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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Benefits Of Swimming: 10 Reasons Every Woman Should Start Swimming

All women want to be healthy and beautiful. One of the most popular ways that many women choose is taking exercises to be healthier and more beautiful. Depending on your ability, there are a wide range of exercises for you to practice. Swimming is increasingly familiar with many people because of its popularity, advantages and suitability for everyone at any age, from toddlers to the oldsters. Actually, swimming is not just a fun way to be cool down during hot summer, it also brings numerous amazing benefits for the body, especially for women’s. Let’s see how good swimming is in the article below:

1. Swimming Is A Full Body Workout
Most types of exercises focus on a certain part of the body. Thus, in order to have impact on all parts of the whole body, we need to practice different forms of exercises. Fortunately, you do not need to do that with swimming. It is a full body workout without heavy equipment. When you jump in the water, swimming can help tone your whole body from head to toes with a just few laps. Therefore, if you’re looking for a total body workout, swimming is your best option.

2. Swimming Is A Great Way To Burn Calories
Freestyle swimming is the most common and effective stroke which helps burn a lot of calories and improve metabolic process. An hour of freestyle swimming can help burn 472 calories for a woman whose weight is 130 pounds and 563 calories for a woman whose weight is 155 pounds. If you are more advanced in swimming, you can lose more calories.

3. Swimming Helps Maintain A Healthy Weight
Because swimming is a total body workout which burns lots of calories, it can help maintain a healthy weight effectively. If you are worrying about overweight, try swimming to lose the amount of weights as you wish. Apart from strengthening heart and lungs, swimming works out all major muscles which can help keep your body slim and fit.

Thanks to the combination of burning calories and building up muscles, swimming brings fitness effect for your body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that we should spend 150 minutes on moderate swimming every week to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Swimming Increases Flexibility
Swimming is an exercise that activates most of the main muscle groups including shoulders, arms, legs, back and abdominal muscles. The more you swim, the more flexible your muscles are. This is because when you swim, strokes’ repetition improves the endurance of muscles.
Moreover, the resistance against your body from water is much more than that from air when you take exercise on land. As a result, swimming helps strengthen and tone the muscles. Thus, it helps increase flexibility which can protect you from injury and cardiovascular disease.

5. Swimming Is Good For Lungs
In order to swim properly, you must breathe in through your nose and then exhale through your lips. This process makes carbon dioxide get out of your body. Your body also adapts to take in more fresh air every time you inhale during the process. Thus, swimming is especially useful for people who find difficulties in breathing. It helps expand the capacity of lungs and make them function more efficiently.

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6. Swimming Reduces Stress
Women are twice more likely than men in getting stressed because of their hectic work and family schedules. In this case, swimming might help them reduce stress. Swimming may bring a calming effect by decreasing immune system chemicals and heightening body temperature.

Much more than that, it also liberates endorphins and neurotransmitters which increase the good feelings, such as accomplishment and self-worth, and get you away from worries, sadness and other symptoms associated with stress.

You can also swim like doing meditation by focusing on your breath and rhythm of swimming. This allows your mind to relax and feel peaceful.

7. Swimming Makes You Smarter
It’s hard to believe that swimming can make you smarter. However, it’s true. While you are swimming, you have to focus on counting strokes, breathing, dividing and flying that kicks off the wall. Your attention must always lay on all these activities during long workouts.
The Journal of Physiology also claims that when you are submerged in water, there is a 14 percent increase of blood that flows to your brain. All these things help make you become smarter.  

8. Swimming Strengthens Muscles
Swimming does not only strengthen your muscles but also lengthen them. Different strokes encourage different groups of muscles. Lap swimming has impact on the muscles in biceps and triceps, hamstrings, abdominals, quadriceps and gluteal. Butterfly swimming focuses on muscles in deltoids, abdominals and legs. Backstroke swimming tends to emphasize the muscles in legs and triceps. Freestyle swimming involves in muscles of torso, thighs and lower legs.

All the movements during swimming work on muscles throughout your body and enhance muscle tone and endurance in the core. This process makes the muscle groups strengthened and lengthened, leading to the improvement of your body form.
In addition, the water resistance also guards your muscles from quick and jerky actions which may cause injury. For those who want to look healthier, slimmer and higher, swimming is a good choice. 

9. Swimming Makes Women Look Younger
This is good news for most women in the world. The truth is that regular swimming makes women look younger. Researchers at Indian University concluded that if you swim regularly, you are physiologically twenty years younger than your true age. Especially, swimming makes your cholesterol level, blood pressure, cognitive system, cardiovascular endurance and sympathetic system more youthful. This successfully contributes to the process of slowing down the aging.

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10. Swimming Eases Exercise Difficulties For Pregnant Women
Most women are buoyant while swimming. Because of this, pregnant women with their heavy weight may find it more comfortable with submersed exercises than on-land ones. Swimming offers stronger muscles and oxygen efficiency which can help pregnant women’s baby absorb oxygen more effectively. However, the benefit does not stop there. Swimming is extremely advantageous for pregnant women due to its effect on lowering stress and anxiety associated with pregnancy. According to The Baby Center, swimming can help women sleep more deeply and enhance their ability to cope with psychological and physical challenges.
Now you can see that swimming brings a wide variety of positive advantages for your body. Do not hesitate to make it part of your daily regular routine to maintain an overall healthy body. Let swimming benefit you by jumping into the pool and enjoying your time of swimming every day.

About the author:
Victoria Tan is a Health and Beauty expert who has more than 8 years of experience in Health Care industry. For more health care tips on healthy living, visit her at the website TrueRemedies.com. There, you will find posts on natural treatments, healthy foods, DIY recipes and so much more.

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