agbede) died on the spot, while Gbenga sustained injuries. Four suspects –Taofik Omidiran, Kolawole Ogunlade, Ahmed Onabanjo and Alade Mabel – were arrested in connection with the crime. Effort is ongoing to transfer the case to SARS for further investigation.”
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Detergent packets pose higher poisoning risk to kids than other types of detergent - New study reveals

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A new study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Central Ohio Poison Center has revealed that exposure to laundry detergent packets is more dangerous to young children than exposure to other types of laundry and dishwasher detergent.

“Parents and child caregivers need to consider whether the minor potential convenience of laundry detergent packets is worth the poisoning risk to children,” said senior author Dr. Gary A. Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

“Children exposed to laundry detergent packets were significantly more likely to be admitted to a healthcare facility or have a serious medical outcome than those exposed to other types of detergent,” Smith told Reuters Health by email.

The study, published online today in Pediatrics, found that from January 2013 through December 2014 Poison Control Centers in the U.S. received 62,254 calls related to laundry and dishwasher detergent exposures among children younger than 6 years old. The study included calls about both traditional detergent and detergent packets and found that detergent packets accounted for 60 percent of all calls. Almost half (45 percent) of the calls for exposure to laundry detergent packets were referred to a health care facility for evaluation and treatment, significantly more than calls related to exposures to traditional laundry detergent (17 percent), traditional dishwasher detergent (four percent), or dishwasher detergent packets (five percent).

Incidents related to laundry detergent packets saw the biggest rise - increasing 17 percent over the two year study period. Poison control centers received more than 30 calls a day about children who had been exposed to a laundry detergent packet, which is about one call every 45 minutes.

Experts recommend that families with children younger than 6 years old use traditional detergent instead of packets. "Many families don't realize how toxic these highly concentrated laundry detergent packets are," says Marcel J. Casavant, MD a co-author of the study, chief of toxicology at Nationwide Children's Hospital and medical director of the Central Ohio Poison Center. "Use traditional laundry detergent when you have young kids in your home. It isn't worth the risk when there is a safer and effective alternative available."

Parents and child caregivers can help children stay safer by following these tips:
  • People who have young children that live in or visit their home should use traditional laundry detergent, which is much less toxic than laundry detergent packets.
  • Store all laundry detergent including packets up, away, and out of sight - in a locked cabinet is best for laundry packets.
  • Close laundry detergent packet packages or containers and put them away immediately after use.
  • Save the national Poison Help Line number (1-800-222-1222) in your cell phone and post it near your home phones.
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#Fuelscarcity:Most of the trucks transporting fuel are diverted from Lagos to Chad and Cameroon - Kachikwu

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As the scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit continues to take a toll on motorists and other consumers in most parts of the country, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, on Monday said the trucks conveying the product were being diverted to Cameroon and Chad.

Kachikwu, who stated this in Lagos at a town hall meeting, said the fuel scarcity had persisted mainly because the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation could not track the trucks being used to convey the product to filling stations.

According to the minister, none of the trucks transporting fuel across the country is being tracked.

Kachikwu said his ministry was working towards installing trackers on each truck and registering the depots and filling stations they were meant to supply in a bid to curb diversion of the product.

He said, “Over 30 per cent of (fuel) supply is diverted. For example, in the last five days, we have pumped 400 trucks of product into Lagos State. The total consumption (in the state) at the maximum is 250 trucks; most of those trucks are diverted from Lagos to the hinterland of Chad and Cameroon.

“We need, literally, a whole army to stop this from happening. So, I continue to supply and over-supply and so we struggle.”

The minister urged Nigerians to report cases they know about, adding that the task of tackling fuel scarcity could not be left to the government alone.

“We started publishing deliveries and tell you the filling stations they were allocated to. So, if you don’t find products in those filling stations, there are hotlines to call,” he stated.

He asked Nigerians to exercise more patience, adding that his ministry and the NNPC were working hard to proffer long-term solutions to the fuel supply problem.

“Do not judge our work on the basis of the difficulties you have had in fuel supply. I love your patience, I appreciate it; we are working feverishly at solutions. We are looking at intelligent solutions,” he added.

