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Thursday, December 31, 2015

10 Career Mistakes To Stop Making in Year 2016

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End of year is always a good inflection point to recount the hits and misses for the past year and decide what will be different next year. On the job this year, you probably encountered some sticky situations or had projects that fell flat. Many times it’s because of bad habits you might have picked up over the years. Make the new year a time to eliminate some of these bad habits. Here are 10 career mistakes to stop making next year:

1 – You don’t speak up

Whether it’s in meetings or in the hall when you pass a senior executive you know you should meet, say something and stop regretting a missed opportunity. Practice in low-risk situations – ask a question in your weekly team meeting rather than the company-wide town hall. Introduce yourself to peers in other departments to hone your pitch before approaching senior management.

2 – You don’t maintain your boundaries
Whether it’s the colleague who asks you for help when you have your own things to do or the colleague who talks to you when you need to concentrate, just say No. Be polite but stay firm. Role play with that friend who has no problem being direct – we all know someone who is great at these sticky situations and can learn from them!

3 – You’re not on time
Even if you don’t come late but you feel rushed, you are not on time. Even if you meet a deadline but didn’t give yourself enough time to check your work, your work is not on time. Double-checking and time to edit should be part of the process. Set an early deadline for projects to give yourself buffer to review your work and incorporate new ideas. Set your appointment times for when you need to leave, not the start of the appointment, so you have a clear drop-and-go signal.

4 – You don’t do complete work

Double-checking your work. Leaving time for edits and new ideas to gestate. Incorporating other people’s ideas when it makes sense to generate consensus. Checking in with your boss (or whoever the project sponsor is) to ensure you are on the same track. These are examples of doing complete work. Identify where you might be shortchanging your process and build in extra time for upcoming projects.

5 – You’re not ready for push back

Another part of complete work is preparing for questions and many times hard, negative-energy questions. Know the source of the data you use. Be able to walk through the initial calculations, not just the end result. Be ready to explain how you came to your conclusion. Think of alternative conclusions and be ready to explain why you didn’t select these, also reasonable, ideas. Practice being neutral and not defensive.

6 – You don’t negotiate

Negotiation is one form of pushing back. All negotiations start with a disagreement (if you agreed on everything with your counterparty you wouldn’t need to negotiate!). If you’re someone who doesn’t like disagreement, you might just skip the negotiation – this is a career mistake. It’s not just about your raise or bonus or some other money negotiation. You negotiate deadlines when you ask for extra time on a project. You negotiate resources when you ask for an extra team member. You negotiate for information when you ask your peer in another department to run that report just for you. If your default position is that you don’t negotiate you might have rushed deadlines, fewer resources and less access, making your job harder than it needs to be. As with speaking up, practice in low-risk situations – ask for an extra hour or day on a project, even if you think you don’t need it. You can always turn it in early, but you experience how you can ask for more and the world won’t come to an end!

7 – You fritter away your best hours
Most people do their best work early in the day. By the end of the day, your energy is lagging, and you’re much more inclined to be behind from unexpected interruptions during the day. Do you protect those valuable early hours? Block out time on your calendar at regular intervals for when you need to do the creative, analytical, or otherwise more difficult work. Block out time early in the day to get your most critical tasks done.

8 – You do work that doesn’t matter
Of course, it’s easier to get your critical tasks done when you know what they are. When was the last time you checked in with your boss about the key objectives for your role? Business goals change by quarter, much less year over year. Your job might be very different from when you started, and yet, you may be operating on autopilot, focusing on the wrong things. 

One of my corporate clients had a performance review process whereby the manager and the person being reviewed would itemize the 3 key objectives for that job – those 3 items never matched! Don’t assume everything on your to do list needs to stay there. Don’t assume that you’re doing everything your boss expects. Ask explicitly what this year’s business priorities are.

9 – You don’t take a break

When you stop doing work that doesn’t matter, you may find you can actually take a lunch, take the day off, and take a real vacation. Taking breaks improves your productivity. Taking lunch improves your network, since you can socialize with colleagues, meet with people outside your company, or even return personal phone calls and emails so that you have a life outside your job. Even if you don’t want to finalize your vacation plans at the start of the year, at least schedule in lunch breaks now and schedule in reminders every quarter for when you will put in for time off.

