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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#Nigeriansdecide: Check out Official Results of the 2015 Presidential Election

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The official results of the 2015 Presidential Election as annouced by INEC is as follows:

‪#‎APC‬ - 15,424,921

‪#‎PDP‬ - 12,853,162

Difference - 2,571,759

Congrats to General Muhammadu Buhari.  
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'Kontour!': Kim Kardashian reveal make-up tricks, shares a selfie

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How she does it: Kim Kardashian shares a selfie showing fans how she contours her face

Kim Kardashian shared above selfie on Instagram. She captioned it:

'Kontour!!!! Not finished with my make up yet but wanted to share a pic of some contouring make up tricks! (sic),'

The reality star wanted her fans to learn the secret to her beautiful make-up through her make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic.

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Actress Uche Ogbodo shares location photo

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Actress Uche Ogbodo shares location photo

Uche Ogbodo has resumed acting roles.  She is on set of a new movie alongside Jnr Pope Odonwodo. Recall that she recently returned from US where she gave birth to her first child some months ago.    Nice one!
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FG declares Friday April 3, Monday April 6 public holidays

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FG declares Friday April 3, Monday April 6 public holidays

According to the Minister of Interior, Mr Abba Moro, the Federal Government on Tuesday  declared Friday April 3 , and Monday April 6 as public holidays to mark the Good Friday and Easter Monday celebrations, respectively.

He made the declaration in a statement issued on his behalf in Abuja by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr Abubakar Magaji.  In the statement, Moro enjoined all Christians and Nigerians in general to manifest the spiritual benefits of the Easter celebrations in their daily living.

He said such benefits include love, peace, justice and kindness.

While wishing Nigerians happy celebrations, the minister urged them to use the occasion to pray for peace and unity in the country. (NAN)
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Jay Z, top musicians teamed up to launch new music streaming service "Tidal"

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 Jay Z, top musicians teamed up to launch new music streaming service "Tidal"

Rap superstar Jay Z whose real name is Shawn Carter has launched own music streaming service called "Tidal" on Monday.  He was supported by Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Madonna, Jay Z, Rihanna, Arcade Fire, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Jason Aldean, Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and Jack White at the ceremony for the launch.

Tidal,  Jay Z, top musicians teamed up to launch new music streaming service "Tidal"

The service, starting at $10 monthly, aims to take customers from rivals like Spotify and Pandora in part by appealing to fans' sense of loyalty. A high-definition version called Tidal HiFi will cost $19.99 per month.   

The rap mogul bought Sweden-based Aspiro - the company that created Tridal in January.  Jay Z plans to compete with existing streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Google Play and Apple (Beats Music).

Congrats to Jay Z.
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Dr Sid shares photo of his certificate from the New York Film Academy

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Dr Sid shares photo of his certificate from the New York Film Academy

Dr Sid, Marvin Records artist has graduated from the New York Film Academy.  He shared his certificate on Instagram. He is now a certified music video/film director. Congrats!
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Comedian Julius Agwu Celebrates Wife, Ibiere on her 33rd birthday

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Comedian Julius Agwu Celebrates Wife, Ibiere on her 33rd birthday
Julius Agwu took to Instagram to celebrate his wife, Ibiere as she added a year to her age yesterday. The excited husband wrote:

"Today I celebrate this amazing, gorgeous, graceful, one-in-a-million GOD’s gift to me @ibmac_a As u #add another year today.., May Almighty GOD #add more Glorious years years to u in Jesus Name, Amen#LoveYouToBits."

He also bought her a rolex watch as birthday gift.  The 33-year-old Ibiere showed her gratitude to God and her husband by sharing these lovely messages too:

"Ok i usually don’t do this (put my stuff on display) but today i think this guy @juliusagwu1 needs a very special mention and S/O for this lovely gift. #thankslove#33hasneverfeltsogood. A wonderful God you are to me everything i have belongs to you a glorious God you are to me everything i am i release to you a wonderful God you are to me. Thank you lord for the gift of life. Thank you for 33yrs of unending blessings, protection and provision . Thank you for 12,045 days of good health, a blessed life filled with prosperity and love. I can’t thank you enough. It can only be you. No one else. #happybirthdaytome."

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Khloe Kardashian celebrates mom Kris Jenner with lovely messages

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Khloe Kardashian celebrates mom Kris Jenner with lovely messages

Khloe Kardashian too to social media to celebrate her loving mom Kris Jenner for raising her and her siblings.  The reality star wrote:

"I’m so grateful to have been raised by that crazy, silly, supportive, loving, one-of-a-kind woman"

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Dakore Akande stuns in colour-block outfit

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Actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande wore above outfit on the set of Moments with Mo.  The beautiful mother-of-two is so stunning in her bibi for biba.  You like?
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Photos from Dr Sid's wife Simi Esiri's baby shower in London

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Photos from Dr Sid's wife Simi Esiri's baby shower in London

Simi Esiri nee Osomo had her baby shower on March 29 at The Dorchester Hotel in London.  The ceremony was attended by her friends including pregnant Tiwa Savage? Simi and her husband Dr Sid are expecting a girl.  Wishing her a safe delivery.

