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Friday, November 29, 2013


49-year-old Robe Lowe is on the cover of Manhattan Magazine - Philanthropy issue.  He talked about his life and career.

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On his acting career:
“My family tells me I always had it. I’ve always been the person who jumps off the rock into the lake while hoping the water’s deep enough and no rocks are right beneath the surface. But even if you get banged up, which is never fun, it’s a win-win: Either it works out great, or you learn something for the next time. Lately I’ve been taking parts I have no idea about – and that’s the rush. The challenge [of ‘Killing Kennedy’] was apparent off the bat.”

On his tough life lessons:
“All my life choices since are based on being in recovery. I learned to focus on what’s real rather than imagined; on not letting feelings drive the bus; on being courageous and honest; on putting my total effort into something and not worrying about the result. My whole world view was infused.”
On his pals Charlie and Sean growing up:
“We were not the popular guys, the surfers and beach boys; we were these quirky kids with offbeat interests.”

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