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How to Recycle Your Wedding Dress - 5 Tips

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With the average wedding dress hovering around $1,500, according to, it seems like just a teeny bit of a waste to wear all that lace and beading exactly once and then stash it in a box for decades. But that’s what most brides do, even though there are some much better ways to reuse, repurpose or recycle a wedding gown.

1.  Earn some extra cash. There’s always eBay, of course, but there are also several online niche markets for buying and selling wedding gowns (not to mention those bridesmaids’ dresses that never, ever make plausible cocktail-party dresses). Sites like and act as go-betweens to help brides make back at least some of that $1,500. The level of involvement and cost to the seller vary by site. Tradesy, for instance, handles details like returns and payments in return for an 11.9% cut of the price.

2.  Give it away. If you’re feeling charitable, there are numerous options for donating a wedding dress. For example, collects dresses for giveaways to military brides; sells donated dresses at a discount and funnels the proceeds toward charities that help sex trafficking victims. If you don’t want the hassle of sending your dress somewhere, check with your local thrift store to see if they take wedding dress donations (many do, but this fluctuates based on demand and need in your area). If you itemise your taxes, get a receipt so you can deduct the donation. Alternately, you could reach out to a local community theatre or high school drama department and see if they could use the dress in an upcoming production.

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3.  Make other clothes out of it. Pinterest has a satiny profusion of dresses that have been chopped, lopped and stitched into articles of clothing that won’t attract stares if you wear them on the bus: Take several inches off the hem of a floor-length gown and dye it to create a cocktail dress, turn the bottom half into a skirt or the top half into a dressy blouse or bustier. Even if you can barely sew on a button, don’t dismiss the idea. A local tailoring shop might be able to handle the project, or you can hit Etsy, which has a bevy of sellers who repurpose wedding gowns into other items.

4.  Turn it into a unique keepsake. Most wedding gowns are made up of so much material that the possibilities for repurposing are pretty far-reaching: You can do —or have someone else do for you— anything from using some of the material to make a christening gown if kids are in your future, to fashioning a decorative object like a pillow or Christmas tree skirt, to turning it into an accessory like a clutch or evening bag. If your dress had a long train, you could probably do a couple of these.

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5.  Wear it as a costume. If you’re not the sentimental type, probably the most fun you can have with your wedding dress after the reception is to wear it to a zombie walk as a zombie bride costume (or make it’s the starting point for a Bride of Frankenstein costume if playing undead isn’t your thing). There’s something strangely satisfying about being able to wear your wedding dress without worrying about spills, dirt, rips or other damage so adorn it and yourself with some fake blood, accessorize with a bouquet of dead flowers and go to town.

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Tiwa Savage's son 'Jamil' turns 1, check out photo of his birthday cake.

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Tiwa Savage's son with TBillz celebrates his 1-year birthday today. The happy mother shared a snap of his cake on social media. 

Happy birthday to him.
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Pop superstar singer Adele shares no make-up selfies

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Adele no makeup selfie

Adele, 28, shared some makeup free photos of herself from Vancouver, British Columbia on Instagram. She poses casually in the black-and-white pic, sitting crossed-legged in a chair while clad in a lace dress and leopard shoes.

The singer is busy with her "Adele Live 2016" tour.

She is a stunner.

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Women Smokers More Likely To Have Brain Bleed Strokes - New study

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A new research has found that female smokers are at a higher risk for brain bleeds.Strokes characterized by bleeding inside the lining of the brain are more common among smokers, especially women, researchers report.

These deadly strokes -- called subarachnoid hemorrhages -- are eight times more common among women who smoke more than a pack a day compared to nonsmokers, Finnish researchers found. They're three times more common among men who smoke the same amount.

Even light smoking tripled a woman's risk for this type of stroke, the study found.

"There is no safe level of smoking, and naturally, the best option is never to start," said lead researcher Dr. Joni Lindbohm of the University of Helsinki.

"The message for policymakers is that by implementing effective strategies against smoking, they can considerably reduce the burden of subarachnoid hemorrhage," said Lindbohm, who specializes in neurosurgery and public health.

Subarachnoid hemorrhages account for about 3 percent of all strokes, said Dr. Ralph Sacco, chairman of neurology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

These strokes often affect younger people and "can be quite devastating in terms of disability and death, with fatality rates around one in five," said Sacco, who wasn't involved in the study.

This type of stroke usually results from a bleeding aneurysm in the brain. An aneurysm is a small weak spot in a blood vessel that can burst at any time.

For the study, Lindbohm and colleagues collected data on nearly 66,000 adults listed in Finnish national surveys since 1972. Participants were followed for an average of 21 years, until they had a first stroke, died, or until the end of 2011.

The researchers found that among light smokers -- one to 10 cigarettes a day -- women were three times more likely to have subarachnoid hemorrhage, and men were twice as likely to have one compared to nonsmokers.

Among those who smoked 11 to 20 cigarettes a day, women were four times more likely and men two times more likely to suffer this type of stroke, the investigators found.

