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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Decorating The Gateway into Your Home

Suffice to say that the very entrance into your home needs a lot of attention. After all, this is the gateway into your house and no matter how much time, effort and money youve invested into remodeling your lair, the entire impression your house is likely to irradiate is compromised without providing your front door with proper décor. Here are some cool front door ideas to inspire you.

Letter Monograms

Why put your traditional family name on your front door, when its already on your post box? Instead, think about providing the entrance to your home with a giant letter monogram. Although this is a trend thats been around for a half a decade now, it hasnt lost any popularity. In fact, the sheer number of options, from fonts and colors to styles is so vast, that you can always come up with an interesting idea to decorate your front door. You can make this a DIY project, despite the fact that you can buy the monograms.

Now, here is an interesting solution  blackboard revival! Most schools are using whiteboards and markers nowadays and the good old, squeaky, dusty board that we have gotten used to is forever forgotten. Well, not exactly; the chalkboards have been reinstated as popular, mostly in cafés and pubs, but why not consider putting a chalkboard onto your front door? In this way, you can write something depending on the situation or occasion. For example, you can draw a welcoming sign, or whether or not you are to be disturbed. The ideas go as far as your imagination does.

Flower Basket(s)
If youve gone through the trouble of lining your pathway with flowers, well, youre obviously into them. So why not put flower baskets onto your front door? Of course, you can take the easy road and get faux flowers, which do not require attention, but if youre aiming at the realistic look, natural is the way to go! It is important, however, that you note that this greatly depends on the climate your house is in. Therefore, if the winters in your area are harsh and/or you dont get a ton of sunlight on average, going faux is probably your best shot; no worries, fake flowers are on their way to becoming cool again.

Go Plain
Now, you dont absolutely have to overly decorate your front door  going with the minimalistic look is somewhat popular these days. There is nothing wrong with trying to look professional and there are certain upshots to keeping things plain  doors that are commonly labeled as cold are much safer than those that would be branded as lively; and as the experts from locksmith ryde always advise: safety first, aesthetics later! If you want to add a bit of a pulse to an otherwise cold door, going with minimalistic painting is always an option.

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Wood Cut out Door Décor
Back to the chic! You should definitely browse wood cut out décor, it is simply amazing! Options are limitless  go with regular flower design, or turn to weirder stuff, like a wood-carved shoe, an animal, nametags, you name it! Make this your artsy DIY project, even  all you need is a pattern, a chunk of cardboard, a jigsaw and some paint! Use sandpaper to polish things out and enjoy your front door art!

Some of the mentioned door décor trends are trending, some are practical, while others are evergreen! In any case, choose that which you find is to your own liking! It is your own front door, to your very own house and everything goes, as long as you like it! Pro tip: always be original!

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