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Monday, September 18, 2017

5 Vital Tips for Correct Usage of a Thermometer

Thermometers happen to be one of the most commonly used medical devices. Naturally they are one of the must haves in every household. Body temperature helps you to understand if your body is struggling with anything. One of the initial symptoms of any internal abnormality of your body is manifested by a high temperature which in turn can be detected with a thermometer.

There are a plethora of thermometers that you can use. The glass thermometers are the old fashioned ones. You can read the current temperature with the red line inside the thermometer. The modern thermometer consists of a metal tip and digital temperature read out. But for ensuring that the thermometer gives the right results you should use it in the right way.

Here are some of the tips for using thermometers correctly. Just read on to know.

·        Get the Thermometer Ready – For proper usage, thermometer requires to be prepared. Be sure to clean the thermometer prior to using and after every usage, even though it is a brand new thermometer. There are also some thermometers that come with available tips that you throw away after every usage which assists in keeping the thermometer clean and germ-free.

·       Prepare the Thermometer for Usage after Cleaning – Prepare the thermometer for usage once it is clean. If you are using glass thermometer then make sure that you shake it up. This will reset it. When you see that the temperature drops below 96 degrees it is time that you use it. In case it is a digital thermometer, you should switch the power on and ensure that there is no error message present. You should also make sure that the batteries don’t need to be replaced.

·      Place the Thermometer Correctly– You should place the thermometer inside your mouth once it is fully prepared. But to use to it properly you should place it securely under the tongue. Make sure that it enters halfway inside the mouth. Rest the tongue on the thermometer once it is inside your mouth.

·        Offer Enough Time to the Thermometer for Accurate Results – You must provide enough time to the thermometer for accurately reading the temperature. For the reading to occur, thermometers can take a few minutes. It varies depending on the type of thermometer used by you. For glass thermometers you have to wait for three to five minutes. A digital thermometer will be able to give the result more accurately and much faster than the traditional glass counterparts. You just have to wait until the thermometer beeps and then remove it from the mouth. It may just take 20 seconds.

·        Read the Temperature – Read the thermometer once you have taken it out of the mouth. You should place it at the eyelevel. Check the height of the red line in the glass thermometer. You should consider the number written beside it. With a digital thermometer it is much easier as you can find it on the display screen of the thermometer. Due to air temperature the reading can decrease after just a short while. That is why you should read it immediately.

Apart from knowing how to read the thermometer, it is also recommended that you purchase quality thermometer online for accurate results.

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