Kachikwu said the NNPC had largely dealt with the shortfall in supply resulting from subsidy debt to the marketers and foreign exchange scarcity, and had, by itself, substantially improved supply of products.

He, however, described this as a short-term solution, saying the private sector “needs to drive this business… because ultimately, without doing that, we are never going to find a solution to this problem.”

The minister said the NNPC was currently burdened with the entire work of supply and regulation.

“That model must change. The private sector will have incentives to drive their business,” he said.

The minister said the difficulties in the oil sector were as a result of years of systematic enclosure of opportunities and lack of transparency.

According to him, significant gains are being made, adding, “Contracts are awarded through open bids; monthly transactions are now being published by the NNPC, with favourable business policies now in place after a 20-year lull.

“For the first time, the average loss position of the NNPC, which was about N300bn per month, has been reduced to about N3bn as of January 2016. The direct sale, direct purchase, which was the offshore processing arrangement, which we reviewed, has saved us over $1bn.

“Payment of subsidies, which last year was over N1tn, has been reduced to zero, except in April, which was prepared for because of over-recovery.”

Kachikwu said pipelines and refineries, including the Warri and Port Harcourt refineries, had been revived, while the Kaduna refinery would begin to work in a week.

“Today, we commissioned, for the first time in seven years, the crude supply pipeline both from Brass to Port Harcourt and from Escravos to the Warri refinery.”
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Grammy Award-Winning Singer Kelly Rowland and Titan attend Safe Kids Day

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52033867 Celebrities at the Safe Kids Day event at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, California on April 24, 2016.  Celebrities at the Safe Kids Day event at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, California on April 24, 2016. 

Pictured: Kelly Rowland, Titan Witherspoon FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876

Kelly Rowland, 35 stepped out with her 17-month-old son Titan for the Safe Kids Day event held at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, California at the weekend.

Growing up fast: Little Titan looked every inch the toddler as he stood on his own two feet
Happy: Kelly looked lovely in her casual look, keeping her hair neat and intricate in braids that crisscrossed over her headFamily time: Kelly and Titan looked to be enjoying the sunshine at the event in Beverly Hills
The mother and son looked good together while enjoying the bubbles and play-doh at the event.  Kelly, who recently talked about launching her makeup line, dressed her son in a smart white shirt and shorts for their day out together.

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Kim Kardashian flaunts her millions of dollars ultimate dream "push present" (photos)

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Kim Kardashian showed off her "push present" which she received when she gave birth to her second child, Saint West in December.  The necklace, a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker is worth $1 million.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Photos from 38th Birthday Party of "Wives on Strike" actress Omoni Oboli


Actress Omoni Oboli turned 38 on April 22, 2016. The producer and actress celebrated her day with friends and colleagues. Here are some photographs from the event.  Enjoy!!!
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#RoyalBand for a great cause: Kate Middleton, Prince William & Prince Harry campaign for "Heads Together" charity

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See Kate Middleton Sport a Headband to Support London Marathon Charity Campaign

Kate Middleton, husband Prince William and brother-in-law Prince Harry appeared with several other people, including children and wore matching blue sweatbands that read #HeadsTogether in support of a new campaign titled "Heads Together,"
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Woman makes shocking discovery after biting into KFC order

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A woman posted a pair of photos onto Facebook on Friday, April 15, 2016, after she said she bit into some KFC chicken and found something that did not look like a chicken thigh or leg. (Lucy Parker Randall/Facebook)
A Charlotte, North Carolina woman, made shocking revelation after she posted a photo of her KFC order at Highway 16 South in Denver on her Facebook page. Lucy Parker Randal bit into some KFC chicken and found something that did not look like a chicken thigh or leg (pictured above).

Lucy said she ordered a thigh and leg but explained, "I started eating and I look down to see this disgusting (expletive). I started hurling and almost crying all at the same time. I've never been so grossed out in my entire life."

Randall believes another chicken part was in the food and said she planned to call the health department.

