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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water

It's almost summer and there's nothing heavenly than a chilled glass of water on a warm day. Water is the cure for all human diseases. Water, as I should say, is an ocean of benefits, as it works only when we consume it in the right proportion. Around 60 percent of the human body is made up of water. It's scientifically proven that a normal human should drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day to keep all the diseases at bay. Water in any form is a boon for us. Whether cool or warm, water comes with immense benefits associated with it. You can add various enhancers to increase the taste and effects of water. 

Whether it is for weight loss or menstrual cramps, or you want a healthy glowing skin or a healthy scalp and hair, or an overall healthy and a beautiful you, water is the magic that you need! And the benefits of having warm water are even more when compared to just the regular water. 

So, read on to know how warm water is an essential element for all your health and beauty needs. We'll also tell you how you can add different ingredients to warm water to enhance those extra benefits.

Weight Loss

Drinking warm water fuels up your metabolism and accelerates the blood circulation, thus helping your body to burn some body fat and removing the free radicals present in your body. It also keeps you full and controls your hunger pangs. Squeeze some lemon juice and honey or add a dash of ginger or cucumber for an extra effect.

Detoxifying For A Healthy Skin

Body toxins make you age faster. By drinking warm water, the temperature of the body rises, thereby causing us to sweat more often. All your toxins and free radicals get flushed away with your sweat.

It Clears Your Throat And Nasal Congestion Warm water is a natural remedy to treat sore throat and your common ailments such as cough and cold. It also helps in clearing your nasal congestion. You can add either lemon, honey, ginger, basil leaf juice or some aloe vera.

Relief In Menstrual Cramps

Not only a hot water bag eases out the pain in those days, but even drinking warm water relaxes your abdominal muscles, thus relieving your menstrual pain. Add some raspberry leaf tea to your glass of warm water for an instant relief. 

Drink Water For Soft, Shiny Hair

Drinking warm water will also result in giving you a softer shinier mane. Warm water energises and activates the nerve endings in your hair roots. It restores the natural vitality and health of your hair. Since warm water activates the hair roots, it results in accelerating your hair growth. Add honey and lemon juice to your glass of warm water for a soft, shiny hair. Show Thumbnail

Aids In Better Digestion

Having a glass of warm water every morning on an empty stomach can help your body to detoxify any remaining foodstuffs. It also makes the movement of the particles more smoother and less painful through the intestines, thus helping in a smoother bowel function. Drink warm water with some lemon or ginger juice for a smoother digestion process.


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  1. Additionally rumours had it that warm water makes one's voice to become more sweeter(roll eye up)


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