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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

WHO launches Nutrient Profile Model to protect children from unhealthy food, drinks

The World Health Organisation for the Western Pacific launched on Monday a new tool to protect children from unhealthy food and drink that cause obesity and other serious health problems.  
The regional nutrient profile model is for use and adaptation by Member States of the WHO Regional Office for Europe when developing policies to restrict food marketing to children.

The tool, called the regional profile model, would help governments and policy-makers to more easily identify food and non-alcoholic beverages that should not be marketed to children.

WHO warns: Beware of food ads targeting at children in a digital world
“Nutrient profiles rank foods by their nutritional composition.

“As such, they are critical tools for the implementation of restrictions on the marketing of food and beverages to children,’’ the WHO said in a statement.”

Across the Western Pacific Region, the WHO said marketers of unhealthy food and beverages targeted children.

These food and beverages are high in calories, saturated and Tran’s fats, salt and sugar, the consumption of which are driving exploding rates for obesity and other health problems in many countries across the region.

“Children are constantly bombarded with clever marketing campaigns that use advertising, promotion and sponsorship techniques pioneered by the tobacco and alcohol industries,’’ Shin Young-soo, WHO regional director for the Western Pacific, said.

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