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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blackberry Q10 Specs and Review

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With the introduction of hundreds of expertly designed and affordable Android smartphones, Blackberry devices have lost some of their popularity. In an attempt to win the fans back, Blackberry has unveiled a number of new models, and the Blackberry Q10 is one of the most noteworthy ones. It was built to appeal to old school Blackberry users. Find out how successful this release turned out to be and which specs the Q10 has.


The main selling point of the new Blackberry device is a combination of a modern touch screen with a hardware QWERTY-keyboard, which has been featured in dozens of Blackberry devices. The Q10’s plastic body has rounded edges and reminds of some other Blackberry phones from history. The new model comes in two colors, black and white. 

On the front of the phone you will find a 3.1” screen, a full keyboard, a 2MP front camera, and a variety of sensors. On the sides there are solid metal frames, which add finesse to the phone’s appearance. The back of the device is made of textured plastic that allows you to have a firmer grip on the phone without worrying that it will slip out of your hands. There is also an 8MP camera on the back of the phone.


The screen in the new Blackberry Q10 is a completely rectangular one, which is fine for most users, but can be slightly uncomfortable when you’re watching videos because of the 16:9 aspect ratio of HD videos. Other than that, the screen provides an extremely sharp, colorful, and clear image. The pixel per inch number of the Q10 is actually higher than what many popular smartphone models, including the iPhone 5, have to offer.


The Blackberry Q10 was one of the first devices to run Blackberry 10, the redesigned operating system. In addition to utilizing the touch screen, the new OS also heavily features the hardware keyboard. The Blackberry 10 is a smartly designed operating system that will let you effortlessly access all kinds of information, from your call logs and messages to various apps. Users are especially pleased with the Instant Action feature, which acts like a universal search engine throughout the entire device.

Buy Blackberry Q10 in Nigeria

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How to create A Career that you are genuinely passionate about

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For about 13 years of my working life, it never occurred to me that work was to be enjoyed. I saw few instances of people who enjoyed what they did for a living. My working experience was filled with people who lived for the end of day, weekends and holidays — no matter their position in the organization's hierarchy. We spent many evenings in watering holes amongst other employees, in neighboring buildings who all dressed like us, talked like us, and wore a woe-is-me-at-work expression. Most of the employees, myself included, had a vivid life outside of work, filled with passion. This is what we all went to after the work day and on vacations.

Two separate lives, two separate feelings about these lives.

For a long time, it seemed to me that one either had to be rich to indulge or one had to go broke and fulfilled to enjoy a career in one's passion.

Yet there are plenty of people who neither started with riches nor are content to live a broke life while they pursue their passions, and I determined to join them in creating a career surrounding my passions.

I discovered along the way that three things must be overcome by the corporate professional in order to successfully transition into a career created out of one's passion, and I'd like to share them with you.

1. Don't wait, because nothing goes as planned.

Most people start out with a plan, and as soon as they make their bold move, the plan goes up in smoke. Money falls through, the big potential client disappears, the car and roof need repairs, etc. There is no perfect plan; there is rarely a backup that works, and safety nets are the preconditioning of working in an environment that deposited money into your account like clockwork.

If you wait to save enough money or get enough education, you'll dig yourself deeper into your rut, accumulate more debt, rise up the corporate ladder and increase the stakes against leaving, and finally succumb to the idea that you never had enough money, time, or whatever else may be to follow your passion.

What you need is the same confidence, work ethic, drive and integrity you already apply to build someone else's dream. The same way your life doesn't work out according to plan — neither will your passion, and the sooner you realize this, the better for you. Once you do, you'll wisely spend your money, time and effort building up yourself to take on the challenge of embarking on a different way of thinking and being.

Read: The Career Mum: 5 Life Hacks to Make Life Easier for the Working Mum

2. Silence is your best friend.

The corporate environment asks — no — demands that we announce our plans and achievements within the organization and on social networks. The more we talk about our vision for the corporation and ourselves, the more opportunities we open up for new projects or promotions.