Photos from Dr Sid's wife Simi Esiri's baby shower in London

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Rihanna stuns in Versace for LIVE performance of new single 'Bitch Better Have My Money at iHeartRadio Awards


 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBChPaJkVSctqKl.jpg

Rihanna rocked Versace to perform her new single "Bitch Better Have My Money" for the first time at the iheartRadio Awards yesterday. The Barbados beauty paid homage to raptress Lil Kim with her dress. On her Instagram a few days ago, RiRi posted a throwback pic of Kimmy with the hashtag #BBHMM. You like?

 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCp0Tk24MmZ5ll.jpg photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBC_39sDhjsH-al.jpg
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Liberia Urges Ebola Survivors to Stop Having Sex to combat Ebola outbreak

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Liberia Urges Ebola Survivors to Stop Having Sex to combat Ebola outbreak

Liberia is urging Ebola survivors to temporarily stop having sex, a move prompted by a new case that may have resulted from sexual transmission.

The latest victim, a 44-year-old woman, died Friday. Health officials were monitoring 211 individuals known to have come in contact with her, but none had presented symptoms of the disease, Deputy Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah, who heads Liberia's Ebola response, told journalists.

"New information indicates that sexual transmission may have occurred, but remains unproven," he said. "Additional tests are being undertaken to investigate this possibility."

The case threatens to undermine the country's efforts to end a year-long outbreak.

Research has shown traces of Ebola in semen of some survivors for at least 82 days after the onset of symptoms. There is no conclusive scientific proof these traces are infectious. But anecdotal evidence in the latest case, and several others in West Africa, along with and confirmed transmission of Marburg, another viral hemorrhagic fever, have led experts to warn of the potential risk of sexually transmitted Ebola.

As a precaution, the World Health Organization advises Ebola survivors to abstain from sex during a 90-day period following recovery. At the very least, they should practice safe sex.

Nyenswah reiterated the WHO's advice and suggested survivors go a step further until the pathways of transmission are better understood. "Ebola survivors should consider correct and consistent use of condoms for all sexual acts beyond three months until more information is available," he said.

More than 10,300 people have succumbed to Ebola across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the three countries hardest hit by the worst Ebola epidemic on record.

Liberia has largely succeeded in getting its Ebola outbreak under control and was on its way to completing the 42 days without a new case necessary to declaring the country free of the disease when it recorded the most recent infection.

Source: Reuters
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Stay off diet drinks, they have no nutritional value - new study reveals

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Diet drink, Stay off diet drinks, they have no nutritional value - new study reveals

According to a new study, diet soda is doing even more harm than you can ever imagine, and it could make nonsense of all your efforts at losing unwieldy weight and maintaining healthy shape.

Of course, staying in shape goes beyond the good feelings we have when people compliment us for our slim build. Rather, maintaining healthy weight has a lot of advantages for our overall wellbeing, and can even make a lot of difference between whether we develop certain diseases or not.

Back to the research report. A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society reveals that “people who regularly drank diet soda over a nine-year period packed on almost three times the belly fat of those who skipped the drink.”

Even when people don’t smoke, and though they don’t have diabetes, they still develop abdominal weight gain because they regularly feast on diet soda, the scientists note. Yet, a large abdomen has been associated with the possibility of developing Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease (a class of diseases that involve the heart or blood vessels such as stroke, ischemic heart disease, blood vessel diseases, heart failure, etc.) and inflammation, the researchers warn.

The researchers express amazement that though diet soda is touted as having zero calories, drinking it on a regular basis has been known to contribute to major weight gain.

The researchers offer an explanation for that: “Artificial sweeteners are sweeter than sugar without any calories. So, your body thinks it is getting a major calorie boost, but then it is subsequently left empty, making you reach for other sweet and high-calorie foods to fill the void.”

Nutritionist, Dr. Remi Omotunde, says there’s no how diet soda can help you lose weight because it is in the same class as other carbonated drinks that we have all over the place.

Omotunde warns, “Instead of sugar, they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose.”

He notes that these diet drinks actually increase people’s risks for metabolic syndrome.

“Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors for disease that often occur together and raise your risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease. It is technically defined as having at least three of the following: abdominal obesity (belly fat), high fasting glucose, high triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol and elevated blood pressure,” Omotunde says.

Indeed, another study published in the journal Circulation warns that drinking artificially sweetened beverages was associated with a 34 per cent greater risk of developing the metabolic syndrome!

Again, experts at the online portal, health.com, note that diet drinks have the tendency to “confuse your body.” Can you beat that?

They note, “Artificial sweeteners have more intense flavour than real sugar; so over time, products like diet soda dull our senses to naturally sweet foods like fruit. Even more troubling, these sugar substitutes have been shown to have the same effects on your body as sugar.”

Worse still, Omotunde says, diet drinks have no nutritional value, hence the need to have a rethink before you assault your body with them.

