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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Samsung Halts Galaxy Note 7, tells Consumers to Stop Using the device as replacement batteries explode

Advertisements for the Galaxy Note7, which is being recalled.
Samsung Electronics has halted the production and distribution of Galazy Note 7 due to overheating batteries.  Even though Samsung initiated a worldwide recall and has been busy exchanging potentially dangerous Note 7 devices with replacement units, there is a growing number of incidents involving new and supposedly safe Note 7 devices bursting into flames.

The company has asked all telecom carriers and retailers that sell the Note 7 globally to stop sales and exchanges of the device pending investigation into the latest incidents. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was investigating a total of five such incidents, two in Kentucky and one each in Minnesota, Virginia and Texas. Authorities haven’t confirmed that the incidents involve replacement versions of the Note 7.

Consumers with either an original or a replacement Note 7 should power down and stop using the device, said Samsung.

Samsung has attributed the battery problems to one of its battery suppliers. It hasn’t named the supplier, but people familiar with the matter say it is Samsung SDI Co., an affiliate of the smartphone maker. Samsung SDI has declined to comment.

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