In the Fortune 500 companies I worked for, quiet, hardworking employees rarely moved up the ladder. They stayed safe in their jobs and positions, but they were not granted the corner office with the window view. To transition into your passion, you will at first require the quiet hard-worker attitude. Talking about your small business plans and listing achievements is commonplace, but follow-up and consistency are kings. These can only come about through a diligent bowing of the head and working the steps up the ladder to rise above the noise.

3. Daily gratitude works miracles.

Never in my life have I seen the power of gratitude as much as I have in my journey over the last seven years. Finding things to be grateful for in the business and my life, no matter the circumstance, has not only boosted my immune system, trained me to look at what's good, but it has also attracted me to like-minded professionals.

To live in a world where your passion is needed — required even — and where people exist who are willing and able to pay you what you're worth, you must first be grateful for what you have and can do. This attitude is rarely displayed in corporate environments where people expect to receive and rarely know workmates outside their direct sphere. It is heartening to see organizations prioritize work culture to include gratitude and mindfulness opportunities, and it is also no coincidence that their employees are more entrepreneurial in nature.

In summary, be open, put your head down and focus on the very next step and make purposeful gratitude your daily boost, and you'll be surprised how quickly your passion will turn into an awesome career.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Make Sleep Part of Your Health Plan

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“Getting a good night's sleep does the body good”- myth or a must? Sleep is essential for optimal performance, and lack thereof can be damaging to your body. From decreases in energy and focus, to increases in cravings and overeating, a lack of sleep can have multiple effects on your health. Getting your average 8 hours every night can keep you on the right path, but for those who are physically active, getting a good night's sleep is even more crucial.

It is recommended for those of us who are regularly active throughout the week to get at least an hour more than the standard 7-9 hours. Some of the top athletes in the world even go as high as 10 hours of sleep when training in order to ensure recovery.

But it’s not just top athletes training for professional sports who need the extra sleep. Any physical activity puts stress on our muscles, as well as sensory and nervous systems in the body. During a lift session, spin class, or a jog around the block, tiny tears are created in our muscles and the best way to repair them means taking a look at your eating and sleeping habits. Proper post-workout nutrition and designated recovery time (a.k.a. sleep) are crucial!

This means that not sleeping enough can be a double-whammy against your healthy lifestyle, since healthy eating efforts can also be threatened by loss of sleep. Without the appropriate amount of sleep, we can begin craving certain foods and even binge eat, which are both concerns since sleeplessness is known to slow your metabolism.

Tips for Performing Your Best
Luckily for us, there are many ways to easily gain more hours of sleep - allowing us to keep our bodies and health goals in line.

Make a plan
  • There are hundreds of effective plans out there- choose one and stick to it!
  • Finding the best plan that works for your lifestyle and your schedule is key. If it doesn’t, you’ll struggle to follow through.
  • Set regular goals for yourself and be accountable- reaching these will give you a sense of satisfaction and the push to keep you going!

  • Sleep affects everything from physical performance to weight loss, and even general mood and focus.
  • Aim for at least 7-9 hours of sleep depending on personal need, and make room for an extra hour of sleep on days where you’re physically active.
  • Set a sleep schedule and go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day, even on the weekends- your body will then make this a habit.
  • Create a beneficial sleep environment. Disconnect yourself from electronics, darken your room, set the temperature between 65-70 degrees, and invest in your health by researching mattresses that will offer both comfort and support like this one here.

Proper nutrition
  • Whole foods have incredible health and healing properties, so it’s vital to be conscious of how you’re fueling your body after a physical activity and in general.
  • Lack of sleep can derail the most profound of clean eating regimens, but can also contribute to various diseases such as obesity and diabetes.
  • It is important to choose foods that are nutrient dense, and rich in vitamins and minerals.
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Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Read Effectively and Perceive As Much Information As You Can

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Reading is an active process in which you must understand opinions in a text, make links, and apply the concepts in your daily living. Indeed, by using some critical skills and techniques, you will perceive as much information as possible from a text in the shortest time and enjoy the learning process. Here are some tips worth considering in this regard:

Be Sure of the Purpose of Reading First
One of the reasons why you may struggle to get information from a text is because of making the wrong choices when looking for the resources. You may be forced to read the text several times before realizing that you need to find different resources, which can be tedious and frustrating. To avoid this, you should understand why you are reading in the first place. Specifically, you must answer the following questions:
  • What is the motive of reading? Am I looking for pleasure or do I need to acquire knowledge?
  • What is the general question that must be answered after reading the texts?
  • Does the resource that I selected meet my needs? Is the resource relevant to my study?
Once you answer the above questions, finding the right materials for reading will be easy.

