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Thursday, June 08, 2017

How Wrong Company and Job Can Kill Your Career

Job seekers have been brainwashed to believe that they are lucky to get into the door of any company, which results in fear and desperation during the interview.

So we often forget to look for the red flags during the interviews or we ignore them. We all understand the desperation to land a job to pay the bills, but remember that your next move should move you up the career ladder. The wrong job and company can hurt your career and resume.

1.  A bad company reputation can rub off on yours

Employers may see a company with a poor reputation on your resume and wonder why you chose to work there. They may question your industry knowledge, integrity, and standards.

2.  A bad company can affect your health

If you work for a company with a toxic culture, then you’ll find yourself on edge all the time, and it may affect your mental and physical health. Toxic work cultures lead to stress, sleep-deprivation, and weight gain. No company should be prioritized over your health.
Dated technology means poor experience

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3.  A company that’s lagging in the tech area brings down their productivity and yours. 

Your resume will also suffer from your dated training and experience your company provides; employers may see that you don’t meet their minimum certification requirements or software experience as a result.

4.  The wrong job affects your outlook

A bad job experience can affect your career outlook and standards. Stress and job dissatisfaction can make you feel inadequate or ineffective, and you’ll end up either moving to a worse job or staying with your toxic company for years.

Most people begin to feel the desperation during their job search, but don’t forego the opportunity of a great job with a great company by accepting a position with a sub-par company.

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