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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jennifer Lopez becomes the 8th Woman to Cover GQ's Men of the Year Issue

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jennifer lopez with hands in coat pockets
Jennifer Lopex 'Jlo' is the cover star in 2019 GQ's special issue cover shoot. She looks beautiful in her lob in air-dried curls styledd by Frank Galasso.  In her interview she says,

“I am the scarce asset, I am the prize. I have something beautiful to offer to the world that's only mine.” And I feel the same thing!"

"There is no reason to ever be ashamed of where you're at. Not when you're doing your best. Not when you're in your best moment. There's always gonna be people to tell you no. Or “You can't.” Or “You shouldn't.” It's gonna happen. No matter what anybody says, you just have to still be like, “I'm still doing this. I'm still gonna succeed. I'm still gonna do my best.” Defy the odds. Why not?"


Listed below are the other 7 other women who have graced CQ's magazine with dates:

1.  Serena Williams (2018)
2.  Gal Gadot (2017)
3.  Shailene Woodley (2014)
4.  Rihanna (2012)
5.  Mila Kunis (2011)
6.  Scarlett Johnson (2010)
7.  Jennifer Aniston (2005)

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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

"Protection of the Ocean": Check Out Amazing High Fashion from trash

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An elaborate outfit made from discarded plastic bottles.

Chinese designer, Wan Yunfeng shared his amazing works crafted from discarded items.  In his recent photo series titled "Protection of the Ocean," he used various items you won't find in the great fashion houses of Europe or on North American catwalks to send various messages on environmental protection. 

In Wan's words,

"I make clothes to bring awareness to the environment, it is performance art. So of course you can't wear these clothes in daily life, it is to deliver a message of environmental protection,"

An image from Wan's new project, "Protection of the Ocean," in which he mirrors the plight of trapped marine animals.

"I want to reconstruct the scenes of those animals struggling before their deaths, caused by ocean pollution,"

"I loved the costumes more than the opera," he said. "Male costumes aren't powerful -- their color and style is very simple. But female clothing can be dramatic," he said.

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

7 Tips to Stay Mentally and Physically Healthy

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Balancing your physical and mental health can be challenging. We know that one can affect the other. Work stressing you out? It can lead to headaches and an upset stomach. Received a physical injury caused by overexertion or an accident? It can cause anger, frustration and even depression. So, how can we make sure we’re making smart choices throughout our day to create the foundation for a healthy life? Here are a few tips to follow.

Read food labels

Food labels list the ingredients with the greatest amounts in the product. So make sure you’re choosing wisely. Pick foods that are low in sugar, sodium and saturated and trans fats. 

Eat three meals a day

You know you’ve heard the expression, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it. Greek yogurt topped with berries or a protein shake is all you need. And make sure you’re eating healthy food throughout the day, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free and low-fat dairy products, as well as lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, and nuts. It’s all part of a balanced diet.

Learn portion control

Even though you should be eating meals throughout the day, it doesn’t mean you should be loading your plate to its excess. As a rule of thumb, your plate should consist of ¼ protein, ¼ whole grains, ½ fruits and vegetables. To help with portion control, eat until you are full. Using smaller plates can help manage what you consume.

Control overeating 

If you are sad or upset, eating an entire box of cookies will not make you feel better. Overeating can lead to depression. If it starts to get out of control, speak to a professional who can help you work through figuring out any underlying causes.

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Avoid sugary drinks

Not only will sugar drinks add on empty calories to your diet but its consumption is linked to a range of health problems, including depression, diabetes, and certain cancers.

Wear comfortable shoes

It may sound obvious but how many times have you sacrificed style for comfort? Over time, this can lead to foot and even back problems. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair of supportive sneakers.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you are struggling with eating healthy or if you have health issues related to your diet, speak with a medical professional. They are there for help and support and can offer up the right treatment plan for you.

Remember, one small change in your life can lead you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. It just takes one step.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Chris Tegen and her family look flawless on December Issue of Vanity Fair Special Feature

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Chris Tegen, her husband, John Legend and their two kids are the cover for Vanity Fair December 2019.  They talked about their love, politics among others in their interview.

Happy family.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen dancing with kids in backyard
John Legend on the cover of VF
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend laying on a couch in Beverly Hills
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Friday, September 27, 2019

3 Habits That Shield Your Teeth From Potentially Deadly Cavities

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With the improvement of scientific knowledge, the study of the causes triggering oral pathologies has been given impetus over the last century, paying ever greater attention to the development of behaviors and habits of life able to prevent mouth problems.

Problems caused by oral cavity:

The oral cavity is a warm, humid environment where different micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) normally live together peacefully with oral tissues.

Bacterial plaque is an aggregate of germs joined together that adheres to the tooth surfaces and is formed continuously in our mouth. Already a few minutes after being brushed, the teeth are covered with a film formed by a layer of saliva proteins that is rapidly colonized by the microorganisms present in the oral cavity.

