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Monday, December 12, 2016

Easy Ways to Make Your Yard More Private

For everyone who owns a house or ground-floor flat, it's not always easy to keep a safe distance from the noisy neighbors. No, no one is suggesting we love being isolated from the rest of the neighborhood but what we do love though is having a little privacy when we want to spend some time alone, time with our friends and family and simply enjoy the vibe of our lovely space without having anyone intrude.

If you are one of the owners who is going back and forth trying to solve their backyard privacy dilemma, try using one (or plenty) of these creative solutions they've worked for us, and we hope they will for you, too!

Decorate your space with a living wall
Flowers and greenery are always a perfect idea  for both inner and outdoor space. Not only are they providing your space with some extra oxygen but they also tend to give the space a particular warmth, a decorative hint if you will.

To separate your outdoor space from the neighbors, give your tall fence a new meaning by forming a vertical garden. It adds privacy with style and it doesnt appear aggressively secluded.

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 The thing with a living wall though is that it may take some (read: a lot) of time to grow; to speed the process up, buy and plant already grown plants that you'll continue looking after.

Raise some artistic decorative panels
Privacy screens don't really need to be drab and boring; they may serve as a perfect opportunity for you to channel your inner creativity and give your outdoor space a unique vibe.

Go for custom pieces that will act as an interesting outdoor focal point and at the same time, serve their primary purpose - block the neighbor's view. Work with panel designers and suggest your own pattern if you've got it  its going to be different and spectacular!

Think about an outdoor fireplace
If you are living in a house, a tall fireplace surrounded with tall bushes will effectively hide your yard and serve as an amazing entertainment space for your family and friends time! Talk about killing two birds with one stone, ha?

Go vertical with your flowers 
Similar to the living wall but not entirely copied, the idea of going vertical with your flowers is pretty great simply because you don't have to go full-plant-wall on your space but you can use tall greenery and flowers to fill in the spaces that are visible to the neighbors. Plus, the more flowers the better  your backyard will be colorful, interesting and inspiring. We kind of love the idea.

Also, add more vertical cover on top of low concrete or brick walls by securing planters that will go with your overall backyard design.

Think about the view from above
For everyone who is living in the city, a set of arched trellis will ensure that not even neighbors towering over you have a viewing access to your yard.

Create seclusion with a wood slat wall 
If your yard contains an already-there concrete wall, a partition added will offer plenty of privacy. Plus, it looks super stylish with the right choice of wood!

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Keep it private with curtains 
Outdoor curtains added to your pergola are simply perfect! They're easy to move, they're stylish (and can come in virtually any color or pattern) and they add to your overall outdoor decor. To keep things chic, you can always add waterproof shade sails  they will give the space a touch of East, turning it into a real exotic arena to enjoy. And guess what? The fact they're waterproof is making it easy on you to curl up with your favorite book and a hot cup of cocoa in the yard, even when it's raining!

See? We've easily come to a solution together! Hopefully, you'll go for an idea or two we've discussed here and secured a wonderful (and private) time with your family!

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