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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

How Knowing Your Personality Type Can Help You with Your Professional Career - 3 Tips

Understanding your specific perceptions and judgments can provide you a tremendous amount of insight, especially if you’re in the job market. Here are 3 ways that knowing your personality type can help launch you into the next phase of your professional life a career coach.

1. It will help you narrow down your field. Some personality types are more creative than others. Some are natural leaders while others are not. Knowing where you fall can help you pick a field that aligns with your personality and enables you to thrive.

2. It can help you identify your strongest skills. Some personality types are more analytical than others. Some are more organized. Some prefer learning through doing. If you have a deeper level of awareness of your strongest skills, it can help guide you to a career that truly showcases those skills.

3. It can reveal the best type of work environment for you. Certain personality types function better in some environments than others — for instance, introverts, who prefer to operate inside their own worlds as opposed to the outside world — will function better in a work environment with fewer people.

There’s no right or wrong personality type. Celebrate who you are — and who you’re not!

The test is designed to give you a deeper understanding of how people differ and to help you better understand your own perceptions and reactions to the world around you. In Kevin’s case, it helped him discover he had particular affinity not only as a leader but also as an individual who thrives when helping others. So when he landed a job on the executive board of a large, successful non-profit organization, he realized he had truly found his calling.

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