But those who quit smoking significantly reduced their odds of having a subarachnoid hemorrhage. After six months without smoking, their risk fell to the level of nonsmokers, the researchers reported.

Although subarachnoid hemorrhage is more common among women than men, the reasons why are unclear, Lindbohm and Sacco said. Lindbohm believes the elevated risk in women largely comes down to the harms of smoking.

The link between smoking and these strokes didn't come as a surprise, Sacco noted. "The association between cigarette smoking and subarachnoid hemorrhage has been known for years," he said.

"Although risks do rise with age, it is an important cause of stroke in the young," he added.

As with other strokes, some factors likely increase the risk of developing an aneurysm that eventually ruptures and causes a subarachnoid hemorrhage, he explained.

"Cigarette smoking and high blood pressure are two important modifiable risk factors for subarachnoid hemorrhage," Sacco said. "This study adds more evidence to the call to the public to never smoke, and control their blood pressure to avoid this type of stroke."

Lindbohm said that heavy-smoking females with unruptured aneurysms in their brain are a high-risk population, and their aneurysms should be treated.

The report was published online July 21 in the journal Stroke.

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Blue Ivy channels Gucci top in new photos

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Strike a pose: 'Proud aunt' Solange Knowles shared a photo of her niece Blue Ivy decked out in head-to-toe pink on Instagram WednesdayLooking cool: The four-year-old daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z added a pair of sunglasses as she hammed it up for the cameras

Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy looked gorgeous in new photographs shared by her Aunt Solange Knowles on Instagram on Wednesday.

She rocked a Gucci tuxedo-style fuchsia blouse tucked into a flowing neon pink tulle ruffled skirt. The four-year-old added a blue floral necklace in a modern bolero style and wore her natural curls up in a top knot.

So adorable.

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10 Mistakes You need to avoid when Shopping for a Wedding Dress

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Looking for wedding dress collections for your perfect wedding? Here are 10 mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Choosing a dress that doesn't suit you because it is just so bridal-y that you can't resist. The best (and most under-utilized) source of wedding dress inspo isn't Pinterest or bridal magazines, it's your own closet. Pull out your favourite pieces. What do you like about them? Those are the things you should look for in a wedding dress. If you've never worn a beaded top in your life, why wear one on your wedding? Yes, it's a special day and a special dress, but you're still you. If lace isn't your thing, then don't get lace. Don't even try on lace. The best wedding dress for you is one that expresses your personal style, not a mash-up of wedding cliches.

2. Bringing too many people with you to the bridal shop. Your whole extended family does not need to come with you to pick out your dress. What's that? They really, really want to? Too bad! It's not about them, it's about you. Shopping with other people can be fun, but the more people you bring, the more opinions you are going to be forced to listen to. Do you really care if your aunt Sylvie likes your dress? Of course not! Aunt Sylvie wears puppy socks and fanny packs. You'd sooner take fashion advice from a pigeon. Instead, try limiting yourself to a couple close friends or family members.

3. Bringing the wrong people with you to the bridal shop. A lot of women go wedding dress shopping with their mums but you don't have to. If your mum is kind and supportive and always on your side, then great, bring her along, but if she's a judgmental bitch who's always throwing shade about your clothing choices, then leave her at home. The same thing goes for siblings, friends, and anyone else you might consider bringing.

A good wedding dress-shopping buddy is one who puts your needs first. Maybe they don't have exactly the same taste as you, but they know what you're looking for and are determined to help you find it.

4. Letting the salesperson pressure you into getting a dress you're not sure about. Most salespeople work on commission, which can make buying a wedding dress a high-pressure situation for everyone involved. Take a step back and remind yourself that you're the one making the decisions. If you sense that a salesperson is pressuring you, make sure you give yourself extra time before you make your final choice.

Another good way of dealing with a pushy salesperson is to deputise one of your friends to run interference on your behalf. The salesperson might not like losing control by having to talk to your friend instead of talking to you directly, but it's your money, so if you want her to stay out of the dressing room, keep her opinions to herself, and deal with your friend instead of you, then that is what she should do.

5. Going way over your budget. No matter how awkward it might feel to tell a stranger about your personal finances, it is essential that you be clear with your salesperson about the budget you are working with. This is another place where your deputy can be a big help. Tell her (or him!) how much you want to spend and just how much wiggle room you have, then let her liaise with the salesperson to make sure that you only see dresses that are actually within your budget.

6. Not taking the cost of alterations into account. Some bridal shops charge a flat fee for alterations, but not all. And if you need to have serious work done, like having structure built into the bodice of a strapless low-backed dress so your boobs are actually supported, you can end up paying way more for your dress than the price on the tag.

It's also a good idea to factor in the cost of accessories like shoes, jewellery, specialty undergarments, and veils when choosing your dress.

7. Waiting too long to go shopping in the first place. Most of the time, the dress you try on in the salon is just a sample, so even when you find the one you want, it can take a few months for the thing to actually get made and sent to you. Then there are the fittings, which can take another few months. If you start looking a year in advance, then give yourself a few months to make your final decision, you should be fine.