Get the Overview of the Materials First

If you have few or no hints about the topic that you are reading about, it is vital that you get a general overview first. Doing so will motivate you to read and understand more about the topic from a text. To achieve this, you should:
  • Skim through the text and identify the keywords utilized
  • Pay keen attention on the diagrams used in the text
  • Keenly go through the introduction, conclusion and summary parts
  • Having grasped major concepts in the text, it will be easy to read it in details. 
Highlight, Take Notes, and Underline
It can be boring to go through a text without getting involved in active reading. This is particularly true if the material that you are reading is lengthy. It is, therefore, critical that you underline, or highlight and, take notes on the major concepts covered in the text. It will not only help you to focus on the activity, but it will also be helpful during revisions.

Break the Material into Manageable Segments

You do not have to read a lengthy material at once. Rather, subdivide the text into small segments and set aside time for every part. Further, once you have read through one section, you may want to keep track of what you have understood before proceeding to read the rest of the material.

Understand the Technique Used in Developing the Material
Authors utilize different writing skills to develop their materials. For instance, an author who aims at writing a book for students is likely to use formal language and specific structure. On the contrary, an author writing an entertaining magazine is likely to be keen on creativity and may be informal.

While reading news articles, pay keen attention on the introduction part since the author will give the key points in the section. They will then explain the points in the rest of the text. On the contrary, the major points in a book or opinion article are explained in the body.

Acknowledge That ‘When and Where’ Matters in Reading
There are moments in a day when regardless of how much you read, you cannot grasp the concepts. In other instances, you may select areas where distractions affect your ability to read. Therefore, find time that your mind is fresh enough to read and when you are willing to learn.

In addition, create an ideal learning environment. Here, you may want to:
  • Switch off the electronic gadgets such as the television, tablets and home theaters
  • Do away with clutter in your reading desk or room
  • Avoid the temptation of chatting via mail or the social media 
  • Request the people around you to maintain some level of silence
Read the Material Sufficient Number Of Times
Some materials can be difficult to understand if you read them once. However, as you read the second and the third time, you are likely to comprehend them and even find the whole process interesting.

Check Your Attitude
The saying that an individuals attitude determines their altitude in life applies perfectly to reading. Regardless of how many techniques you use to read, there is a chance that you will not perceive much if you are not interested or if you are complaining at all times. On the contrary, viewing it as an activity that can enhance your quality of life in the future will help you through.

Precisely, reading can be interesting and effective is you apply different techniques and create the right environment for learning. The right attitude towards the activity is also important.

For more tips on effective reading, visit, http://www.haaga-helia.fi/en/students-guide/welcome-haaga-helia/study-skills-and-learning-how-succeed-your-studies and http://www.wikihow.com/Understand-What-You-Read

Lucy Adams is an outsourcer from https://buzzessay.com. She feels comfortable with writing on a huge variety of topic, from education and literature to marketing and business. Lucy is a very responsive author so that you can expect a fast and grounded reply to your each and every request. By the way, blog posts are free!
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

9 Fashion Apps You Need Now

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Do you want to follow the trends, always look good, be up to date with the latest fashion, even when you do not have time for this?

Are you interested in clothing and fashion tips, but you wouldn’t like to pay a fortune for it? The perks and beauty of the time we live in today is that IT technology is advancing so fast that the most of things become available just in one click or, perhaps, by one "download" of an appropriate application. Shopping items of your favorite brands from the comfort of your own home in just a few swipes has never been easier and more fun. These applications are required for each fashionista, and as soon as you download it, you will see why.


With the help of Stylect, you will go over 50 000 photos of shoes, from wacky Nike sneakers to dizzying, sexy Christian Louboutin high heels. The pictures can be filtered based on the color, price or style, or you can look for your dream shoes. The extra bonus is that you can create a wishlist, and to buy these selected shoes directly from the application.

