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Thursday, February 16, 2017

How to create A Career that you are genuinely passionate about

For about 13 years of my working life, it never occurred to me that work was to be enjoyed. I saw few instances of people who enjoyed what they did for a living. My working experience was filled with people who lived for the end of day, weekends and holidays — no matter their position in the organization's hierarchy. We spent many evenings in watering holes amongst other employees, in neighboring buildings who all dressed like us, talked like us, and wore a woe-is-me-at-work expression. Most of the employees, myself included, had a vivid life outside of work, filled with passion. This is what we all went to after the work day and on vacations.

Two separate lives, two separate feelings about these lives.

For a long time, it seemed to me that one either had to be rich to indulge or one had to go broke and fulfilled to enjoy a career in one's passion.

Yet there are plenty of people who neither started with riches nor are content to live a broke life while they pursue their passions, and I determined to join them in creating a career surrounding my passions.

I discovered along the way that three things must be overcome by the corporate professional in order to successfully transition into a career created out of one's passion, and I'd like to share them with you.

1. Don't wait, because nothing goes as planned.

Most people start out with a plan, and as soon as they make their bold move, the plan goes up in smoke. Money falls through, the big potential client disappears, the car and roof need repairs, etc. There is no perfect plan; there is rarely a backup that works, and safety nets are the preconditioning of working in an environment that deposited money into your account like clockwork.

If you wait to save enough money or get enough education, you'll dig yourself deeper into your rut, accumulate more debt, rise up the corporate ladder and increase the stakes against leaving, and finally succumb to the idea that you never had enough money, time, or whatever else may be to follow your passion.

What you need is the same confidence, work ethic, drive and integrity you already apply to build someone else's dream. The same way your life doesn't work out according to plan — neither will your passion, and the sooner you realize this, the better for you. Once you do, you'll wisely spend your money, time and effort building up yourself to take on the challenge of embarking on a different way of thinking and being.

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2. Silence is your best friend.

The corporate environment asks — no — demands that we announce our plans and achievements within the organization and on social networks. The more we talk about our vision for the corporation and ourselves, the more opportunities we open up for new projects or promotions.

In the Fortune 500 companies I worked for, quiet, hardworking employees rarely moved up the ladder. They stayed safe in their jobs and positions, but they were not granted the corner office with the window view. To transition into your passion, you will at first require the quiet hard-worker attitude. Talking about your small business plans and listing achievements is commonplace, but follow-up and consistency are kings. These can only come about through a diligent bowing of the head and working the steps up the ladder to rise above the noise.

3. Daily gratitude works miracles.

Never in my life have I seen the power of gratitude as much as I have in my journey over the last seven years. Finding things to be grateful for in the business and my life, no matter the circumstance, has not only boosted my immune system, trained me to look at what's good, but it has also attracted me to like-minded professionals.

To live in a world where your passion is needed — required even — and where people exist who are willing and able to pay you what you're worth, you must first be grateful for what you have and can do. This attitude is rarely displayed in corporate environments where people expect to receive and rarely know workmates outside their direct sphere. It is heartening to see organizations prioritize work culture to include gratitude and mindfulness opportunities, and it is also no coincidence that their employees are more entrepreneurial in nature.

In summary, be open, put your head down and focus on the very next step and make purposeful gratitude your daily boost, and you'll be surprised how quickly your passion will turn into an awesome career.

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