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Saturday, May 07, 2016

10-year-old who got $10,000 for hacking Instagram makes more discoveries

The Finish boy who was rewarded with $10,000 by Facebook for discovering a bug in Instagram has revealed more. He wrote a hilarious letter to Mashable detailing other amazing hacks and accomplishments which are yet to net him payouts similar to what Facebook bestowed upon him.

Read his full letter below:
Hello good adults of the Internet, it is I, Jani, the boy genius who understands computers more than you. I would like to thank Facebook for the $10,000. I will be investing all of it in my Dave & Busters Power Card so my birthday party is better than Billy’s birthday party. 
But, I assure you, I am not writing this note merely to express my gratitude. I have discovered several other flaws in the tech I use every day, and I would like to make the world aware of them now. Please pay me $10,000 for each of these. 
1. There is a flaw in the Playstation network that allows my mom to turn off the game when it is late 
2. Despite Ms. Snyder’s best efforts, I have once again gotten AddictingGames.net up on the school library computers 
3. There is a fatal flaw in Madden 2016 that does not allow me to create 10-year-old players who defy the odds and win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award
4. There is a vulnerability in Facebook that makes all of the girls I like not like my statuses 
5. Whenever my parents tell me to go to my room and play on my iPad they start fighting — I believe signals from the iPad are causing this
6. There is a massive vulnerability in Youtube that is causing myMinecraft gameplay videos to not receive the millions of views they deserve 
7. The laser tag place by my house has a flaw in their receptors that allows my older brother Ricky to beat me easily no matter how hard I try 
8. After several visits with my family, I have discovered and reported a grievous error in the crossword puzzle located on the Buffalo Wild Wings Kid’s Menu 
9. I have found a vulnerability in my Little League team’s Squarespace page that allowed me to change my batting average to well over .900 for the season 
Also, I hacked President Obama’s phone but it’s just a bunch of boring emails and “launch codes” and nothing about the next Avengers movie so who even cares. 
Thank you for your time, 
What a wonderful boy!


  1. That is rubbish! It is encouraging Theft, $10000 I need am too o *winks* . .

  2. hahah I just wish I can hack na Facebook I go try my research on lol #### millions


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