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Thursday, October 06, 2016

67 Lessons from Richard Branson - "Screw it, let's do It"


These 67 tips are extracted from Richard Branson's book “Screw It, Let’s Do It”.

“Screw It, Lets Do It” contains powerful advices, many exciting stories and clearly shows the personality and mindset of Richard Branson, founder of "Virgin Group" which comprises more than 400 companies.

Applying and implementing a few of the lessons below can completely transform your life.

#1 Hard Work and Fun is What Life is All About

#2 If you work hard and have fun, money will come

#3 When something stops being fun, ask why? If you can't fix it you have to move on

#4 Waking up stressed and miserable is not a good way to live

#5 Never Give Up

#6 Start with the first step

#7 Dont't look Miles ahead, You might not take the first step

#8 Nothing should stop you, you can always find a legal way around it

#9 You must plan and prepare to do anything well

#10 Start very small, you cna always make it bigger later

#11 Take calculated risks

#12 Help each other

#13 Believe it can be done

#14 Live life to the fullest

#15 Have complete faith in yourself

#16 Never go after your goals halfheartedly

#17 There are no rules in business, only lessons, you wilb reak a lot of rules

#18 Have a posititve outlook in life

#19 Never waste time

#20 Have extreme perseverance

#21 Be extremely fast at implementation

#22 Travel and interact with people to get business ideas

#23 Be glad when you win, but have no regrets when you lose because they will slow you down

#24 Chase your dreams and goals

#25 If you opt for a safe life you will never know what its like to win

#26 Set goals and stick it

#27 Always keep your word

#28 Keep setting yourself new challenges

#29 Always aim high

#30 Always try new things

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#31 Chase your dreams but live in the real world

#32 Work together with others, form teams

#33 Stand on your feet and always rely on yourself

#34 Live the moment

#35 Make every second count

#36 Regrets mays eem like big mistakes.  but later when you look back they turn out to be small

#37 Keep a diary with plans to execute in the months ahead, but still live in the moment

#38 Take cat naps to relax

#39 Even when you relax don't stop thinking.  Let your brain tinker and come up with new ideas and solutions

#40 Value family, friends and your team.  Put them first

#41 Be Loyal

#42 Face problems head on

#43 VIRGIN has 40,000 staff and we are still like a family

#44 Money is for making things happen

#45 Put the right people in right places

#46 Always reward talent

#47 Always respect talent

#48 Be polite and respectful

#49 Be fair in all of your dealings

#50 Always do things that are right

#51 Always keep your good name

#52 Change the world, even if its in a small way

#53 Always thing what you can do to help

#54 Do some good

#55 Be the best

#56 Make lots of lists so that you keep track of your goals

#57 Learn to delegate

#58 Spend time with your family

#59 Try turning off TV and get out to do things

#60 Prove people wrong when they speak bad things about you

#61 Learn to be patient with results

#62 Never start business just to make money, my main goal was to have fun.  Money followed

#63 Try to stretch yourself to the limit

#64 Don't fight with anyone

#65 Dispute with a friend or a colleague can be sorted in a friendly way

#66 Even if someone is hired to do one thing, if they have good ideas and can handle something, just let them do it

#67 Always say yes


  1. These are amazing and lovely quotes and they touch the major parts of life; work, friendship, career, etc
    Thanks for the great share!

  2. Thank you for mentioning us Funmy Kemmy :)


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