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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Redefining Fashion for Curvy Women with an Extravagant Twist

Fashion is there to make everyone happier and more unique, regardless of their body shape. So, while there are definitely certain cuts and styles that would best accentuate the curvy figure, there’s almost no rules left as to how to combine, mix and match your garments. With so many different styles being trendy nowadays, you can plan your outfits in the most personal and creative way to the very last detail.

Embrace the patterns

There was a time when clothes for curvier ladies were plain and boring and the trend of dark colors with no patterns was widely accepted. Thankfully, fashion nowadays is the complete opposite. With rising popularity of retro and vintage style, one can find many flattering cuts that are embellished with prints and patterns. Of course, if you’re opting for one garment with patterns you should keep the others relatively simple, but these are just your usual rules when it comes to outfit combinations. The great thing though is that pop of color is more than encouraged when those simpler garments are concerned. For example, if you’re going with patterned high-waisted pants, feel free to dress up your upper body with tops and cardigans that match or compliment the color scheme on the pants. Paired up with some bright shoes, this look is perfect for a more daring curvy lady. 

Retro all the way

High-waisted pants were already mentioned, but other retro garments such as playsuits, high-waisted bodycon skirts or A-cut skirts are all the rage these days as well. And the cuts are perfectly flattering for a curvy figure thanks to companies taking more interest in plus size fashion clothing and body acceptance movement. Of course, you don’t have to cram in your individuality and extravagant style into plain looking clothes in this case either. Go for colors that speak to you and frankly, there’s nothing more attractive than a combo of high-waisted skirt and a loosely tucked in patterned shirt on a lady who loves her curves. Make it all pop with statement jewelry, bright bags and high heels, and you’re going to turn a lot of heads as you confidently go about your day.

Show that gorgeous skin

You don’t have to wear short skirts if you don’t fancy those, but the trend of showing just a little bit of skin is one of the most attractive ones recently, and it screams extravagant and confident in its simplicity. A top that reveals the back and/or shoulders, combination of high-waisted bottoms with crop tops that show your waist as well as shorts and mid-thigh tights combo that reveal legs a little are all very delicate and elegant ways to bring out your feminine appeal and make your curves very seductive. Of course, you have the absolute freedom of choice when it comes to your preferred colors and patterns for these looks. 

Jessica Rabbit glamour

If you love your curves and want to accentuate them in the most glamorous and extravagant way look no further than the stylish icon Jessica Rabbit. Basically, bodycon dresses with strapless sweetheart bodice are the bomb for sexy curvy ladies. Just make sure to get the dresses that are well-made and provide proper support. With the makeup, hair and heels on point, you’ll look absolutely amazing. 

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With body positivity, overwhelming confidence and alluring smile, you can pull off pretty much any look that you find to be representative of your sensibility and personal style. Life is too short for plain and boring outfits. Try out many different styles and combinations because that’s the best way to discover what makes you feel like a sexy powerful curvy goddess that you are.

About author:
Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”

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