Oral cavity problems in elaboration:

If food remains between the teeth, especially carbohydrates (sugars, present in almost all foods, especially sweets, pasta, bread, rice, fruit), the bacteria use the energy contained in them to produce chemicals that allow an even more tenacious adhesion to the surfaces of the teeth.

This close and prolonged adhesion of the bacteria causes the precipitation (the separation from other substances and the deposition on the surface of the teeth) of calcium salts and phosphates that determine the formation of tartar.

Dental Needs Of Mother When Breastfeeding

Furthermore, dental veneers can also prevent the bacteria present in the plaque produce a series of corrosive substances (enzymes) able to attack the most superficial parts of the enamel and to determine the onset of caries: a specific morbid process affecting the teeth that are not found in any other organ of the human body. There are certain measures that you need to take care of.

How do you defend yourself from these problems? How is bacterial plaque removed?
The answer is very simple. Follow these 3 basic habits for preventing your teeth from cavities:

1. Daily oral hygiene care:

The first important step in the daily care of oral hygiene is at home. This involves scrupulously brushing the teeth (several times a day, after the main meals) correctly: in the gingival-dental sense (from top to bottom) in the frontal faces (vestibular) and posterior (lingual) and anteroposteriorly posterior on the masticatory surfaces of the teeth.

Equally important is the use of dental floss after meals, for the removal of any kind of food residue between the interstitial spaces, which cannot be replaced by toothpicks or other foreign bodies (often more harmful than useful), and the use of a suitable mouthwash for the control of bacterial plaque.

2. Going through Hygiene sessions by dental experts:

Periodically, at least once every six months, it is then advisable to undergo professional hygiene sessions or tooth cavity filling, by the dentist or by a trusted dental hygienist.

These with simple ultrasound machines or manually can eliminate any accumulated tartar and restore the right shine to the teeth. In this way, an optimal level of oral hygiene is maintained that can prevent carious events or periodontal suffering (tartar).

Hygiene is not the only weapon available to protect mouth health.

Nutrition deserves special attention: excessive intake of carbohydrates facilitates the process of adhesion of bacterial plaque to the teeth and the onset of caries.

Furthermore, some bad habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption cause a deficiency in the tissue supporting the tooth (periodontal microcirculation), causing a weakening of the stability of the teeth.

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3. Practicing all habits in teenage years:

Finally, in the field of prevention in the dental field, a separate chapter deserves the pediatric age. The child who has learned to have a good oral hygiene will be an adult who will not attend the dental practice.

At a young age, then, the simple observation by parents of the relationships between the teeth of the upper and lower arches can make sense the onset of a malocclusion which, if not properly corrected, in adulthood could cause greater cargo reception, periodontal suffering or joint problems.

During childhood, the onset of caries can be counteracted, as well as by a correct diet and also, even with a professional dental veneers and tooth filling, preventing the attack of bacterial plaque. An early visit by a specialist allows the child to become familiar with the dental practice and become an adult without psychological hesitation in dealing with any future therapies.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How to improve mental health for work productivity?

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Health and healthcare have become one of the most alarming issues in recent years as young adults in modern society have to suffer from obesity, depression, cancer, alcoholism, and many other health problems. They directly and negatively affect their working productivity and success.

On the other hand, many people are too busy doing their work and taking care of their social relationships and seem not to care about their health. They always think that career is the most significant thing, it is much more important than a sound sleep and doing exercises. Unfortunately, this is a wrong idea, making them working machines without any health concerns.

Below, we are going to introduce to you 9 ways to improve mental health for enhancing work performance.

1. Keeping the working area clean

Office staffs spend up to one-third of their day at the office. They have to work with machines, equipment, and documents which may contain potential health risks eight hours per day. Other environmental factors such as dirt and bacteria can also make you sick. Therefore, spend time on cleaning carpets, curtains, desktop, keyboard, etc. regularly to maintain a clean and airy working space, which will help you feel comfortable during the day, thereby increasing your work productivity.

You may argue that you are too busy to tidy your table but it will take you only five minutes per day if you maintain this habit regularly. In return, you will have a clean and tidy workspace, which can help you both avoid potential health risks and maintain a good working spirit. It can also create a positive culture throughout the company.

2. Sleeping well
There have been many cautions related to the negative impacts of sleeplessness on people’s health. Many people may understand these negativities but not many of them try their best to sleep well every night. Most people suffering from cancer advise others not to stay up late at night and overwork.

CEO Mark Bertolini of Aetna – a healthcare company which was ranked in the top Fortune 50 with a revenue of $60 billion in 2015 – believes that people who lack sleep are not able to boost the company’s profits or implement complicated negotiation phone calls.

Sleeplessness severely affects brain functions, from memory and concentration to total performance. It is also said to be the cause of obesity, heart diseases, and especially depression. In contrast, sleeping well is proven to help workers improve their problem-solving skills, increase work productivity, and create more profits for the company.