Keep shopping
This is a shopping application which is the realization of all your dreams! Literally! This is a universal shopping destination where you will find many things of various brands, as this app manages to collect them somehow. The ideal application for true addicts of products for beautification. Keep Shopping application offers the possibility of search for various brands such as Chanel, Sephora and CVS through a virtual shopping cart. Users also have the ability to know which products are new and trendy, scrolling through the feed of this application.


This application will serve as a great inspiration every time you think that you have nothing to wear, or simply do not know how to combine the specific pieces of clothing. By stacking various collages and mixing all kinds of styles and products, you create your own inexhaustible source of fashion inspiration.

The Hunt
This is a super useful application that will serve you every time you want some piece of clothing that you saw, but you have no idea where to find it. Here you literally move into the hunt for a particular piece, and army of  fashionista comes to help you in order to find the desired piece of clothing as soon as possible.

Stylebook is an amazing application which makes your own clothes move into your smartphone. Upload all the pictures of your favorite pieces of clothing, footwear and accessories, and make a virtual combination, instead of turning your room into zone of disorder. If you're going on a trip, create a list of clothing that you will take with you, and follow the rarest pieces you wear on a daily basis, which can be eliminated.

Pinterest is a virtual memo pad. This is a social network that is rapidly penetrated to the very top of the most popular social network in the world. Pinterest allows users to organize and it finds parts of all the good things around the world, seeks styles, creations, ideas and other fashion things in a simple way that is accessible to all who want it and who are interested in this topic. Since this app works not only for fashion, it is widespread and installing Express VPN would help you have the access to the app all the time, wherever you are.

Trendstop brings new trends in fashion, which could soon become mainstream and generally accepted. The must-have fashion app for all fashionistas, fashion bloggers, designers, buyers, journalists, retailers and creative industry professionals! See what's new in womenswear, menswear, accessories, shoes, vintage, hair and beauty trend categories, covering everything from haute couture and catwalk to street style.

Pose is a new social network that allows users to share photos and videos of their clothes, makeup or what they find in the shops. The social network has already been named - Instagram for fashion. You can see what the popular styles are shared with the world by previous users of this service.

Fashiolista is a reminder of the clothing and accessories that you want. Simply, find a photo of such a case and post it on the social network, similar to Pinterest. Discover original designer items, as well as the most affordable alternatives. Be inspired by stories covering fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. Save your stories and must-have items on your profile.

Adam regards Ferraresi is a successful web developer from Dallas, Texas and one of the writers of wefollowtech.com. He is twenty-three years old, and when he isn’t working on some interesting new article, he enjoys listening to music and watching old movies.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 Travel Goals: 6 tips to help aspiring globetrotters accomplish their goals this year

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Every year, we make a list of all the things we will love to do and how we would love to make a change. But of all these goals, the hardest to cross off the list might be that you wished you had travelled more. The New Year affords you another opportunity to gift yourself a lasting memory of some of the most captivating cities in the world.

Making a list is just never enough, you have to make appropriate plans as well. Planning allows you get rid of nervous tensions or anxiety, avoid overspending and make the most out of your travel experiences.

I recently interviewed a number of influential travel bloggers, see here and here. Some of whom have been fortunate to have visited close to 50 countries.

Here are some of the tips I picked from the interview to help you accomplish your travel goals in 2017

Do not be in denial of your money situation:
Depending on your income, set up a dedicated saving account to help meet your travel goal. You will be surprised at how quickly it adds up to make a whooping sum of money. Declutter your home or wardrobe and get rid of anything that is unessential. Put them up for sale on an online market place and put the money straight into your dedicated savings account.

Plan according to your budget:
Pick destinations within your budget and start planning. Making plans always get easier once you know what destinations you can or cannot afford. If you have an endless budget, good for you as there are endless possibilities just for you.
However, all hope isn’t lost for everyone else on a low budget. You just need to be more tactical about your travel plans. Consider going to an affordable destinations closer to your country, focus on places where the currency exchange leaves you at a considerable advantage or where local lifestyle is much affordable than back home.