10 – You don’t invest in yourself

Time off is an investment in recharging yourself. Time to network is an investment in your career foundation. Other investments include maintaining your skills, updating your marketing (e.g., resume, online profile), learning something new, and getting active outside your current job. As you work towards the current priorities for your company (see point 8!), you also want to establish the current priorities for your career. These priorities should NOT be the same as for your current job. Your job is but one part of your career. You should be investing in yourself and your career outside of the job you have right now.

Which of these career mistakes are you guilty of? Which ones will you focus on for 2016?

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas to all my fans- Funmy Kemmy's Blog

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May you have the spirit of Christmas which is Peace, the gladness of Christmas which is Hope, and the Heart of Christmas which is Love. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in advance.

Lots of love
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Thursday, December 17, 2015

President Buhari & Pope Francis celebrate Birthday

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President Muhammadu Buhari's 73rd birthday is today.  He was born on December 17, 1942.  Pope Francis, the 266th and current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church also turned 79 today. He was born Jorge Mario Bergoglio on 17 Dec. 1936).

Wishing them a happy birthday.
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Pop Singer Chris Brown Shows Off Toned Abs on Notion Magazine's December Edition

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The American recording artist, dancer and actor looked unrecognizable as he graces the cover of Notion Magazine's December edition. He shared the snaps with the caption:
“I love being a father, you know, and at the same time, there were certain wrongs and certain rights that I did do. I might’ve hurt some people along the way.”

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Is The Person You're Dating Marriage Material?

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Image result for images for relationship

Marriage is a union of two people. It's something that happens when you're madly in love and are super eager to start the rest of your life with your beloved by your side. It's hard work, yes, but the best things in life aren't easy. Can the person you're dating confidently answer these nine questions? I hope so!

1. What makes you love me?

Love can't be universally defined. It makes everyone feel special -- in their own way. When you're in love, everything is better. You're in a natural state of happiness almost all the time. Every relationship teaches you to love unlike before. Your Romeo or Juliet should be able to answer exactly why they love you so much.

2. Why do you want to spend eternity with me?

Eternity is a really, really, really long time. It's thousands of hours together, countless meals, millions of conversations, and all of them won't be perfect. Your soul mate should want to take the love journey with you. They should be able to explain why they want to spend the rest of their life with you, for a reason other than "because I love you."

3. How will you keep our spark alive and happy?

Relationships require effort, effort, and then a little more effort. The spark can be really strong, other times it can waiver, and sometimes it can go on a hiatus. It's all part of the ride. Keeping the magic from fading can often be a challenging task. You need to feel assured that your true love will do whatever it takes to keep your passion alive and growing.

4. How will we get through the rough patches?

When life is good, it's really good. When things are bad, well, that's a different story. Bad times are how relationships get off track. When curve balls are thrown at you, your love for each other is tested. When life gets tough, that's when you really need your partner. How will your honey stick by your side when things are super sucky? Will they be a good listener? Will he or she provide advice? Will you emotionally support each other? Are you prepared to work through the tough times? These are all questions the person you want to marry must be able to answer very, very well!

5. How will you prioritize me and us?

Life can get in the way of love. Happy, loving, healthy marriages stay wonderful because both people choose to put effort into each other. When children, stress, work, and minutia weigh down on you, you need a ride or die partner. You should ensure that your sweetheart is going to put time into you and your relationship -- regardless of what else is going on. Your relationship should be an escape from the outside world. Your loved one should have a solid answer for how he or she is going to prioritize the two of you.

6. Will you be an active parent?

Parenting is hard. I don't have a newborn, but I can surely tell you from a lot of second hand experience that they're hard work. They take patience and a little bit of perseverance. You have to make sure your partner is going to be a good parent. Is your nearest and dearest okay with sharing the parenting responsibility? Will your partner be a positive influence in the life of your child? Confirm that the love of your life is going to be an active parent so you won't be the only sleep deprived one in the relationship.

7. Will you show me how much you love me?

Actions speak louder than words. You can say something 100 times, but it's what you do that really counts. Both women and men want to be reassured that they're loved a whole lot. How will you show your beloved that you're madly in love with him or her?

8. Will you woo me?

Once you're happy in a relationship, it's easy to accidentally say sayonara to the wooing and romance. You get into a routine and forget to court each other. Pardon my French, but you want to make sure your partner is going to continue to surprise the heck out of you. How will your partner give you butterflies and make you feel extra special?

