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Friday, October 31, 2014

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Woman is Cheating

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Woman is Cheating
My wife is cheating on me, I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with my best friend, what should i do? I feel so disappointed, stupid & betrayed. Why could she do a thing like that despite giving her true love and the best care? 

This is what we do hear from our heartbroken brothers, You will understand this better If your beloved wife/girlfriend has ever cheated on you. The funny thing about cheating is that most victims don't really know the reason(s) why their women cheat, yet they try to stop them from the dastardly act.

"I want a divorce" a friend once told me after his wife had repeatedly cheated on him, "No, divorce is the last and not the first thing you should consider, first identify the reasons behind the act, it might be from you" I told him. He took my advice and the marriage was saved.

HELLO!! You are so lucky to be a member of this family because I'm going to share with you 6 possible reasons why your woman is cheating on you, 6 possible reasons why she enjoys s*x outside, although, its not limited to 6 only.  I'm sure this post is going to save a family or a relationship that's is passing through difficulties due to the high rate of cheating. Read them and amend your ways if it applies to you.

Note: The underlying factor about Cheating is "act of dishonesty" taking an unfair advantage.

#1 Sexual/Emotional dissatisfaction.
Women who cheat are sexually & emotionally starved as Sex has always been, and will always be an integral part of a marriage. Many Nigerian men tend to neglect their s*x life after marriage.  As a man, if you don't do your bed affairs well another person out there is ready to them for you. To stop your woman from cheating, you must improve your s*x life, there are big differences between sleeping with a prostitute and the woman you call your wife. "All he does is to put his long thing inside me without any foreplay"  a 40 year old Elizabeth said, she continued 'my husband treats me like an object when it comes to sex: I need a man who will make me feel like a real woman, not a man who is selfish always want to satisfy the urge in him alone" that's why I cheat on him' she added.
Brother, your sex life shouldn't be what Elizabeth described above. Be romantic! Don't be selfish.  Seek to satisfy yourself as well as your partner, add foreplay.

#2 When the marriage/Relationship is not what she wanted
Some women are trapped into a marriage or relationship they never wished to be in.  May be her friends are all getting married, she became so desperate to marry as well. Some parents have pushed their daughters into wrong marriages where they have no happiness, no comfort, disagreement everyday because they are not compatible. In this scenario the woman resort to marital infidelity so as to have comfort and happiness.

“From the day I married my husband, I knew it was a mistake,” says Cynthia My school mate then “He was abusive, overbearing, controlling and expected me to quit my job to make a home for him.” A year into the marriage, Cynthia began to have an affair with a man that she worked with.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your Woman is Cheating

#3 Women Need Attention
You used to call her cell phone consistently every day, you make her laugh and happy all the time. You pick her up from work and make her feel special. Suddenly you stopped doing all these romantic things, you got her used to just because she accepted to be your wife or girlfriend. You find those things unimportant, you are now a workaholic, you no longer have her time.

Just know that when women feel that they are not needed by their husband/boyfriend anymore, they look out for some other men, who can understand them and make them feel special. As an obvious outcome of a new relationship, they get that feeling from the other men. Suddenly when they are showered with attention, which they haven't received in a very long time in their marriage/relationship, they toss their hands in the air and get deep into the new hot and happening relationship.

#4 When the man is Cheating
If you have watched this life experienced movie titled " Half of a yellow sun" you will understand this paragraph well. Odenigbo was drunk and cheated on his fiancee who was not at home. In order to get even, his fiancee slept with his sister's fiance to get revenge.  You see, women cheat on their husbands as a revenge mechanism. This could lead to having multiple relationships. Even if their men are guilty, and can accept their extra-marital relationships, some women continue with their tricks. This is mostly done by women who find it very difficult to get over things.

#5 Financially dissatisfaction
Most women who find the word "Cheating" as a way of life are not contented with what they have, they are naturally greedy, unsatisfied, always want to have what they can't afford. Oftentimes, women cling very tenaciously to the privileges of class. Hence the need for more cash to support a class that wasn't there. They then cheat on their husbands for finance to prove that they are also achievers.

#6 Excuse to end the marriage

Some women are willfully adulterous and use it as a means for acquiring divorce. Adultery is a fair ground for the husband to file a divorce.  The woman is cheating openly and is in a non-receptive mood, taking the husbands feelings of frustration to an all-time high state.

Written by Madubuko Jaybee, Relationship & Lifestyle Blogger at www.jaybeesblog.com

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  1. Hmmm. True talk. Female need attention in relationship n money... 9ce post.. Kip it up.


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