Explore your backyard:
Who ever said traveling mean going far away and for a long time? Explore nearby cities, visit ancient landmarks and museums or take a vacation to one of the best resorts in Nigeria. Enjoy a weekend getaway at La Campagne Tropicana Resort in Lagos or Sheraton hotel Abuja.

Get to know your own country and check off all the tourist attractions and sights on your list of things to see. Remember that awesome things are happening all around you and your travel goals might take flight if you start with a couple of “staycations”, enjoy and learn more about the place you call home.

Make the most of long layovers:
Getting the longest layover possible is recommended as your fare is likely to be cheaper. Layovers can be a blessing, whether it’s for a few hours at the airport or a night’s stay in an unknown city, take advantage of that layover time to the fullest. Enjoy 2 trips for the price of 1, as it gives you the chance to get out of the airport and experience a middle destination ahead of your final one.

Take advantage of your business trips:
Congratulations! If you are lucky enough to have a job that allows you travel. Going to a seminar in Tanzania, obviously doesn’t mean you’ll be spending the day at the beach or a game reserve. But if you have a bit of free time on your hand, enjoy a couple of touristy visits or even just hang out in a bustling city centre to feel the local vibe.

Find the right travel buddy:
If travelling solo isn’t your thing, find a travel buddy with similar interest. This may inspire you to visit places that you have never heard of before. The right travel companion may not be your closest relative or spouse. It could be your colleague or a new friend. Once you’ve succeeded in finding your partner in travel, be sure to discuss interests, expectations and budget before traveling.

Photo by http://www.geodus.com/

Written by: Mariam Banwo Barry

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kate Middleton stuns in Blue Gown for her first official engagement in 2017

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Kate Middleton visited the Anne Freud Centre for Children and Families in Holloway, north London to highlight early intervention for young children with mental health issues. Kate, who is patron of the centre met with young women battling emotional problems.  It was her first official engagement in the new year.

She visited the unit to learn more about its work with families who have children under five that are at risk of being taken into care.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a cobalt blue coat. 

Kate Duchess of CambridgeThe Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Visit A Child Bereavement UK Centre

So stylish.

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How regulating salt intake by 10% can save your life

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Reducing salt intake worldwide by only 10% could save millions of lives, a study reported Wednesday. Experts say that salt-triggered heart attacks and strokes could be massively reduced with this change in our diets.

Most adults exceed the recommended maximum salt levels of 2gm per day, resulting in 1.65 million deaths from heart disease every year, according to the World Health Organization. Research has shown that national policies to curb salt consumption can reduce the number of people affected by high blood pressure and heart disease.

A team of researchers led by Dariush Mozaffarian from the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy calculated what it would cost to put in place a “soft regulation” strategy -- in coordination with industry -- for 183 nations. They took into account age and sex distributions in each country in estimating both the costs and health effects.

The result of the study reveals,
"Worldwide, a 10% reduction in sodium consumption over 10 years within each country was projected to avert approximately 5.8 million DALYs/year related to cardiovascular diseases, at a population weighted mean cost of I$1.13 per capita over the 10 year intervention. The population weighted mean cost effectiveness ratio was approximately I$204/DALY. Across nine world regions, estimated cost effectiveness of sodium reduction was best in South Asia (I$116/ DALY); across the world’s 30 most populous countries, best in Uzbekistan (I$26.08/DALY) and Myanmar (I$33.30/DALY). Cost effectiveness was lowest in Australia/New Zealand (I$880/DALY, or 0.02×gross domestic product (GDP) per capita), although still substantially better than standard thresholds for cost effective (<3.0×GDP per capita) or highly cost effective (<1.0×GDP per capita) interventions. Most (96.0%) of the world’s adult population lived in countries in which this intervention had a cost effectiveness ratio <0.1×GDP per capita, and 99.6% in countries with a cost effectiveness ratio <1.0×GDP per capita."
The study concluded that a government supported, coordinated national policy to reduce population sodium intake by 10% over 10 years would be cost effective in all and extremely cost effective in nearly all of 183 nations evaluated.


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Friday, January 06, 2017

The dos and don'ts of earwax and healthy ear care by AAO-HNS


The American Academy of Otolaryngolgy-Head and Neck Surgery on January 3, 2017 has published updated guidelines for treatment of earwax.