“When you take diet drinks, you’re not taking in any calories – but you’re also not swallowing something that does your body any good, either. The best beverage remains the plain old water,” he concludes.

Needless to say, water is essential for many of our bodily processes, and replacing it with diet drink is daring, health-wise.

Omotunde explains, “Roughly 60 percent of the human body is made of water. Consequently, drinking enough water maintains the body’s fluid balance, as it helps transport nutrients in the body, regulate body temperature, digest food, and a lot more.”

He adds that our kidneys process large volumes of blood daily, in the process of which waste is sifted and urine is transported to the bladder. “Kidneys need enough fluids to clear away what we don’t need in the body, hence the need for enough quantity of water to help these organs do their jobs effectively. You can achieve that with diet drinks,” he enthuses.

Experts even warn that the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks, such as aspartame, may trigger headaches in some people. So, if you experience constant headache, especially after taking your favourite diet drinks, watch it; as the beverage may be the culprit.

Worse still, Omotunde contends, some people use diet drinks to mix liquor drinks. He warns that using diet drinks as a low-calorie cocktail mixer has the dangerous effect of making you drunk faster than if you had used its equally bad substitute – the sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks. Scientists say this is because the bloodstream is able to absorb artificial sweeteners a lot faster than it does other sugars.

And for older adults who are already prone to losing bone minerals due to ageing, Omotunde counsels that it may expose them to lower bone mineral density – a situation that contributes hugely to osteoporosis.

So, while you may have a bottle of your favourite drinks – diet or not – once in a while, you’d do yourself a world of good by drinking more water, especially after meals.

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PVC better than US voter card – US Ambassador to Nigeria

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US Ambassador to Nigeria, James Entwistle

The Ambassador of the United States to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle, has applauded the decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission to use the Permanent Voter Card in the general elections which commenced on Saturday.

The ambassador, who spoke with journalists at the International Conference Centre, venue of the National Collation Centre of the election results, on Sunday said Nigeria’s PVC involved superior technology which his state of Virginia in the US needed to copy.

He said, “I am very impressed by the decision of INEC to use technology in this election. The Permanent Voter Cards are very high-tech.

“They are more high tech than my voter card from the state of Virginia in the US. My voter card does not have biometric. It does not have my fingerprint. The high-tech gives the process more integrity.

“I congratulate INEC on taking the part of High-tech. I think we need to come and study it so that we can use it in my country.”

The ambassador expressed hope that INEC would address the challenges experienced in the use of card readers and move forward.

Entwistle, who said he monitored the elections in Abuja, expressed satisfaction over the patience and dedication of Nigerians to the smooth conduct of the exercise.

He said, “I was extremely impressed. On Saturday, I went to number of places in the FCT. Every place I went, I was impressed by the patience and dedication of the Nigerian voter. I found that inspirational.”

Entwistle further said Nigerians had reminded the world of how beautiful democracy was.

He said the expectation of the American government “is that the Nigerian people will win”.

He added that his country’s government would be willing to work with anybody who emerged as winner of the presidential election.

He said, “I mean they (the people) will get what they want which of course is a transparent, credible and non-violent election. We look forward to working with whatever government emerges from the election.”

Punch NG
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"Black girls rock!" First Lady Michelle Obama thrills crowd with inspirational speech at 2015 Black Girls Rock!

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Michelle Obama, Black Girls Rock!

US First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated the beauty, power and tenacity of black women while spreading her own message of education for girls at BET's 2015 Black Girls Rock!, an annual event honoring trailblazing women of color from all walks of life.  The event was held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on Saturday night.

The First Lady, who rocked a classic off-the-shoulder white outfit, gave a powerful, inspirational speech at the event. Read highlights from her speech below:

"We rock! We rock! "No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful, you are powerful, you are brilliant, you are funny" 
"I am so proud of you. My husband, your president, is so proud of you," she added. "We have so much hope and dreams for you."

"Black girls rock!" First Lady Michelle Obama thrills crowd with inspirational speech at 2015 Black Girls Rock!

She further said she knows there are "voices that tell you you're not good enough, that you have to look a certain way, act a certain way, that if you speak up, you're too loud. If you step up to lead, you're being bossy." 

She spoke about overcoming fears in her own life:

"Each of those doubts were challenges. I could shrink away from, or rise up to meet,"
"Live life on your own terms," Obama said. "Anyone who has achieved anything in life, knows challenges and failures are components of success
"Black girls rock!" First Lady Michelle Obama thrills crowd with inspirational speech at 2015 Black Girls Rock!

"Black girls rock!" First Lady Michelle Obama thrills crowd with inspirational speech at 2015 Black Girls Rock!


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2015 Kids' Choice Awards: Full list of winners

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2015 Kids' Choice Awards: Full list of winners

The 2015 Kids Choice Awards was held at The Forum in Inglewood, California on Saturday, March 28. FKB brings you the full lists of Winners.  Enjoy!