9. Will you promise to communicate?

Not everyone is an excellent communicator. Opening up and sharing your feelings isn't natural for everyone. Being vulnerable is easier for some than others. It's imperative to make sure your better half lets you into in every aspect of their life and shares everything with you. Will they promise to always talk to you?

There's no greater joy than being in love. Love shakes you to your core. Make your love last forever.

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Check World's Highest-Paid Celebrities Under 30 In 2015: Top 10

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Forbes has released his list of Highest-Paid Celebrities under 30 in 2015 with One Direction boys topping the list. They earned $130m in 2015. 25-year-old Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, the only non-musician on the list came 6th with earnings of $52 million. Check the top 10 below:

List of Highest-Paid Entertainers Under 30 2015 

1.    One Direction
2.    Taylor Swift
3.    Lady Gaga
4.    Ed Sheeran
5.    Jennifer Lawrence
6.    Drake
7.    Florida Georgia Line
8.    Rihanna
9.    Skrillex
10.  Wiz Khalifa 

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Here are 7 Sure Signs for a Career Change

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7 Sure Signs Now Is the Time for a Career Change

For most people, finding a fulfilling career doesn’t happen overnight. Some know exactly what they want to do for a living, but for many, it’s a long process of trial and error with pitfalls along the way. Each new job holds a lesson about what is and isn’t wanted in a fulfilling career, and hopefully a fulfilling career can be found.

But sometimes, you get stuck in a job that you hate. The paycheck is good, and it’s close to home, but the work is mindless and you’re unappreciated. You spend most of your day surfing the Internet, doing the minimum and watching the clock tick slowly. Is it the company that isn’t a good fit, and you could you be happy somewhere else? Or is it really your work that is a mind-numbing waste of your potential, and you’ll feel depressed and unappreciated as long as you do it? Either way, it’s time for a change.

It is imperative to reflect on a regular basis, to make sure that your job is aligned with your long-term goals. The process of trial and error takes awareness. Here are some signs to watch for, to tell if it’s time to trade your current career for something else. 

1. Your body is telling you something is wrong.
Declining health is the first indicator that your chosen profession is not right. Are you constantly exhausted and feel like it’s impossible to get out of bed in the morning, then feel spent when you get home? Do you get frequent migraines? Have difficulty concentrating? Chronic illnesses, anxiety and other maladies like heart disease are often linked directly to stress. Because most of us spend the majority of our time working, it stands that if you are stressed about work, your body will start to show it.

Related: #Pin your way into a New Job:8 Tips on How You Use Pinterest Can Advance Your Career

2. You’re only there for the money, and the money isn’t enough anymore.

Are you sacrificing your happiness for a paycheck? Do you feel empty and bored, and wait for two weeks of vacation to fulfill your yearly quota of fun? Of course, everyone needs to make money to survive. Stability is an imperative. But money isn’t everything. Don’t be afraid to leave a terrible job because the paycheck is sweet. It’s likely more money will follow when you are personally and professional fulfilled doing what you love instead of sticking around just for the payout.

3. You daydream about a different career.

Do you find yourself daydreaming at work about what it would be like to freelance, or front a rock band, or be a stay-at-home dad? Though there’s nothing wrong with a little speculation and dreaming of alternatives, constant checking out to wistfully imagine a preferred future is a sure sign that you need to change careers right away.

4. You’re embarrassed to tell people what you do.

Imagine you’re at a party and someone you admire asks you what you do for a living. Would you feel embarrassed to reply, or wish you could tell them something different? In all likelihood you already know you’re not living up to your own potential, and your embarrassment is a good indication that now is the time to step toward a career that you’re proud to claim.

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5. You’ve lost your passion.

Has the passion that excited you when you started your job worn away? Is the thing that you’re really passionate about shoved aside because your time and energy is being sucked up by your job? Or, perhaps a boss who sticks to the status quo beat all your good ideas out of you. Whatever it is that made your passion nosedive, if you have no passion left, it’s time to seek it out again.

6. You’re always stressed and unhappy.

It’s inevitable that there will be times where stress gets the best of you, or you feel bad. Everyone has bad days. But do you feel hopeless just thinking about work? Do you find yourself constantly griping to your friends about your job, or just feel negative and unhappy most of the time, especially at work? If you’ve become a bitter person and don’t recognize yourself anymore, it is definitely time to find a career that makes you feel happy and alive.