"Earwax or cerumen is a normal substance that the body produces to clean, protect, and 'oil' ears. It acts as a self-cleaning agent to keep ears healthy. Dirt, dust, and other small matter stick to the earwax which keeps them from getting farther into the ear."

The Academy suggests that patients should dissuade from cleaning their ears with objects which can block the ear canal and cause diminished hearing in addition to other symptoms.

Following are a few of those listed in the update:
  • Don’t overclean your ears. Excessive cleaning may irritate the ear canal, cause infection, and even increase the changes of cerumen impaction.
  • Don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Your mother was right! Cotton swabs, hairpins and toothpicks can all injure your ears and may cause a laceration in the ear canal, a perforation of the eardrum, and/or dislocation of the hearing bones — leading to hearing loss, dizziness, ringing, and other symptoms of ear injury.
  • Don’t use ear candles. There is no evidence that they remove impacted cerumen, and candling can cause serious damage to the ear canal and eardrum.
  • Do seek a medical evaluation if you have symptoms of hearing loss, ear fullness, or ear pain, if you are not certain that they are from cerumen.
  • Do ask your provider about ways that you can treat your cerumen impaction at home. You may have certain medical or ear conditions that may make some options unsafe.
  • Do seek medical attention if you’re experiencing ear pain, drainage, or bleeding. These are not symptoms of cerumen impaction and need to be evaluated.

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Gardening Trends for 2017

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Gardening and landscaping are getting more and more popular. Even people with small backyards find ways to decorate them beautifully. A few decades ago, our gardens were only for our flowers and plants, but in the last couple of years, we saw some artistic additions. As with everything, there were trends in gardening that dominated 2016. But what does 2017 have in store for us?

Interior Design Trends to Follow in 2017

Well, probably not much will change, we will certainly see improvements on previous trends and the majority of them will carry on to 2017. If you have trouble deciding on how to rearrange your garden in 2017, we have put together a list of gardening solutions that we will definitely use in the future.

Light it up

Firstly, you should be able to enjoy your garden even at night. Rather than putting up a huge backyard light, you could put small lights in between your bushes and plants. A lot of gardening experts use this solution to light up their gardens and thus create a perfect atmosphere. This trend started a few years ago and it will certainly stay popular in the upcoming year. Additionally, you can use solar powered lights to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly.
You can also make a fire pit if you don’t want to add artificial light to your garden. Fire pits are great to gather around on colder nights and they will create warm and welcoming atmosphere. They will never go out of fashion, especially if you add a few chairs and tables, so you can host a relaxing gathering in your garden.

Hedges instead of fences

Gardens should be all about the natural look and you should avoid any man-made contraptions. That is why we saw a lot of gardens starting to switch to natural fences made from bushes and hedges. Metal fences don’t fit in your garden, they are ugly and take away the natural look. Instead, plant some bushes and hedges to make your garden feel like a real park or forest.
Even though hedges require a bit more maintenance it will all be worth your while once you see the end result. Just don’t forget to water them regularly so they don’t wither and you will need to trim your hedges often so they don’t lose their shape. Also, don’t forget to keep your garden healthy. You will need to protect your hedges, flowers and any other plants that you have in your garden from weeds, insects, and diseases. The best solution for this are boom sprayers. Low drift nozzles will make sure that no chemicals are sprayed on unintended areas because they can damage your plants.

Decorating The Gateway into Your Home

Create your spot in garden

A lot of people have started to create their own sanctuaries in gardens, so they can escape from the city rush. We are not talking about a table and a few chairs, but about a proper secluded spot that will be your place of serenity. Surround yourself with plants and flowers, get some nice furniture and place a small fire pit in the middle. If you want to follow the newest trends, opt for furniture that is made of natural materials that will fit perfectly into this scenery. Wood and bamboo are perfect if you want to achieve this look.

And that is all from us. We hope that you found some interesting design solutions for your garden. As you can see 2017 will be all about preserving that natural look of the backyard and garden. If you haven’t already, replace your metal fence with hedges, replace plastic chairs with wooden ones and you will see how richer and warmer your garden will look like.

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