Favorite Movie Actress
Angelina Jolie
Cameron Diaz
Elle Fanning
**Emma Stone
Jennifer Garner
Megan Fox

Favorite Family TV Show
**Modern Family
Once Upon A Time
Big Bang Theory

Favorite TV Show
**Austin & Ally
Dog With A Blog
Every Witch Way
Henry Danger
Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn

2015 Kids' Choice Awards: Full list of winners

Favorite TV Actress
Chloe Bennett
Debby Ryan
Jennifer Morrison
**Laura Marano
Kira Kosarin
Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Favorite TV Actor
Benjamin Flores, Jr
Charlie McDermott
Grant Gustin
Jack Griffo
**Ross Lynch
Jim Parsons

Favorite New Artist
Five Seconds of Summer
**Fifth Harmony
Iggy Azalea
Jessie J
Meghan Trainor

Favorite Movie Actor
**Ben Stiller
Hugh Jackman
Jamie Foxx
Mark Wahlberg
Steve Carell
Will Arnett

Favorite Animated Movie
**Big Hero 6
How To Train Your Dragon 2
Penguins of Madagascar
Rio 2
The Lego Movie
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water

Favorite Male Action Star
Andrew Garfield
Channing Tatum
Chris Evans
Chris Pratt
Hugh Jackman
**Liam Hemsworth

Favorite Movie

Guardians of the Galaxy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
**The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
Transformers: Age of Extinction

Favorite Female Action Star
Ellen Page
Evangeline Lilly
Halle Berry
**Jennifer Lawrence
Scarlett Johansson
Zoe Saldana

Favorite Music Group
Fall Out Boy
Imagine Dragons
Maroon 5
**One Direction

Favorite Male Singer
Blake Shelton
Bruno Mars
Justin Timberlake
**Nick Jonas
Pharrell Williams
Sam Smith

Favorite Female Singer
Ariana Grande
Katy Perry
Nicki Minaj
**Selena Gomez
Taylor Swift

US Magazine

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Happy Reunion! Beyonce, Kelly Rowlland, Michelle Williams perform at Stellar Gospel Music Awards

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Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce reunite during the 30th Annual Stellar Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams performed at the Stellar Gospel Music awards on Saturday.  The former destiny child stars sang Michelle's single "Say Yes".  The song also won an award for music video of the year at the ceremony which was Michele's first time winning an award at Stellar Gospel Music Awards.

Williams tweeted 'Wow! I won my FIRST Stellar Award tonight! We won for Video Music of The Year directed by @MatthewACherry for the song #SAYYES! ThankYouGod!'

What a reunion!

View image on Twitter

Destiny child reunites at Stella Gospel Music Awards

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland joined Michelle Williams in a surprise performance of Williams' single, Say Yes, which also netted an award for music video of the year.

Campbell was the night's big winner at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, winning artist of the year as well as female vocalist and CD of the year for Help.

Tiffany Joy McGhee's Amazing was named song of the year, and Deitrick Haddon took male vocalist honors. Deitrick Haddon's LXW also won in the contemporary choir category.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Palm Sunday: the day Jesus entered Jerusalem before the Crucifixion, read why it is celebrated

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Palm Sunday: the day Jesus entered Jerusalem before the Crucifixion, read why it is celebrated

On Sunday, Christians all over the world will be carrying palms and other branches. That’s because it’s Palm Sunday, a celebration of the day Jesus entered Jerusalem before he was crucified and then resurrected, according to the Christian faith.

Jesus also arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey, which was considered highly symbolic.

At the time, a king riding a donkey symbolized peace, while a king on a horse symbolized war — while Jesus was not technically a king, his followers considered him to be King of Israel. Palm Sunday is depicted in all four Gospels, which isn’t true of all stories about Jesus.

The celebration of Palm Sunday originated in the Jerusalem Church, around the late fourth century. The early Palm Sunday ceremony consisted of prayers, hymns, and sermons recited by the clergy while the people walked to various holy sites throughout the city. At the final site, the place where Christ ascended into heaven, the clergy would read from the gospels concerning the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. In the early evening they would return to the city reciting: “Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord.” The children would carry palm and olive branches as the people returned through the city back to the church, where they would hold evening services.

By the fifth century, the Palm Sunday celebration had spread as far as Constantinople. Changes made in the sixth and seventh centuries resulted in two new Palm Sunday traditions – the ritual blessing of the palms, and a morning procession instead of an evening one. Adopted by the Western Church in the eighth century, the celebration received the name “Dominica in Palmis,” or “Palm Sunday”.

A Palm Sunday video is a great way to prepare for your church’s celebration of Palm Sunday.Today, Palm Sunday traditions are much the same as they have been since the tenth century. The ceremony begins with the blessing of the palms. The procession follows, then Mass is celebrated, wherein the Passion and the Benediction are sung. Afterwards, many people take the palms home and place them in houses, barns, and fields.

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You can create the happiest career (and life) on earth - read 8 ways to achieve it.

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2015-02-28-Shutterstock.jpg, You can create the happiest career (and life) on earth - read 8 ways to achieve it.

Given advances in everything today, you can basically be whatever you want. But Gallup tells us only 13 percent of people are very happy in their work. Why is it so hard for so many people to feel inspired every day?

