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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Oregon Couple: How Larry Ragsdale & Kelcie Yeoman's 'Disney Wedding' becomes a reality

 Oregon Couple: How Larry Ragsdale & Kelcie Yeoman's Disney Wedding becomes a realityOregon Couple: How Larry Ragsdale & Kelcie Yeoman's Disney Wedding becomes a reality

Larry Ragsdale, 25, and Kelcie Yeoman, 24, high school sweethearts have been favoured to have their dream wedding at Disneyland a reality.  They were unable to afford the wedding of their dreams.  Ragsdale bought her a ring and was planning to propose while on vacation to Disneyland with her family. The vacation, however, never happened. On March 10, 2010, while driving in Monroe, Oregon, a drunk driver plowed into his car and left Ragsdale in a coma.

"After months of being in a coma, the doctors weren't sure Larry was going to wake up", Kelcie's sister, McKenzie Yeoman, says in a Youtube video that has gone viral.  Kelcie, was by his side until he woke up. And when he finally did, he was left partially paralyzed. Knowing that he still had a tough road ahead, Kelcie got a job at the facility where he was recovering.

Last August, after three grueling years of surgeries and physical therapy, Ragsdale was finally able to propose to a stunned Kelcie with the same ring he'd bought her before his accident. 

A fundraising page was created and the couple’s proposal video posted on Indiegogo by Kelcie's sister, McKenzie Yeoman.  The coupled has received donations close to $28,000 and during the interview with Amy Robach, the couple also received news that Disney Fairy Tales Wedding and Honeymoons would be giving the couple a five-night honeymoon at the Disneyland resort in California. 

Excited Kelcie Yeoman said:
“I just can't ever tell anybody how thankful I am for that,” “Just the love and support we've seen from people that we have no clue who they are, where they live.”  “We’re so excited,” 

Amazing or not? Congratulations to them.  Your dream will also come true.  Just believe.


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