7. You’re apathetic and bored.

Everyone has days where their heart isn’t in it. Given enough time, any job can cause moments of boredom. But hopefully, those days are few and far between and there’s mostly a sense of excitement or at least gratitude for what you’re doing. If you feel constantly zoned out, wishing you were somewhere else, or just don’t try anymore, it’s time to go. Find a place that makes you feel enthusiastic for at least the majority of your time.

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Facebook debuts New Tool for Real Name Policy Enforcement Process

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image-3 copy

Facebook has announced a new tool to improve its real name policy in order for it to work better according to Facebook VP of Global Operations Justin Osofsky and Product Manager Todd Gage.

The site, which came under fire in 2014 for forcing people to use their real names on their personal profiles instead of nicknames and stage names on the site, has provided new tool that will let people provide more information about their circumstances if they are asked to verify their name

"We’re also testing a new tool that will let people provide more information about their circumstances if they are asked to verify their name. People can let us know they have a special circumstance, and then give us more information about their unique situation. This additional information will help our review teams better understand the situation so they can provide more personalized support. This information will also help inform potential improvements we can make in the future. 
In addition to these two improvements, over the last year, we made several other changes to our processes to make sure they work for everyone. We expanded the options and documents that everyone on Facebook can use to verify their name. We started rolling out a new process in which people will have access to their account for seven days while they verify or update their name. We also implemented additional security protections for documents that people share with us when they are verifying their name. 
These improvements are only the beginning. Early in the new year, we will be looking at other ways we can reduce the number of people who have to go through an ID verification experience, while preserving the safety of other people on the site. We will also continue to work on making the experience itself more compassionate and easier to navigate. Throughout this process, we will continue our ongoing conversations with the Facebook community so they can share their thoughts on improvements they’d like to see. 
These tools are currently being tested on a limited basis in the US only, across mobile and desktop. Based on feedback, we will iterate and roll them out globally.
We want to create the best experience that we can for everyone, and we will continue to make improvements until everyone can use the name that their friends and family know them by."
What can you say to this? 
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Kate Middleton looks radiant in Alexander McQueen's red dress

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Today, the Duchess got stuck in and joined the children, families and staff members in a music therapy class at the Anna Freud Centre
Kate Middleton rocked Alexander McQueen's dress to the Anna Freud Centre Family School Christmas Party in London on December 15.  The designer red dress looked beautiful on her.  Indeed, she is a trendster.

Photo credit: Toronto Sun
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Google teamed up with nine fashion brands for new designer watch faces for Android Wear

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Google has debuted new set of Android Wear. It partnered with nine different iconic brands - Asics, Harajuku Kawaii!, Mango, Melissa Joy Manning, Nicole Miller, Ted Baker, Vivienne Tam, Y-3 and Zoe Jordan for the wearable watches.
The fashion-centric watch faces can be downloaded to your android wearable via the Play Store.
Welcome development.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

8 Tips to Create a Winning Career Growth Plan for 2016

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8 Steps to Create a Winning Career Growth Plan for 2016

Where were you in your career this time last year? Does your answer describe the exact same place, position and salary you were in last year?

If so, it’s time for a career growth plan to transform your success and take control over your career.

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There’s nothing wrong with taking your time to achieve a goal, or to even set a goal to maintain and thrive in your current position. But staying in "idle" for too long can derail your ambitions and leave you wondering where the rest of your colleagues went as they raced up the ladder to success. Here are eight steps to lay out a career growth plan that puts you in the driver’s seat:

1. Reflect on 2015.

Kickstart your career growth plan by reflecting on your failures, successes and near hits and misses from 2015. Take some time to consider what you learned and enjoyed from the last year and what you want to leave behind. Get some clarity by documenting your milestones on how you directly impacted your job and company with your skills and contributions.

As you’re going through this process, don’t write down just general thoughts. Get specific. If, for example, you did $200,000 in sales as a salesperson, knowing that number will allow you to set better growth milestones for 2016 (say, to improve your sales by 5 percent, to $210,000). If your biggest goal was to sell more, and all you wrote down was “Increase sales,” you wouldn’t know whether $150,000 or $250,000 represented an increase over your 2015 numbers.

The more you can chart out and visualize your strengths, weakness, likes and dislikes, the easier you'll find it to design a career growth plan that works.