Years ago, I found myself frustrated with my job, trying to build a great career but not knowing the best path. I wanted to influence leaders in big companies one day. But as I worked in a struggling publisher, I felt stuck with a boss who enjoyed threatening to fire people in creative ways. And I needed a big change.

I decided to track down dream mentors to learn directly from them. I didn't want watered down advice from books. I wanted raw ideas from their biggest successes and failures, and their best mentoring. And I've pulled it together into eight ways to create the happiest career (and life) on earth. Here they are:

1. Stick With the Dream. The common denominator for all successful people who've found career happiness is determination. Tim Ferriss had his original book proposal turned down by publishers 25 times before it was finally accepted, before it became one of the bestselling books of the decade. Stick with your dream despite everything you face

2. Make Plenty of Friends. Happiness in any career is all about relationships, relationships, relationships. An extensive study of well-being among 1,600 Harvard undergraduates showed social support is the greatest predictor of happiness. One dream mentor said she has a goal to create or strengthen at least one friendship every day, and by doing that she's built a vast network she's relied on to build a stellar career and a powerful business. Build friendships by showing interest in others, asking great questions, and listening a lot.

3. Exercise Daily. Don't think you have enough time for exercise? Think again. Explore the 7-minute workout noted in the New York Times. Supremely happy people find time to exercise whether it's jogging in the morning or evening, playing sports, or doing yoga.

4. Put Inspiration Above Pay. Super successful people put passion for what they do above pursuing a bigger bank account. But the reality is that they're all extremely wealthy. Caterina Fake chased her dreams to invent things, and created a community to bring people and photos together -- Flickr, which then made her fabulously wealthy, to the tune of $30 million.

5. Pursue Crazy Ideas. Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, put himself out there and believed in a business model that everybody told him was crazy -- a place where people he didn't pay would willingly create unlimited, relevant content and keep it updated to educate billions. And it's worked, with over 470 million unique visitors per month who would agree.

6. Help Others. Boost your happiness by helping others. There's a reason why success comes after service in the dictionary. Research tells us that at least 100 hours a year (or two hours per week) of service is optimal. And super successful people do it. Adam Grant, top-rated professor at the Wharton Business school suggests that the best way to succeed is by serving others. And he walks the talk, as he regularly responds to countless emails for help -- including some of my own requests for assistance on personal projects.

7. Practice Smiling. Improve your focus and achieve more by smiling. According to PsyBlog,
smiling can reduce your stress and "make you feel good which also increases your attentional flexibility and your ability to think holistically." Barbara Corcoran, multi-millionaire real-estate guru and star of ABC's Shark Tank, says the key to success in her company is the rule that everyone has to "have fun." Smile more and reap the benefits of reduced pain, improved mood, and better thinking.

8. Sleep More. Beyond helping your body recover and repair itself, better sleep helps you be more productive and happier. Research shows that how employees feel when they start work in the morning affects their entire work day. Arianna Huffington credits her newfound focus with activating the power of sleep in her life .

I've applied this advice and it inspired me to get my MBA and join the corporate environment, where I've been able to influence leaders in some of the most inspiring companies in the world. No matter where you're at, in whatever job you're in today, you can create the happiest career (and life) on earth.

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Two experimental Ebola vaccines pass safety test in a clinical trial conducted in Liberia

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100114_fb_manny.JPG, Two experimental Ebola vaccines pass safety test in a clinical trial conducted in Liberia

Two experimental Ebola vaccines, one from GlaxoSmithKline PLC and the other from biotech start-up NewLink Genetics Corp, "appear to be safe" part way through a clinical trial being conducted in Liberia, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) said on Thursday.The two vaccines, each given in a single injection, are being tested for safety and efficacy on more than 600 people in Liberia in a mid-stage clinical trial sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a branch of NIH. The Ebola epidemic that began in West Africa one year ago has killed more than 10,200 people, but a decline in new cases in the most affected countries, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, has led to hopes that it may be ending.

Based on the encouraging safety results, the study may now advance to the next phase of efficacy testing, in which additional volunteers are injected with the GSK vaccine, the NewLink vaccine, or a dummy shot and assessed to see whether their immune system responds by producing anti-Ebola antibodies.

No volunteers are intentionally exposed to the often-deadly virus. Instead, the immune response is considered an acceptable proxy for how effective the vaccine would be if someone were exposed.

"We are grateful to the Liberian people who volunteered for this important clinical trial and encouraged by the study results," NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a statement. "Now we must move forward to adapt and expand the study so that ultimately we can determine whether these experimental vaccines can protect against Ebola virus disease and therefore be used in future Ebola outbreaks."

The trial of the GSK vaccine, which was developed with NIAID scientists, and the NewLink vaccine, developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and licensed to NewLink, began on Feb. 2 in Monrovia, Liberia. Neither the volunteers nor the researchers know who received which vaccine or the saline injection.

The researchers will continue to enroll volunteers in the trial through late April, aiming for about 1,500 people. They especially want to enroll more women, who made up only 16 percent of the first group, to be sure there are no gender-based differences in immune response or side effects.

