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Sunday, September 09, 2018

The Best Cities for Team Building Activities in Europe

Did you know that team building is known to improve communication between coworkers and creates a positive work environment? It is also worth mentioning that the relationships between people who are working together have a strong impact on both their success and performance. This is one of the reasons why team building activities are quite popular nowadays. To help you decide where to go, we’ve put together a list of the best cities in Europe for your next bonding experience.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam offers plenty of both indoor and outdoor team building activities. Whether you are after extreme challenges like raft building near the Amstel River or wish to experience more relaxing activities like indoor karting and food tours, there is definitely something for everyone here in the Venice of the North.

GlowGolf Amsterdam

Organize teams to compete against each other in a game of glow in the dark 3D golf. Each team member will get to wear 3D glasses provided by GlowGolf Amsterdam, but keep in mind that it takes some time to get used to the glow.

Eating Amsterdam Food Tour

The Eating Amsterdam Food Tour is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable team building activities in Amsterdam. Coworkers will get to visit the amazing Jordaan area and sample tasty local foods like bitterballen and Dutch licorice. Of course, this eating food tour is run by an experienced tour guide.

Silverstone Indoor Karting

Located just a short drive from the city center, Silverstone Indoor Karting is one of the most popular team-building events here in the Netherlands. It’s a great way for co-workers to bond and do something fun together. Discounts are available from Sunday to Wednesday.

Prague, Czech Republic

Besides all the cool historical attractions and landmarks, Prague is also home to an abundance of places that offer interesting team building activities. From tastings at microbreweries to a variety of escape games and scavengers hunts, the options for bonding with your colleagues here in the capital of the Czech Republic are endless.

Getaway Prague’s Escape Game

Escape games are definitely one of the most classic team building activities and Getaway Prague houses one of the best escape games in Europe. You and your team will be locked inside an underground shelter where you will need to find keys and solve various puzzles in order to escape. The game lasts for one hour.

Digital Scavenger Hunt in Prague

Send your employees to the historical center of the city with the help of Treasure Hunt Prague who are there to plan a unique itinerary for your team. This is one of the best ways to learn about the lesser-known sights in the city.

Take on a Beer Challenge

No visit to Prague with your team members is complete without sitting down to have a couple of cold ones. There are dozens of bar crawls in the city including Drunken Monkey Prague, Prague Pub Crawl, Original Backpacker Pub Crawl, and many others. This activity is definitely not recommended for any night before an important meeting.

London, UK

One of the most vibrant cities in Europe, London is packed with team building activities ranging from learning how to carve ice to exploring hidden parts of the UK’s capital. Since London is well-known for its mystery novels and dozens of crime shows, there is also no shortage of team building activities that include solving all kinds of mysteries.


There has been a fire hazard in London and you and your team need to solve some cryptic clues and outsmart the city’s agents. The great thing about this game is that up to 100 people can participate, which is great for big companies that have a lot of employees.

Ice Carving

Ice carving is definitely a unique team building activity here in London and a perfect way to challenge the creativity of your employees. Teams will get to create their own ice sculptures and they can even pick a theme.

Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Thinking about sending your employees to Dublin for some quality team building time? Luckily, Dublin boasts dozens of exhilarating options for team building activities. From murder mysteries and pub crawls to multi-sport indoor activities, visitors are spoilt for choice.

Who Killed Molly Malone Murder Mystery

Solve the death of one of the most iconic characters in Dublin together with your coworkers. This thrilling game includes iPads which will help you navigate through the city and solve numerous pieces of the puzzle. In order to solve the mystery, team members will need to listen to telephone recordings, check out forensic reports, and read newspaper articles.


In case your team is into sporty activities, Skill Zone in Dublin is definitely a team building activity that they will love. This multi-sport indoor circuit features numerous sports like chipping, basketball, batting cages, soccer, rugby, and even a 6m racing wall. Make sure to choose your teammates carefully, as the team who gets the best score wins.

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