2. Research job trends.

Before diving headfirst into a growth plan, stop to research current job and career trends. It may not be realistic to pivot and change careers right now, or it may be entirely possible to make some advancements, with careful planning and new certifications or degrees. Either way, you won’t know until you’ve done some solid research on where your field is heading.

Your career growth plan can also include researching thriving side business you could start in your spare time. Steve Chou, for example, launched a wedding linen business with his wife and earned $100,000 in their first year of business. He still holds down a day job while maintaining a popular blog and ecommerce course.

3. Identify your new career goals.

Once you’ve reflected on what went right and wrong in 2015 and researched job trends, start charting out your new career goals. But it’s not enough to sit around and daydream about all the fantasies associated with stepping into your new career. Brainstorm how to make each goal happen whether you're taking on new responsibilities at work or earning a new degree.

As an example, suppose your big aim for 2016 is to make a lateral move within your company to a department you believe offers better growth potential and more personal fulfilment. Answering the following questions will help you chart a course to achieve this goal:
  • Do I need to pursue any additional education? If so, how long will it take to complete? Where will I get that education? Are there any prerequisites I need to fulfill ahead of time?
  • Whom do I need on my side? How can I get my current boss on board? How can I connect with stakeholders and decision-makers in my new department?
  • What kind of work can I do now to prepare myself for the transition? Is there anything I can do that goes above and beyond to prove my value to my new department? Can I begin helping out on any projects within the department?
The more information you have, the better prepared you’ll be to make your goals a reality in 2016.

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4. Create your own career marketing plan,

It’s up to you to turn your career into a thriving venture and position yourself as a coveted asset. Create your own marketing plan to generate buzz and give your credibility a boost.

One way to do that is to sign-up with a site like HARO, where you’ll get alerts from journalists looking for input and expert quotes for their articles; and add press clips about yourself to your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio. Even one quote in a reputable publication can help advance your career goals.

5. Grow your network.

It’s never too early -- or too late -- to grow your network, whether through LinkedIn or attendance at local events in your area. Make curating your LinkedIn contacts a priority, and offer to lend a hand or some advice. Offer to connect others to members of your network that could help them, without expecting anything in return.

The more you organically grow your network by being generous and sincere, the greater your chances of being someone worth remembering.

6. Make a big commitment.

What kind of commitment are you willing to make for yourself and your career? If sitting around and wishing for a big change hasn’t gotten you anywhere in 2015, make a new resolution to take action. Invest in a career coach, training or classes to hone new skills and credentials for your resume. Look at spending money on yourself, whether through career counseling or a much-needed investment, like a laptop upgrade.

7. Write down your goals.

Writing out your goals may seem too simple to really work, but there’s a science behind that exercise. Jordan Peterson from the University of Toronto's psychology department experimented in goal setting and expressive writing. And the results were stunning. Students reported turning their lives around, beating addictions, changing their majors and realizing their goals.

8. Celebrate your successes.

Taking the time to celebrate successes is just as important as charting out your path to success. Without acknowledging your accomplishments, without properly paying them respect, you’re likely to miss the fact that they ever really happened.

Co-author of The Geek Gap Minda Zetlin wrote about missing out on enjoying her successes and the isolation she felt in setting empty goals and not celebrating them. She recommended setting both small and big goals and celebrating their successes as a means to enjoying the journey along the way. A little bragging and thinking about your life beyond your career can also help give your confidence a boost and help create more meaning.

What’s on your career growth plan for 2016, and how do you plan to get there? Share your best insights by leaving a comment below:

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Actress Mercy Johnson Welcome her Third Child with Husband Odianose Okojie

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Mercy Johnson Okojie and her husband, Odianose Okojie welcomed their third child, a baby girl in the U.S. on Friday.  The couple shared some photos on social media.  Recall that the actress welcomed her second child  in October 2014.

Congrats to them.

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See WHO's Annual List of top emerging diseases likely to cause major epidemics

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Image result for images for World Health Organization
WHO has relesed its list of top emerging diseases likely to cause major epidemics in the near future. The list compiled by a panel of scientists and public health experts, is to be reviewed annually.  WHO says,
"The initial list of disease priorities needing urgent R&D attention comprises: Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever, Ebola virus disease andMarburg, Lassa fever, MERS and SARS coronavirus diseases, Nipah andRift Valley fever. The list will be reviewed annually or when new diseases emerge."
These diseases will provide the basis for work on the WHO Blueprint for R&D preparedness to help control potential future outbreaks.

