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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because He used his mobile phone in Dim Light

A 40 year-old man went to the doctor because he was not able to see clearly and because his albumen turned red. He had severe injuries on his eyes.

It was confirmed that this happened die to the fact that he used his mobile phone for 30 minutes in the dark every night before going to sleep. In time, this led to macular degeneration and impaired vision. In the end, it resulted in eye cancer.

The doctors are not able to do much about this issue, as replacing the retina is extremely difficult job for the current medicine.

Numerous scientific researches show that the green light from the mobile screen can lead to death of human’s retinal cells and that it affects our vision.

Using the mobile phone in dim light and conditions similar to it for a long time is bad for the eyesight, as the electron beam shines directly into the eye. The prolonged dry eyes can lead to conjunctivitis, eye cancer and blindness.

Let us all BEWARE.


  1. That is is Sad to hear. May God help him. You are too much in content writing. Thump up.


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