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Sunday, August 23, 2015

4 Lifestyle Habits That Can Hurt Your Immune System


The immune system is a powerful ally in the fight to live long, healthy lives, but some of us are making lifestyle choices that break down our chances to stay well. For many people, long-term lifestyle habits deliver a blow to the immune system. 

Here are some habits to kick, if you want to have a strong immune system.

1. Smoking:
There are many well-documented bad effects of smoking on the human body. Among them, smoking lowers white blood cell countsa according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Those white blood cells are what helps the body fight infections. People who smoke also tend to have problems healing because smoking restricts the body’s access to good nutrients and oxygen. A smoker’s immune system is also hurt by the chemicals in cigarettes.

2. Too Much Sugar: WebMD listed sugar as an immune system “buster.” Sugary drinks reduce the immune system cells that can fight off illnesses for a couple of hours after they are consumed.

3. Not Enough Sleep: Failing to get enough Zs can lead to illness. People exposed to a virus are more likely to fall victim to that virus if they have not had enough sleep, Mayo Clinic experts said. The body will have fewer antibodies to fight infections when it is not getting enough rest. Kids – including teens – need about 10 hours of sleep or more to be healthy. Adults can get away with slightly less.

4. Constant Stress: In an analysis of studies on the issue, researchers found that stress can affect the immune system, the National Institutes of Health reported. Behaviors people go to in efforts to reduce their stress, like drinking alcohol or overeating, can also play a role. However, worry can be detrimental to the immune system. People who worry about things are more likely to experience immune system problems related with stress.



  1. I think i need to work on my sleeping duration

  2. But how about 6hrs sleep? Because of my engagement with one thing or the other.

    I think it is also effect enough to strengthen one's Immune system

    1. Sleeping for 6 hours is not that bad. Well, I believe it is not how long but how well. Try sleeping so WELL.

  3. Not long but how well... Thats difinitely true.

    I hope Opening up an Office for Consultation is amongst your Upcoming Projects cos you seems to be good at It. Lol

    1. Really? Nothing is impossible, it only takes one's mind.


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