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Thursday, August 01, 2013


Parenting is time consuming and hard work to say the least, particularly if you have young children. At times you feel like you are running around non-stop and you certainly don’t get a lot of me time… There are of course huge benefits to being a parent, but what about your pampering time and your fashion needs?

Well just because you’re a full time mom it doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashionable mom. You can in fact stay stylish whilst holding down a successful parenting career. This post will show you how to keep up with fashion when you barely have time to keep up with the washing.

KISS – Keep It Simple!
Fashion certainly can be an ever changing thing and if you are young and fancy free you can probably spare the time (and money) to go clothes shopping regularly. But you don’t have that luxury, so try to resist faddy fashions and stick with simple styles – go for the reliable classics which rarely go out of fashion.

The Internet Is Your Friend
Shopping in town is a time consuming thing and whilst it makes for a great day out there are better ways to shop. Try going online to your favourite shops, sign up to their newsletter so that you get regular updates on what’s ‘In’ and then just shop whenever you need something and have a minute to spare.

The best bit about shopping online is that you can buy as much as you want in many different sizes and then have a trying on session at home in your own time. Simply return the items you don’t love or that don’t fit.

What About Hair?
Hair is a tricky thing because it does require attention, but you can help yourself by thinking about your hair in advance. Getting the right cut will make a big difference – ask a decent stylist what style would work well without too much maintenance.

One good option is having a relatively short cut and investing in some quality hair extensions. Short means practical for day to day wearing and then you can use your extensions for some wow factor when you are going somewhere nice.

Makeup Tips
Makeup doesn’t have to take forever and in fact minimalist make up is very ‘In’ right now. You shouldn’t worry too much about dolling yourself up but instead focus on keeping your skin healthy and radiant.

The best way to do this is to use quality face wash, eat healthy and get a good moisturiser. Coloured lip gloss is quick and easy to use as an alternative to lipstick and use decent nail polish that doesn’t need to be reapplied every day.

Accessories are a really easy way to add a bit of variety and jazz up a simple but stylish outfit. Use whatever accessory you like to add a bit of colour – scarves and wraps are ever popular. This will lessen your need to buy exciting but difficult to match tops and bottoms and will make picking out outfits easier each morning.

I hope these help.

Culled from http://missandmrsonline.com

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