Let us ALL be watchful.

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Would You rock Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Holiday Sweaters?

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Kanye West has launched his Holiday sweaters on Fresh Brewed Tees.  They have the images of Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian.  It is available for $49.99.    Would you rock this?

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Friday, December 11, 2015

25 Tips to Improve Your Finances in 2016

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Green seamless financial business background pattern with money icons

A new year often inspires new habits, including financial ones. If you want to put yourself on a path to build wealth throughout the year, then consider these 25 steps, all of which are designed to help you rein in spending and work toward greater financial security. They include both offensive moves, like saving more, as well as defensive ones, like protecting yourself from identity thieves.

1. Set your goals early and share them.

Sharing financial goals with friends – and even strangers through social media – can help you articulate just what those goals are and also hold you accountable. Indeed, research on goal-setting suggests that making public statements about goals helps people commit to them, whether they be money or health related. As 2016 kicks off, consider sharing your goals on Facebook, Twitter or a social goal-setting site like Linkagoal.

If you're stuck, flipping through images can help inspire and focus goal-setting, says Ellen Rogin, a financial services professional and co-author of "Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality." She encourages people to flip through motivational images such as beaches and sailboats when planning their retirement. This exercise is especially useful for partners to make sure they're on the same page.

2. Guard against identity theft.

Identity thieves can steal not just your money but also your identity, which allows them to create new, fraudulent accounts in your name. The cost can add up to tens of thousands of dollars as well as hours of your time trying to rectify the situation.

One of the most common online identity theft methods is for an attacker to send an email with a hyperlink that leads victims to an official-looking site that requests personal information. People can be fooled into sharing their names, addresses, credit card numbers and even Social Security numbers this way. To keep yourself safe, avoid clicking on unfamiliar URLs sent to you via email, even if at first glance they appear to be from your bank or a retailer.

3. Get more out of your workplace benefits.

If you're lucky enough to have a job with benefits, then it pays to make sure you're getting as much out of them as possible. Aside from salary, take a close look at available retirement accounts (making sure to pick up any matching benefits), flexible spending accounts, financial literacy programs and wellness support, which can include free counseling. Health insurance and disability insurance can also help protect your finances in the long term.

4. Use tools to help you save more.

Apps can make it easier to protect bank accounts from fraud and save more money, and it can pay to use them. Some of the best entrants in the field include BillGuard, an app that flags potential fraudulent charges or errors, and Key Ring, which collects your loyalty cards digitally, so you can snag savings even if you leave your cards at home.

Other useful financial tools include PriceGrabber and RedLaser, which help you quickly compare prices when shopping online or in stores, and PriceBlink, a browser add-on that lets you know if there is a lower price elsewhere online. Mint offers a free budgeting tool to help you track your spending, and You Need a Budget is another good option.

5. Become more financially literate.
Financial literacy is a key factor when it comes to adults building wealth over time, according to research at the University of Massachusetts. If people understand basic concepts when it comes to saving, investing and compound interest, then they are more likely to sit on a significant nest egg as they get older. That's why making an effort to educate yourself, whether through workplace education programs or online tutorials, can pay off.

6. Get on the same financial page as your partner.
Coordinating your spending and saving habits with your partner can not only lead to a smoother relationship, it can also mean more money in your joint bank accounts. The blogging couple Derek and Carrie Olsen of derekandcarrie.com suggest holding a monthly get-together to review finances and to share one bank account, which can ease coordination. They also advocate developing a five-year plan, which can help guide daily choices.

7. Simplify your digital life.
If you're often tempted by emails promising amazing deals and killer savings, then you might want to consider unsubscribing from the dozens of retailer email lists you may have unknowingly signed up for. The tool Unroll.Me makes it easy; with a few clicks you can either unsubscribe or opt for a daily "Rollup" email that you can peruse at your leisure, instead of constantly getting pinged by unimportant emails all day long.

8. Prepare your money to age well.

As you get older and prepare to retire, it's important to make sure your money will last. That means ensuring your investments are in a portfolio that's aggressive enough to outpace inflation and reviewing your budget for any big leaks. You can also ask your bank what services they have in place to protect older adults from fraud

9. Learn from millennial spending habits.

Millennials might still be at the relative beginning of their financial journeys, but they have some useful habits to teach the rest of us. Young consumers who experienced the Great Recession as they were coming of age tend to be savvy shoppers, maximizing coupons and savings. They also cut costs by taking on DIY projects and prioritizing expenses that are most important to them, like travel.

