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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Illusion of Space: Expanding Your Home with Proper Colours

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Unfortunately, not many can afford a seven-level penthouse or a three-story mansion to savour in the sweet delight of their home sweet home. In reality, most of us live in efficiency apartments or cramped studios with a high chance of developing claustrophobia. In this constant state of cabin fever, certain individuals have found a handy solution on how to make their spaces bigger, or better said, make them appear bigger.

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The fine art of colour illusion has been present for centuries now and people have learned how to combine certain shades and hues in order to create deception of a much larger space. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to visually expand your space, perhaps these few tips will help you in your venture:

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Make A Foundation
The first rule of optically expanding a room is giving it some proper foundation colours. The best solution for background colours are certainly light hues and neutral colours like white, grey, beige and some shades of blue. Saturated colours are always a good choice, while you can use different shades of specific hues to break the monotony. For example, a white foundation combined with alabaster or cloud white makes an exceptional choice, but you can always rely on solid grey accompanied by a foggy or smoky grey to get the job done. Permeate the room in these lighter shades, paint both the ceiling and the walls and you’ll create an illusion of a much broader space without losing virtual interest.

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Add Depth
Another common technique which is used to add depth not only to spaces but also to common objects is called glaze layering. While this method is usually used in art for the sake of changing the hues, Chroma or value of the art piece, wall glazing has become quite popular as well, as a simple way to add texture and depth to the room. The most common choices are water-based or oil-based paints that help achieve the desired look, but it’s also recommended to use different colours of the similar shade, to create that mixed colour look.

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Create an Accent Wall
Of course, those who prefer deep, dark or bright colours shouldn’t despair, as there are simple ways to implement a bit of excitement in these seemingly bland settings. Creating an accent wall by painting it in a brighter hue can actually make the space appear larger, as it’ll create a visible contrast when compared to the lighter colours used for foundation. The same goes for focal points or adding unexpected splashes of colour to certain objects like cushions, area rugs or curtains. You can even try to create a colour gradient with ombre design, as the transition from darker to lighter hues will make the room look as if it’s getting bigger and bigger.

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Interconnect the Rooms
Lastly, if you’re feeling like you need to make your whole apartment a single entirety, you can easily accomplish that by connecting the rooms with different shades of the same colour. This will help you create an illusion of interconnected spaces, which will add to the feeling of a broader area. You can easily do this project on your own, by painting radiators or pipes which lead to other rooms, just remember to use quality paint, good brushes and to invest in paint cleaners with acetone or methylated spirits.

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Just because you’re condemned to live in a small home, it doesn’t mean that you should feel like you’re spending your days in a cage. Break free from your shackles by implementing some easy and yet effective tricks to create an illusion of a bright, breezy and spacious home, where you’ll feel comfortable and serene.

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