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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Health Benefits Of Jumping

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What is the easiest way to lose weight? Ask this question to any health expert and be sure to get the answer – jumping. You can jump your way to lose a lot of calories and get a slim and toned body!
Similarly, jumping helps you get firm and toned muscles. It keeps you lively and energetic. You are also less likely to get into the throes of stress and depression issues.

Yes, jumping is that much beneficial to the body. It brings a variety of health benefits to keep you fit and disease-free. Did you know all this? Perhaps not, and that’s why you feel surprised!

Why jumping is beneficial to your body?  
Most of us are not aware that jumping is a beneficial exercise. But now when many studies and researches have concluded the same, including the one from NASA in way back 80’s, we have no reason but to believe! However, we have every reason to know what makes jumping such a beneficial exercise.

Here are some reasons that make jumping so much helpful to our body – 
  • ·         It’s a zero impact exercise that does not put any stress on the joints
  •  ·         It increases oxygenation to the cells in the body 
  •  ·         Unlike jogging or running, it won’t cause joint stress and even brings three-time more benefits
  •  ·         Compared to other form of exercises, jumping is more beneficial as it increases the G-force  
  •  ·         All your body muscles get involved when you jump 

Health benefits of jumping
Jumping is simple and fun. It does not need any machine or equipment to get going. Above all, it brings a lot of health benefits, including - 
  • ·         Jumping helps strengthen abdominal muscles
  •  ·        It helps you counter risks of weight and obesity as you can jump and burn a lot of calories with ease
  •  ·        Your digestion and elimination get a boost  
  •  ·         More oxygen is circulated to tissues and muscles in the body making you feel more energetic 
  •  ·         You can jump to normalize the blood pressure to decrease the resting heart rate
  •  ·         You feel more relaxed and get an improved quality of sleep 
  •  ·         Jumping keeps you away from aches and pains felt in the legs, hands, neck etc.
  •  ·         It keeps you away from stress and depression 
  •  ·     Your metabolism is stimulated, your digestion is improved and your elimination process gets better 
  •  ·        You can jump and triple and white blood cells 
  •  ·         It helps give a boost to the production of red blood cells
  •  ·         The body’s oxygen capacity gets a boost
  •  ·         Those who jump regularly better their sense of balance and understand their body well
  •  ·         The circulation of the lymph gets a boost and toxins find a way out of the body 
  •  ·         It helps improve your breathing efficiency   
  •  ·         Aids in detoxification and boosts your immunity system
  •  ·         Jumping keeps you away from diseases
  •  ·         When you jump regularly, you feel full of energy and your body feels more elastic and supple 

In overall, we can see how a simple and fun exercise like jumping can help us in so many ways. We should then benefit from it!

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Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. Currently, he is giving time to write for trampoline park. 

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