10. Spend less on food.

Food might be one constant in our budgets, but there are still ways to trim those costs. Buying in bulk, cooking at home as much as possible and cooking meals that can be stored in the freezer for later are among the smart strategies. By planning meals and keeping perishable items visible at the front of your fridge, you can also help minimize waste.

11. Pay off expensive debt.

If you're still carrying around expensive debt in the form of credit card debt or other loans, then it's time to make a plan to pay it off. In "The Debt Escape Plan," author Beverly Harzog suggests doing just that by setting specific targets for yourself (for example, pay off one credit card by April) and getting the support you need in the form of a credit counselor if necessary. You might also want to look for ways to scale back spending while simultaneously earning more money, which can then be put toward the debt.

12. Know how to start over if you need to.

If you've had a rough 2015 and 2016 is about rebuilding, then you might want to focus on prioritizing savings and re-establishing your credit, especially if it has been destroyed by previous troubles, like filing for bankruptcy. Financial experts suggest going slow, making on-time monthly payments, to eventually reach a higher credit score.

13. Use social media to improve your finances.

Facebook and Twitter aren't all fun and games; social media tools can also help you manage your finances. Tweeting to a retailer about a customer service concern is one of the fastest ways to get a response (or even a refund), and fleshing out your LinkedIn profile can help you land new clients or a new job. You can also check your Facebook "about" section to make sure you're not revealing details relevant to banking security questions that could make it easier for someone to hack into your account.

14. Improve your credit score.

Giving your credit score a boost can help you land a better interest rate on your mortgage or a new car loan. To improve it, you can start by paying off debt, requesting a credit line increase and always making on-time payments. Late payments and a high debt-to-credit line ratio can hurt your score.

15. Spend less on clothes.

Clothing can be a giant money suck, but there are ways to limit spending without sacrificing your style. Buying slightly off-season gear, swapping gently used clothes with friends and using rental sites like Rent the Runway for formal events can all help reduce costs.

16. Max out your retirement savings.

If you didn't meet your retirement savings goals in 2015, then you'll want to be sure to do so in 2016. If you have access to a 401(k) through work, then you can set it up to automatically deduct a certain percentage from your paycheck. Otherwise, you can check on your eligibility for an IRA account.

17. Prepare your finances for natural (and man-made) disasters.

A bad storm or power outage can leave your financial life in disarray. To prepare for any kind of unexpected disaster, you can come up with a plan for alternate housing, prepare an emergency kit and keep nonperishable food on hand. If you don't have access to heat or running water, you'll want to make sure you can still keep your family fed.

18. Manage household finances better.

Money can get more complicated as your family grows. Using an app like HomeBudget can make it easier to share expenditure information with your spouse. HelloWallet's emergency savings calculator is also useful to see if you have enough savings on hand to get you through a difficult period.

19. Plug money leaks.

Paying more than you need to for transportation, especially if you frequently use Uber or taxis, splurging on name-brand products and going out to dinner are among the common money leaks cited by financial advisors. To plug those holes in your budget, take a close look at what you spent money on over the last month by scrutinizing receipts or your credit card statement, and pick some areas to cut back on.

20. Check up on your insurance policies.

Life insurance is not particularly fun to take out, but it is an essential part of safeguarding your (and your family's) financial security, especially if you are the primary breadwinner. Reviewing your policies once a year to make sure they are in good standing and you have enough coverage is a good idea. You can also check if you have options to take out supplemental coverage through your workplace.

21. Calculate your net worth.

Knowing your net worth is a key step toward building it, so take some time, at least once a year, to crunch some numbers. Run through your current assets and liabilities to figure out your current net worth, and then you can work on building from there.

22. Reflect on your money beliefs.

Sometimes, building your wealth has to start by confronting deep-seated fears and beliefs around money. Perhaps your upbringing led you to believe that you can't enjoy earning money, or you don't deserve to have a big bank account, so you sabotage yourself with actions that ultimately hurt your finances . Exploring those long-held beliefs and massaging them can help you make smarter money decisions.

23. Rebalance your investments regularly.

If you invest too conservatively, then your money might not keep up with inflation. Meanwhile, if you are overly aggressive, swings in the market could lead to a loss of assets at an inconvenient time, like shortly before retirement. Review your portfolio at least once a year to make sure you have the right mix for you; a financial advisor can also help.