A spokesperson for KFC said the woman has not been in touch with them and explained that the unexpected part was likely a portion of a kidney that didn't get removed.
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Train crushes hairdresser, motorcyclist in Kwara State

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A nursing mother, identified simply as Mama Kafila, and a commercial motorcyclist (okada rider) were said to have been crushed to death on Sunday by a train around Olunlade in the Ilorin-Offa route in Kwara State.

Sources said the woman, who was a hairdresser, was being conveyed by the unnamed okada rider to buy ice blocks for sale when they met their deaths.

Punch gathered that the train dragged the two victims to a distance of about 100 metres after it hit them.

It was learnt that policemen from the Ganmo Police Station later evacuated the two lifeless bodies.

The train was said to have been going from Ilorin to Lagos.

There were different accounts to the cause of the accident which occurred around 10am.

A resident, who identified herself as Alhaja Musilkat Biodun, said the okada rider ignored warnings and made to dash across the rail track.

She said, “There was a second motorcyclist, who stopped for the train, but the the okada rider conveying Mama Kafila threw caution to the wind, dashed across the rail and was hit by the train.”

Another eyewitness, who declined to mention his name, said the late motorcyclist wore an earpiece and could not hear the blaring of horn from the train as he moved across the rail before he was hit by the train.

The Kwara State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi, said the command would investigate the cause of the accident.

The District Public Relations Officer, Western Zone, Nigerian Railway Corporation, Ibadan, Mr. Calistus Unyimadu confirmed the accident.

He said the train crew members were not responsible for the accident and blamed the dead okada rider for not being cautious.

He also advised motorists, okada riders and the public to be more safety-conscious, especially when crossing the rail.

He said, “The crew members said the drivers of the train blew the horn. That place where the accident happened is an illegal level crossing. Our drivers normally blow horn. Everybody stopped, but the man did not stop.

“The drivers did not even know of the accident as the man hit the train by the side. People later alerted the drivers to the accident.

“We have been advising people that any time they are approaching level crossing, they should show caution.”
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

#Royalbirthday: Happy 90th Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II

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Kate Middleton, Prince Harry lead tributes for Queen Elizabeth ahead of milestone 90th birthday

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history turns 90 today April 21, 2016. She surpassed Queen Victoria to earn distinction as the British ruler with the most time on the throne.
The monarch is such an eminent figure in British life that she gets two birthdays each year, one on the actual date of her birth, April 21, and one official birthday in June.

US President Barack Obama has praised the Queen as "an inspiration" in a heartfelt 90th birthday message personally recorded from the White House. The two-hour documentary "Our Queen at Ninety" features a number of personal tributes to who took the reign in 1952, including her daughter-in-law Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall – one of 11 members of the Royal family interviewed for the film.
Congratulations to the Queen. Wishing her many happy returns of this day.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

EFCC uncovers 37,395 ghost workers on FG payroll

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said in Abuja on Tuesday that it had detected 37,395 ghost workers on the payroll of the federal civil service.

The News Agency of Nigeria reported that the Acting Chairman of INEC, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, announced the figure at an anti-corruption sensitisation programme.

Magu said that apart from the widespread procurement frauds in Ministries, Departments and Agencies, the issue of ghost workers was a source of serious concern for the commission.

He said that current investigations by the EFCC had revealed that the Federal Government lost about N1bn to ghost workers recently.

“The EFCC has uncovered 37,395 ghost workers in the federal civil service. And investigation is still going on.

“Our investigations have so far revealed that the Federal Government has lost close to N1bn to theseghost workers.

“The figure will definitely increase as we unravel more ghost workers buried deep in the federal civil service payrolls,” he said.

Magu also said that the commission had established a procurement fraud unit to handle the increasing number of petitions relating to violations of the public procurement laws.

He advised civil servants to avoid any acts in breach of public procurement, warning that violators risked terms of imprisonment and dismissal from service.

Punch NG
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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

3 Skills You Need to Excel in Interviews And Your Career

Photo Courtesy: iStock

What needs to happen before you can interview successfully? There are three essential skills you need to master before you can rock at your interviews and make the most of meeting new hiring managers and leaders at new companies:

1.  Know and communicate precisely what you have to offer and what makes you, you.

Again, in working with thousands of professionals, I’ve seen that that vast majority or working people simply can’t answer these fundamental questions:

• What are you especially great at?

