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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blackberry Q10 Specs and Review

With the introduction of hundreds of expertly designed and affordable Android smartphones, Blackberry devices have lost some of their popularity. In an attempt to win the fans back, Blackberry has unveiled a number of new models, and the Blackberry Q10 is one of the most noteworthy ones. It was built to appeal to old school Blackberry users. Find out how successful this release turned out to be and which specs the Q10 has.


The main selling point of the new Blackberry device is a combination of a modern touch screen with a hardware QWERTY-keyboard, which has been featured in dozens of Blackberry devices. The Q10’s plastic body has rounded edges and reminds of some other Blackberry phones from history. The new model comes in two colors, black and white. 

On the front of the phone you will find a 3.1” screen, a full keyboard, a 2MP front camera, and a variety of sensors. On the sides there are solid metal frames, which add finesse to the phone’s appearance. The back of the device is made of textured plastic that allows you to have a firmer grip on the phone without worrying that it will slip out of your hands. There is also an 8MP camera on the back of the phone.


The screen in the new Blackberry Q10 is a completely rectangular one, which is fine for most users, but can be slightly uncomfortable when you’re watching videos because of the 16:9 aspect ratio of HD videos. Other than that, the screen provides an extremely sharp, colorful, and clear image. The pixel per inch number of the Q10 is actually higher than what many popular smartphone models, including the iPhone 5, have to offer.


The Blackberry Q10 was one of the first devices to run Blackberry 10, the redesigned operating system. In addition to utilizing the touch screen, the new OS also heavily features the hardware keyboard. The Blackberry 10 is a smartly designed operating system that will let you effortlessly access all kinds of information, from your call logs and messages to various apps. Users are especially pleased with the Instant Action feature, which acts like a universal search engine throughout the entire device.

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  1. A great move for Blackberry!
    I was hoping to meet a blackberry with Android Os though but this model's features were also impressive!


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