The volunteers will be followed for at least a year, with blood samples tested six and 12 months after vaccination to determine how long the immune response lasts.

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Rihanna’s new cover for latest single 'Bitch Better Have My Money' (photo)

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Rihanna Bitch Better Have My Money, Rihanna’s new cover for latest single 'Bitch Better Have My Money' (photo)

Singer Rihanna shared tweeted above image cover of herself revealing her soon to be launched new single "Bitch Better Have My Money with the hashtags #BBHMM, #R8 and #March26. The Barbados beauty rocked a heavy leather biker jacket by Undercover, paired with chandelier diamond earrings for the black and white Paolo Roversi shoot.

RiRi also debuted a pair of dark and heavy eyebrows on the cover.  You like?

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Women still chase me. I am a man - Ayinla Kollington (Read his interview)

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Veteran fuji musician, Ayinla Kollington

Veteran fuji musician, Ayinla Kollington, shares his life experiences in this interview with Punch NG. Enjoy!!!

Fuji music is one of the biggest genre of music in Nigeria, as one of its pioneers, did you ever imagine it would become this big?
I never imagined that it would become this big at all. We just saw it as a child’s play when we started. It was like a hobby. But now everybody is either singing or dancing to fuji music. Although we never thought it would become this widely accepted, I am glad about what it has become today.

Why did you choose to sing fuji when there were other music genres you could have easily chosen from?
It was because fuji music was derived from Islamic religion. When I was growing up, during the Ramadan festival, whenever we wanted to wake people up early in the morning to eat and proceed to the mosque for prayers, we normally sang. Then, we called it ‘Were.’ But when you attained a certain age, you couldn’t sing ‘Were’ again. By then, it became fuji. We had the likes of Saka Layigbade, Abinuwaye, singing fuji then but they all lived in Lagos Island. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister was in Mushin while I was based on the Mainland. ‘Were’ metamorphosed into fuji.

Did your parents permit you to do music?

Initially, they did not but they later supported me. They frowned at it because they believed that only wayward children were going into music. It can be likened to the football profession. At first, nobody wanted their children to be footballers but now even parents buy football for their children and some go as far as taking their children to a football academy. Prior to now, people playing football were viewed with disdain but after seeing the success of the likes of Jay-Jay Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo, everybody wants their children to be like them. That was how it was for us. I never knew music could become this big but it has taken me all over the world. I travel a lot because I am in demand and people actually want to see us.

Women still chase me. I am a man - Ayinla Kollington (Read his interview)

Why did you decide to become a soldier?

All my friends in the neighbourhood and some others that sang with me joined the army. I learnt they were at Abeokuta so I decided to go and visit them. By the time I got there, they were all wearing blue shorts and white vests, I saw them on the parade ground marching in an orderly manner and I was very fascinated. I wanted to join immediately but I was scared because I did not meet the basic requirements. My age and height had disqualified me. I was very small. There was a time retired General Olu Bajowa saw me in his house where I was stationed as his security guard. When he saw me, he called me and immediately I saluted him and presented my arms to him. He was marvelled and he said that I was so smart. He asked me my age and when I told him, he asked me who recruited me into the Nigerian Army. I replied him and the next thing he did was to tell one of his orderlies to collect my particulars and hand them over to the various kitchens in the barracks. He left an order that I should always be served double portion of food because I looked very small. My colleagues really made jest of me because of that and to be honest, I could not finish the double ration I was always given.

Don’t you think you would have achieved more in life if you had remained a soldier?

I doubt it. I did not have the necessary qualifications to rise above certain ranks. If I had remained in the army, I probably would have continued to be a gate man. That is why I am thankful to God that I made the decision to leave.

Did you add ‘general’ to your stage name because you were a soldier?

No, it is not. In 1990, when I did the record, ‘Ijo Yoyo,’ I was the best fuji artiste of the year. They normally gave us the award at the National Theatre, Lagos. General Babangida was meant to be there but he was represented by the late General Sani Abacha. When I was given the award, I dedicated it to Babangida and since he was not present, I took the award to the late Sani Abacha. When I gave him the award, he told me that he learnt I was a soldier and I affirmed that. He asked what rank I was before I was discharged and I told him. Abacha then told me that I was a pride to the Nigerian Army and with immediate effect, I should be ranked as a General in music. Immediately he made the pronouncement, the hall erupted with a thunderous clap.

Did you later get close to him when he became the Head of State?

We saw once but since he locked Abiola in jail, I had to keep my distance. I knew Abiola and I also knew Abacha, so I had to be neutral.

At your age, you still dance very well. Where do you get the energy from?

The energy is innate, I was born with it. I still have the energy and if you see me perform, you would not believe that I am the one. Whenever I perform in the US, people always marvel. The energy is still there.

How did you meet the late Sikiru Ayinde Barrister?