3. Trying to be physically good but don’t force
A leader paying a lot of attention to his employees’ health decided to buy many types of equipment and create a gym at the workplace. He even included workouts in the work schedule. However, this method was not effective and the leader didn’t receive a positive response from his staffs because they felt that they were forced to do so.

Then, he and some other managers had to change the plan – they organized many different activities such as working out at the gym, practicing yoga weekly, morning riding, bowling, etc. and let their staffs choose which activity they wanted to participate in. The result was an increase in the amount of participating employees.

From this story, we can see that doing physical exercise regularly is essential to our health but it should not be forced.

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4. Taking care of mental health
Researchers pointed out that 49% of businessmen had to face at least one mental health issue. Even if you are not diagnosed with any mental conditions, it is useful to talk to a psychiatrist or therapist whenever you feel hard because they know how to help you reduce stress.

5. Avoiding interferes from social networks
If you need to focus, please sign out from email and other social accounts. Create a habit of checking email at a certain time every day, for instance, 30 minutes every beginning of the morning and afternoon. If you have to search for information on the Internet, only open websites with the necessary information, no more than 5 tabs. If you open too many tabs, you cannot focus on what you need to do.

If you see an interesting article but the content is not related to what you are finding, you should note it down on a paper and try to read it during the break.

6. Practicing eye relaxing habits
Practice eye relaxing habits if you have to work with computer and electronic devices day by day as the light from the screen can make your eyes strained. The most popular ways to relax your eyes is to look at a remote point for 10 – 20 seconds and then continuously blinks for 10 seconds. You should repeat this process 5 – 10 times when your eyes strain.

7. Listening to music

Surrounding noise can make you distracted but music is an exception. According to a study, listening to music can help you concentrate on what you are thinking. You should opt for instrumental music and if listening to music is not your company’s culture, wear headphones to not distract others.

8. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning

Morning coffee not only keeps you awake but also help you concentrate on your work. If you need to solve important tasks in the afternoon, you can also sip a cup of coffee. Drinking an enough of coffee is good for your health and work but if you overuse it, it will cause anxiety, worry, and even distraction. Moreover, remember that coffee is not advisable for improving work productivity and memory. So, consider carefully before using it.

9. Not overworking
Do you have a daily detailed working schedule? Don’t be so greedy to work every time. Your brain needs time to relax and recover. Evenly, you can figure out more wonderful solutions while you are resting.

It is also necessary to create separated working and relaxing hours to increase work performance. Therefore, work hard at the workplace and comfortably enjoy your resting time when you have come back home.

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Health is the greatest gift; each person has only one body and mind; therefore, if you lose it, you will never recover. Many leaders consider health neglect a sacrifice to their work without knowing that it is a bad and unsustainable habit. To be successful, you should not choose between health and achievement; strive for both.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Dental Needs Of Mother When Breastfeeding

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Breast feeding is the most natural gift that a mother can give to her child.

Along with taking care of baby teeth of their infants, it’s really important to take care of their own dental health. A breastfeeding mother should practise her routine oral hygiene care to keep her teeth and gums in healthy state.

Here are some dental health tips for new mothers.

Tip 1: Schedule your dental appointment soon.

Once all postpartum checkups are done, you must visit a kids dentist for a routine preventive visit. Elevated levels of pregnancy hormones can affect oral health of pregnant women. This, in turn, can lead to inflammation of gums, bleeding and bad breath. A constant check on oral tissues can help to prevent any dental disease.
Occasionally, it has been seen that due to postpartum stress, some mothers develop teeth grinding habit. Speaking to your dentist can help you prevent this habit.

Tip 2: Diet has direct influence on your teeth.

Adequate dietary intakes are necessary for a breastfeeding mother since it has direct influence on milk production. However, due to inadequate calcium intake, there can be loss of bone density that can affect teeth and their periodontium. Breastfeeding mothers should increase their calorie count by eating good foods that are rich in nutrients like, eggs, proteins, almonds and spinach. Mothers should try to minimise their sugar intake. It is also advised that feeding mothers should increase their water intake, and stay hydrated to prevent deleterious effect on teeth and gums.

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Tip 3: Follow proper oral hygiene regimen at home.

Appropriate oral hygiene care must be followed at home. This includes brushing teeth in the morning and at night. Regular fluoridated toothpaste must be used. Regular rinsing after meals is recommended. Short term use of chlorhexidine mouthwashes cannot do any harm to mother and feeding child.

Tip 4: It is safe for lactating mothers to get their dental treatment done.

Getting dental treatment done during breastfeeding is harmless. In case of any cavity, infected tooth, bleeding  gums, it’s always recommended to get the treatment done sooner, so that the condition does not aggravate.

However, it’s always better to tell your dentist that you are a lactating mother. This shall help your doctor to prescribe you medications that shall be safe for you and your child. It has also been presented that taking local anesthesia and X-rays are totally safe for lactating mothers.

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