24. Take advantage of freebies.
You might be surrounded by free items and not even realize it: Local museums, libraries, public parks and outdoor concerts are often all around, but you might be overlooking them. Taking advantage of those freebies can help cut your entertainment costs.

25. Carpe diem.

As important as it is to save money, it's also important to spend it in ways that bring you joy before it's too late. That's why financial advisors recommend traveling in retirement before health issues make it too challenging and spending as much time with family members as possible. 

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Canadian Singer Justin Bieber shows off New Tattoo

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The singer shared some photos on social media flaunting his new ink at the back of his neck. He captioned it "New tattoo"

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Alleged $2bn arms deal PROBE: EFCC to summon Okonjo-Iweala

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There are indications that the Federal Government would summon former Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and other top officials of the CBN to shed more light on alleged $2bn arms deal probe by EFCC.  The arms budget was diverted by bigwigs of one of the political parties according to a report.

Indications emerged last night that the Federal Government would extend its dragnet towards apprehending and prosecuting more individuals and groups which allegedly helped themselves with huge funds meant for the acquisition of arms for the armed forces, leaving the soldiers to fight with bare hands.

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Already, operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission probing how funds meant for arms were diverted and stolen by top politicians, have stumbled on fresh evidence that senior officials of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Nigeria were actively involved in the transfer of funds to the suspects.

The operatives are upset that rather than help to protect the fortunes of the country, the said officials aided and abetted politicians to bolt away with the nation’s scarce resources.

The agency also discovered that most of the records which the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA, used in collecting the huge sums of public funds from the relevant government agencies and paying the sludge funds to the politicians, were not kept in the office of the embattled NSA.

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Annie and Tuface Idibia stun in Matching outfits, celebrate Isabella's 7th birthday

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Annie Idibia and hubby Tuface attended the wake keeping of Late Prof Wensley Vidal Mobolaji Fowler wearing same outfits (above).  The couple also celebrated their daughter as she turned 7 yesterday.  Annie wrote:
"My SunShine... My good luck charm ... My Mine.. So loving, so caring , so thoughtful for her age.. Great big sista.. My beyond amazing Daughter is 7 today!! Happy birthday Sunshine !!! Mama is super proud So adorable."

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"Diamond" singer Rihanna stuns in Dior for her 2nd Diamond Ball Charity Event in Santa Monica

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Rihanna held her 2nd Diamond Ball fundraiser in Los Angeles, yesterday December 10. The 27-year-old pop star rocked a beautiful gold outfit by Dior and diamond jewelry to Barker Hanger in Santa Monica, California.
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Nicki Minaj talks about her relationship, diamond rings as she covers Billboard's Year in Music 2015 issue

 photo nic2.jpg

Rapper Nicki Minaj is the cover star on Billboard's Year in Music 2015 edition.  She opens up about her relationship with Meek Mill.  The 33-year-old talked about her diamond ring which she flaunted on social media yesterday.  Nicki said:

"Meek gave me that," she tells of bling from her boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill. "He and I are not engaged. But he said he would like to give me three rings before we get married."

 photo nic1.jpg
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Prince William presents medals to British Army Ebola medics

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The Duke of Cambridge presents medals to military medics who helped in the fight against Ebola

Prince William presented medals to British Army medics who served in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak.  The Duke of Cambridge visited Keogh Baracks in Mytchett, Surrey where he presented 160 Govemrnment Ebola medals to army medical staff from the across the UK and overseas, with a handful of RAF and Royal Navy personnel, given in recognition of their six-month deployment to Sierra Leone in October 2014.

William presented the medals during a parade at the barracks, accompanied by Colonel Alison McCourt, to whom the Duke recently awarded an OBE for her service commanding 22 Field Hospital during the deployment.

It is the first time a medal has been awarded for service during a humanitarian crisis.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kate Middleton Flaunts New Haircut at London Charity Event

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Kate Middleton showed off her new hairstyle as she attended ICAP's 23rd Annual Charity Day in London.  She has chopped off a few inches of her hair. The event was to raise money for a range of charities: SkillForce, SportsAid and Place2Be of which William and Kate are Patron.

Beautiful woman!

Embedded image permalinkCatherine Duchess of Cambridge
ICAP's 23rd Annual Charity Day, London, Britain - 09 Dec 2015
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