We met in 1964. We met through one of my band members, Social Olajide. He was the one that brought Sikiru to my house one evening. Before then, I had been hearing about Sikiru and he had also been hearing my name around town but I was based in Ebutte-Meta while he was living in Mushin. When Olajide brought Sikiru to my house for the first time and introduced him to me, we immediately hugged each other and that was how our friendship began. We became so close that when I joined the military, he always came to visit me. I eventually lured him into the Army as well. Whenever he came back from the war front, he would always come and stay in my house. He was the one that suggested that we should quit the Army and make music a full time career. At first, I was scared because I thought we were too old. I also expressed scepticism because there was no soldier that was into music back then. I felt if we got caught, we would be severely punished but he went ahead to begin practice in Mushin. Whenever he came back, he normally advised me to resume practice but I always told him I was afraid because our barracks was one of the most disciplined barracks in the country. Sikiru advised that I should write a letter to the orderly room maybe they would permit me to go out of the barracks for music practice and when I tried it, my request was granted.

Till Barrister died, a lot of people believed both of you were enemies…

We were not enemies. We quarrelled like any friend would do and after each quarrel, we always settled it. We were so close that whenever my child or his was getting married, we always wore the same attire. The issue of fighting among singers did not start with us. Our elders in the industry also had issues with one another that led to quarrelling at a point in time. Some of them settled their rift before they died while others went to the grave with it. There was a time King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey also had their rift. It is part of music. In fact, I hear that the young lads singing hip-hop also quarrel among themselves; so it is inevitable. Sometimes we also do it to sell our albums.

Many people believed that you were able to sell millions of copies of your album, Ijo yoyo, because you used mystical or diabolical powers …

That is where some people make the mistakes of their lives. When I released the album, Ijo yoyo, I was terribly sick. I did not enjoy the time at all, I was always on my sick bed. People were looking for me to engage me to perform for them but I could not. The song was given to me by God, I did not do anything extra.

But till date, people believe you and the late Barrister achieved such fame and success through metaphysical powers…
No. We did nothing of such. If someone should do such a thing, you would know because his downfall would be glaring for the world to see. It is God that made me popular.

There were rumours last year that you were very sick and had to sell off some of your houses to look after your health, how true is that?
I don’t know what to say about it. People exaggerate a lot. What kind of sickness would make me sell my houses? I don’t have a terminal illness. People fall ill all the time and are treated. I have never fallen ill to the extent that I would have to sell off all my property. I go for medical check-up a lot but if any journalist sees you in the hospital, even if it is because you went to see a friend, they would say you are in a coma. Do I look sick to you? I am jumping and marching in front of you now, can a very sick man do that? I do exercise every morning. The training I got as a soldier is still there. Once a soldier, always a soldier.

In the course of your career, did you pick up any vice?

I attempted drinking alcohol about 25 years ago but I realised it did not go down well with my body system, so I stopped. I don’t smoke cigarette neither do I take Indian hemp.

But men are known to indulge in either wine or women, which is yours?

I like women. No man can say he does not like women, not to talk of a musician.

We learnt that women used to ‘chase’ you when you were at the peak of your career…

Up until now, women still chase me. I am a man.

At your age, do you still consider their advances?

Of course, I indulge them when they are making such advances at me and if they give me a chance, I would do times two of what they are asking for.

Why did you not pay Salawa Abeni a visit when she was seriously ill?

I later went to visit her. The reason why I did not go initially was because I didn’t think it was right for me to read such news about her on the pages of the newspapers first. My children are with her and she was supposed to send one of them to me to inform me that she was ill. I don’t go to places that I am not invited. I later went to see her anyway.

Is there any possibility of both of you living under the same roof as husband and wife?

We are husband and wife. She does not have a child for anybody else other than myself. I am her bona fide owner and we are together till death do us part. It does not matter if we live under the same roof or not, she is still my wife.

We learnt that you played ‘baba ijebu’ lotto and won millions of money, how true is it?

It is an absolute lie. I swear to God I don’t even know what the paper they use to play ‘Baba Ijebu’ looks like. I don’t gamble. I am not against those that play it but I have never indulged in such. People have been peddling that rumour for over five years. Whenever I hear such, I just laugh. I don’t even know who Baba Ijebu is and I doubt he knows me.

With all the rumours and controversies that have trailed you, has there been anytime you regretted being a public figure?
I have never regretted it because I know that is how it happens all over the world. It is only that I am not free to move around like normal people. Before you know it, a crowd would have gathered just to see me.

We learnt that there is a rift between you and K1?

It is not true. There is no rift between us. K1 has been my son in music for many years before the death of his master, Barrister. People carry rumours that he says certain things about me but if such is the matter, I will handle it with maturity. There is no rift between us. When he was giving away his daughter in marriage, I went. He also invited me to his K1 Unusual Concert and I was there. I am the father of all fuji musicians in Nigeria. Anywhere they play fuji music in the whole world as the last man standing among my contemporaries, I would be recognised. I am their father.

You sang about a lady, Taiyelolu, how is she?

I loved her then when I sang about her. I loved her then but not anymore. She misbehaved, so I left her. She has been in London with my children for over 20 years. We are no more together.

Do we see you falling in love again?