• What stands you apart from the competition?

• What do you adore about your current work, and what would you like to let go of?

• What are visions for how you’d like to contribute professionally, in an ideal world and workplace?

• Why should we be interested in you over others with your same training and experience?

• What’s the ideal next role for you?

• Why are you interested in us?

• What types of people motivate and inspire you best?

• What kinds of work outcomes are you most excited by?

If you can’t answer these questions, you can’t present a compelling story of who you are and what you have to offer. Secondly, you’ll not be able to guide your career to the level you want it. Amazing careers require a great deal of planning, vision and management, as well as a big dose of clarity, courage and connection.

2.  Network socially.

After reviewing so many LinkedIn profiles (and hearing from lots of my followers – now over 170,000), I can read your LinkedIn profile and in three minutes, identify a great deal about you that you didn’t realize you were communicating.

The harsh reality is that how you approach developing your digital profile and footprint is how you approach your professional identity. If you’re lazy, shy, uninspired, scared or reluctant to do the work to build a profile and connect with others in a committed, excited way, this is a strong indicator of how you’re operating at work as well.

In addition, you can’t just rely on digital networking to move you forward. You have to meet new people in person as well. Get out of the doldrums by “bringing yourself to market.” Attend industry association meetings, conferences, meetups, build a new networking group, etc. In other words, bring yourself forward in all ways possible to show the world who you really are. The people you meet with inspire, uplift and support you.

3.  Envision and articulate what you want next.
Because the majority of professionals I see come to me when they’re stuck, I’ve observed that human beings see only what’s at the tip of their noses. They forgot who they’ve been at their best or who they can be. If they’re unhappy in their careers, they experience only limitation, confusion, paralysis, exhaustion, toxicity, crushing politics, disillusionment, fear, malaise and reluctance to change.

The problem with all that is that if limitation is all that you see regarding your own abilities and your past – then limitation is all you’ll get coming back at you in your future.

What to do instead? You need to think bigger and higher than what you see in front of you, and what you have been. Find new ways to be inspired by what’s possible for you, and talk in those terms – what you’re looking for, what lights you up, what compels you, what you’re capable of — rather than only what you’ve done and focused on to date.

If you need new sources of inspiration, go out and get them. For instance, watch one TED talk a day, or connect via social media with people who are 100 steps ahead of you doing what you long to do, and share their tweets and posts. Write an article on LinkedIn, or take a class that will inspire you. The more you connect with others who are making the impact you dream of, and with work that lights you up from the inside, the more you’ll see that what you dream of is not as far out of reach as you imagined.

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Genevieve Nnaji sizzles in St. Genevieve outfit

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The actress shared new photos of herself rocking above outfit from her St. Genevieve collection.  She captioned it:
"Look who I'm wearing today🙃😁. Tag me if you rocked this @stgenevieve_ piece👗."
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Monday, April 18, 2016

Chrissy Teigen welcomes baby girl with John Legend

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Chrissy Teigen welcomed her first child with husband John Legend.  The beautiful model and author announced the news on Instagram with the caption:

"She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you! And sleepy. Very sleepy,"

John also wrote:
“Our new love is here! Luna Simone Stephens, born on Thursday, the 14th. We couldn’t be happier!”

Congrats to the couple.
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#RoyalVisitIndia:Prince William And Duchess Kate vist Taj Mahal in Honour of Princess Diana

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Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton rounded off their 6-day India tour with a visit to the Taj Mahal on Saturday.  The royal couple sat side by side on the same bench where Princess Diana, Prince William's late mother was photographed on a solitary visit in 1992.

Kate wore a slimline white dress with a navy pattern by Indian-American designer Naeem Khan, while William braved intense afternoon heat in a blazer and open-necked shirt.

"It's beautiful," William remarked, describing the Taj Mahal as "stunning."
William and Catherine walk in front of the Taj MahalPrince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, pose at the Taj Mahal in Agra

Prince Diana

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