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Monday, August 31, 2015

Will there be a Global Polio Eradication? Vaccinated British man found shedding Polio for nearly 30 years


New study by Scientists has revealed that a British man who was immunized with oral polio vaccine as a child and whose stool samples continued to contain live polio virus for 28 years for nearly 30 years.

UK's National Institute for Biological Standards and Control analyzed more than 100 stool samples collected between 1995 and 2015 from the man and have now confirmed that the subject has been suffering from an immunodeficiency, which affects the ability of the immune system to kill viruses in the digestive tract.

That's the longest period of excretion of live polio virus known to science. "In a healthy person, the virus is replicated and excreted for several days, and then stops," says Dr. Javier Martin, biologist at the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control in the U.K. and author of the study.

To their horror, the researchers found high levels of type 2 polio virus in all the stool samples analyzed - each sample able to cause paralysis in transgenic mice that had a human poliovirus receptor.

The researchers concluded: “Enhanced surveillance including sewage sampling and stool surveys to search for the presence of iVDPV strains and the development of efficient anti-viral treatments to interrupt virus replication in immune-deficient individuals are needed to be able to identify and manage the possible risks of iVDPV strains spreading and causing disease in patients and the general population, particularly in the light of changes in vaccination strategies as part of the polio eradication endgame and the absence of an established outbreak response strategy.

“New polio vaccines such as those based on non-infectious virus-like particles or even new genetically designed stable live-attenuated versions with no associated risk of producing VDPVs, might be required to complete polio eradication.”

This is scary and strange.  Hoping for solution.


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