That is a tough question. Although it is tough, I am still a man; therefore I am capable of still falling in love.

Are you planning any collaboration with the new generation of artistes?

Yes, we are considering doing a collaboration with Olamide. I am also working on my for
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Presidential and National Assembly Elections continue tomorrow, INEC

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INEC-and-Jega, Presidential and National Assembly Elections continue tomorrow, INECPresidential and National Assembly Elections continue tomorrow, INEC

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the voting in the Presidential elections held today across the nation to Sunday, March 29, 2015. The Commission revealed that elections will continue tomorrow in some parts of the country where there were hitches

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Ogochukwu Emerald turns 16 today, her mother Waje shares lovely messages and photos to celebrate her

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Ogochukwu Emerald turns 16 today, her mother Waje shares lovely messages and photos to celebrate her

Singer Waje took to social media to celebrate her daughter Ogochukwu Emerald as she clocked 16 today. The excited mother shared her labour experience and prayed for her loving daughter.  She wrote:
"I had gone to the hospital earlier but the doctor said my due date was April 4th so my mum took me home and left for lagos that day. At 11pm, lying in d living room which was my only comfortable spot in the house, labour started, grandma said (don't worry, false alarm) then it became frequent, I couldn't scream but I felt like killing someone and my bro @officialbk6 was a great candidate for that murder but they were all trying to make me feel better. Cut the long story short , labour was for 4hrs and this queen was born.
"My prayer is that Gods grace and Favour will envelope u, God will direct your path, in everything you do u shall prosper, you shall be called great amongst your peers and your well will never run dry. You are above REPROACH!!! No one will dare tangle with God by messing with his chosen. Nothing can drive a wedge btw u and christ, as the sun rises so shall u arise and shine. You are born of God and great shall be your testimony.

Ogochukwu Emerald turns 16 today, her mother Waje shares lovely messages and photos to celebrate her

"And to every teenager I use u as a point of contact, you all shall Ve victory over death, in d day of trouble u will be delivered, he has set his love around u, He will be your refuge and His kindness shall not depart from you. The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. Welcome to a new year of greatness, excellence, gentleness, success, Favour, discipline thru Gods grace, nothing shall by any means hurt u.

Ogochukwu Emerald turns 16 today, her mother Waje shares lovely messages and photos to celebrate her

"Your family and friends are blessed! You will bring joy and not sorrow to those u come in contact with, you shall be the first and not the last, God will be expressed in your existence and people will testify of Gods greatness in your life.im so proud of you. For every parent, may God fill our lips with thanksgiving for the joy of this gift He has given us knows no end. For those yet to become parents, may the lord prepare u for the miracle and equip u. Our children! Our pride! Happy birthday Ogochukwu Emerald.”
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#Nigeriandecides: How dignitaries, celebrities across Nigeria cast their votes today

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#Nigeriandecides: How dignitaries, celebrities across Nigeria cast their votes today
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his wife Patience Jonathan were photographed as they during the accreditation exercise in their polling unit at Otuoke, Bayelsa State.

#Nigeriandecides: How dignitaries, celebrities across Nigeria cast their votes today

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari & his wife Aisha get accredited (photos)

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, his wife Aisha Buhari and their campaign train were seen at the Daura Polling Unit, Katsina State for the accreditation exercise.

#Nigeriandecides: How dignitaries, celebrities across Nigeria cast their votes today

#Nigeriandecides: How dignitaries, celebrities across Nigeria cast their votes today#Nigeriandecides: How dignitaries, celebrities across Nigeria cast their votes today

APC Vice Presidential Candidate Prof. Osinbajo and his wife getting accredited at VGC, Lagos

APC Vice Presidential Candidate Prof. Osinbajo and his wife getting accreditedAPC Vice Presidential Candidate Prof. Osinbajo and his wife getting accredited

Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man was photographed casting his vote at his polling unit

Aliko Dangote, Africa's richest man was photographed casting his vote at his polling unit

Photos of former President Shehu Shagari and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar getting accredited at their polling units this morning

Photos of former President Shehu Shagari and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar getting accredited at their polling units this morning

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo at Ward 11, Unit 22 Totoro/Sokori in Abeokuta North

\Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 11.10.55 AMObasanjo (2)

Wole Soyinka at his polling unit

Governor Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo state Governor getting accredited

Former Governor of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Babatunde Raji Fasola, His wife and Akinwunmi Ambode APC Governorship Candidate in Surulere, Lagos (photos)

Former Governor of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Babatunde Raji Fasola, His wife and Akinwunmi Ambode APC Governorship Candidate in Lagos (photos)

Governor Rauf Aregbesola and his wife

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 1.12.17 PM

PDP Lagos Governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje Jk queuing in Apapa for accreditation

Governor Oshiomole of Edo State

Photos of Ini, Edo, Mercy Aigbe, Kunle Afolayan, Banky W, Omoni Oboli, Pasuma, 2Face and other celebrities at the polling units

Ini Edo was pictured casting her vote at a polling unit in LekkiIni Edo was pictured casting her vote at a polling unit in Lekki

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