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Friday, February 26, 2016

Justin Bieber becomes the First Face Of Clash 100

Justin Bieber becomes the First Face Of Clash 100

Justin Bieber shows off his toned physique in his latest shoot for Clash magazine's 100th issue.

The pop star in his interview said,
“I made mistakes. Part of being a man is owning up to that.”
"I feel like that's why I have a relationship with Him, because I need it. I suck by myself. Like, when I'm by myself and I feel like I have nothing to lean on? Terrible. Terrible person. I was doing this on my own, I would constantly be doing things that are, I mean, I still am doing things that are stupid, but...It just gives me some sort of hope and something to grasp onto, and a feeling of security, and a feeling of being wanted, and a feeling of being desired, and I feel like we can only get so much of that from a human."

1 comment:

  1. We all made mistakes Justin, but if i may ask, whats Clash 100?


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