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Saturday, January 21, 2017

9 Fashion Apps You Need Now

Do you want to follow the trends, always look good, be up to date with the latest fashion, even when you do not have time for this?

Are you interested in clothing and fashion tips, but you wouldn’t like to pay a fortune for it? The perks and beauty of the time we live in today is that IT technology is advancing so fast that the most of things become available just in one click or, perhaps, by one "download" of an appropriate application. Shopping items of your favorite brands from the comfort of your own home in just a few swipes has never been easier and more fun. These applications are required for each fashionista, and as soon as you download it, you will see why.


With the help of Stylect, you will go over 50 000 photos of shoes, from wacky Nike sneakers to dizzying, sexy Christian Louboutin high heels. The pictures can be filtered based on the color, price or style, or you can look for your dream shoes. The extra bonus is that you can create a wishlist, and to buy these selected shoes directly from the application.

Keep shopping
This is a shopping application which is the realization of all your dreams! Literally! This is a universal shopping destination where you will find many things of various brands, as this app manages to collect them somehow. The ideal application for true addicts of products for beautification. Keep Shopping application offers the possibility of search for various brands such as Chanel, Sephora and CVS through a virtual shopping cart. Users also have the ability to know which products are new and trendy, scrolling through the feed of this application.


This application will serve as a great inspiration every time you think that you have nothing to wear, or simply do not know how to combine the specific pieces of clothing. By stacking various collages and mixing all kinds of styles and products, you create your own inexhaustible source of fashion inspiration.

The Hunt
This is a super useful application that will serve you every time you want some piece of clothing that you saw, but you have no idea where to find it. Here you literally move into the hunt for a particular piece, and army of  fashionista comes to help you in order to find the desired piece of clothing as soon as possible.

Stylebook is an amazing application which makes your own clothes move into your smartphone. Upload all the pictures of your favorite pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories, and make a virtual combination, instead of turning your room into zone of disorder. If you're going on a trip, create a list of clothing that you will take with you, and follow the rarest pieces you wear on a daily basis, which can be eliminated.

Pinterest is a virtual memo pad. This is a social network that is rapidly penetrated to the very top of the most popular social network in the world. Pinterest allows users to organize and it finds parts of all the good things around the world, seeks styles, creations, ideas and other fashion things in a simple way that is accessible to all who want it and who are interested in this topic. Since this app works not only for fashion, it is widespread and installing Express VPN would help you have the access to the app all the time, wherever you are.

Trendstop brings new trends in fashion, which could soon become mainstream and generally accepted. The must-have fashion app for all fashionistas, fashion bloggers, designers, buyers, journalists, retailers and creative industry professionals! See what's new in womenswear, menswear, accessories, shoes, vintage, hair and beauty trend categories, covering everything from haute couture and catwalk to street style.

Pose is a new social network that allows users to share photos and videos of their clothes, makeup or what they find in the shops. The social network has already been named - Instagram for fashion. You can see what the popular styles are shared with the world by previous users of this service.

Fashiolista is a reminder of the clothing and accessories that you want. Simply, find a photo of such a case and post it on the social network, similar to Pinterest. Discover original designer items, as well as the most affordable alternatives. Be inspired by stories covering fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Save your stories and must-have items on your profile.

Adam regards Ferraresi is a successful web developer from Dallas, Texas and one of the writers of wefollowtech.com. He is twenty-three years old, and when he isn’t working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and watching old movies.

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