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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2017

As 2016 comes to an end, it is time to see what the interior design industry has to say about 2017. We are expecting a lot of intriguing and fresh trends to surprise us in the upcoming year. If you want to do some remodeling and don’t know where to start, then this will help. Here are some of the biggest interior trends to follow in the upcoming 2017.

Minimalistic Bathrooms
Most people wish they had spacious bathrooms. In 2017, the emphasis is going to be on smaller and more private bathrooms. These will feel more intimate and personal when compared to luxurious and large bathrooms we are used to. This trend might be caused by smaller apartments in urban areas which don’t allow for large rooms. But just because it is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, comfortable and functional.

Retro style
Another trend that we will see in 2017 is the return of retro furniture. With retro style becoming popular again in many aspects of fashion, it is no wonder the same happened with furniture. We will see the return of colorful and psychedelic patterns, like we used to see on every furniture piece in the ‘60s. This blast from the past will be felt on other interior design elements as well.  Lamps and light fixtures are getting a remodel, we will see an increase of metal and ceramic light solutions.

Going green
Designers are bringing in nature into our homes. This eco-friendly idea will make homes more stylish, elegant and healthier. Plants are natural air purifiers, so why not introduce some into our homes. They will clean the air, keep humidity in check and provide fresh air to inhabitants. Walls covered with greenery are becoming trendy. But several pots with big plants will do the trick. Enrich your home with soothing greenery and make a relaxing ambient inside your home.
In the upcoming year, we’ll see a return to more organic and natural textures. Homes are about to become cozier and welcoming with the introduction of natural materials. Wood, cork and wool are about to become part of every modern home. These are materials that can be used in almost every room. The designers are bringing the outside into our homes as well. They are turning decorative concrete into an essential piece of interior design. It is a sustainable material and easy to clean. It has a wide color palette which makes it easy to fit into any room.
Handmade items
Everyone is trying to make their homes unique in some way. This is hard with the use of mass produced furniture. This is why handmade products are gaining popularity; these pieces are bound to be unique. Introducing several unique items into your home will make it stand out in the crowd. Look for handmade lamps, chairs and decorating ornaments.


Nothing makes a room cozier than a fireplace as a centerpiece. With new technological advancements, we can have fireplaces without the smell and ash. New gas and electric fireplaces are a replacement for old and obsolete wood burning ones.
With 2016 almost over, we have to look forward and see what innovations designers have for us in 2017. Retro style furniture will add style to our home. We should introduce greenery into our homes to make the space healthier. Handmade items can make every home unique. And minimalistic approach to design is becoming more popular as the apartments get smaller.

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