8. Looking at other dresses after you've already found one you like. Don't give yourself a chance to second-guess your decision. Once you've bought your dress, do your best to turn off that part of your brain and move on; otherwise, you'll make yourself crazy.

9. Showing your dress to too many people before the wedding. The more people you show, the more likely you are to encounter someone who not only dislikes your dress but isn't very good at hiding it. They'll be like, "Oh … that's … nice." They won't mean to hurt your feelings, but you'll feel like shit anyway and start second-guessing yourself. Eventually, you'll say you don't care what they think, but the seed of doubt they've planted will be difficult to forget altogether. Best not to even risk it.

10. Putting too much pressure on yourself to find the perfect dress. What to wear on your wedding day is a big decision, but it's not the defining moment of your life. If you find yourself falling down a wedding dress rabbit hole with all-night Pinterest binges and appointments at every bridal boutique within a 50-mile radius, slow down, take a step back, and remind yourself that this is supposed to be fun.

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You Need a Career Mentor? 8 Places to Find one Outside Your Office

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By now you know that having a mentor is critical to your career success. Not only does a mentor have your back, says Monster's career expert Vicki Salemi, but he or she will serve as a sounding board, provide encouragement and support, and guide you toward job opportunities you may never have considered otherwise.
But where does one find a mentor? Your boss has enough on his or her plate without you asking for professional advice, you figure. "Mentors are everywhere and anywhere," says Jill Jacinto, millennial career expert and associate director of communications for WORKS. And here, our experts give you anywhere and everywhere too look, other than your office, with eight easy starting places.
1. Your last place of employment. Your last higher-up thinks highly of you—so he or she should be willing to continue to guide you even after you've left the company. "If you had a great relationship with your former boss—one in which he or she often guided you while pointing out areas for improvement because he or she wanted to see you succeed—they could potentially be an excellent mentor," Salemi says. "Simply ask your former boss to be your mentor by saying that you enjoyed his or her leadership style when you worked for him or her, and you are hoping for continued guidance in your career journey."
2. Inside your social circle. Your BFF isn't just good for after-work gossip. A friend who works hard and who is all about the hustle may have valuable insight that can help you boost your career, says Jacinto. "Instead of meeting at a bar to chat about boys or the new season of Orange Is the New Black, use this as a mentoring session," she suggests. "Talk about your careers. Find her hustle secret. Ask for her guidance." Jacinto says that women might resist the urge to bring up work so as to not seem boastful—or worse, whiny. You won't. "Your friend most likely wants to help you and give you tips, but she won't do it if you don't ask for her insight," she says.
3. In your Instagram feed. LinkedIn is the obvious social networking site on which to scope out potential mentors. But Karen Elizaga, executive coach and author of Find Your Sweet Spot, suggests scanning Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too, to find people in your industry whom you admire. "Searching social media expands your network beyond your close community," she says. "Watch people’s posts and photos to observe how they operate in the world—issues they care about and professional achievements—and then reach out in the same way."
4. At an industry event. You're not going to saunter up to a stranger and ask him or her to help guide your career path. But, according to Salemi, "you can and should keep an eye out at conferences and industry mixers for people you click with." Let's say you fell hard for the business philosophies of one of the speakers. Salemi would encourage you to approach her when her talk has wrapped up, inviting her for a follow-up over a cup of coffee. "If they’re open to it and there’s professional chemistry, they may be a viable prospect to become your next mentor," she explains.

5. On the World Wide Web. "This might sound odd," warns Jacinto, "but you don't need to necessarily interact with your mentor for them to inspire you." That's right—reading a profile of your favorite entrepreneur or picking up the biography of your industry's biggest big-wig could give you the career insight you need to kick it up a notch. "You can always improve your career by learning from people you admire—famous or not," says Jacinto.
6. At the local coffee shop. IRL, you come across dozens of people who could make excellent career mentors, whether on a beach vacation, at the bar, or at a party. If career inspiration catches your eye at the local coffee shop, don't be shy, Elizaga encourages. "If you have a substantive conversation and find that there is a similar career path that intrigues you, cultivate that relationship by asking questions and sharing about your background," she says. "I have witnessed this kind of a mentor relationship transpire over casual and fun drinks at hotel poolside many times."
7. In your alumni association. "Your alma mater’s career office is a virtual untapped resource for job searching, networking, and finding mentors," says Salemi. Even better, some school offer mentoring programs between alumni, doing the hard work of searching for the right fit for you. If not, "someone who’s dedicated to his or her alma mater will likely be more to open your initial email when he or she sees your school name in the subject line," Salemi says. "You can write something like, 'I noticed you’re involved with the career office and I’m an experienced professional. I’d love to hop on a phone call to get your insights into the industry.'"

8. In the intern room. Taking career tips from someone who has yet to climb the corporate ladder might seem like career suicide. Jacinto admits as much. "It sounds very odd for your intern to mentor you," she says. "But, that intern is coming into your business with a wealth of tech, social-media knowledge, and energy. With that, they can help give your insight into, 'what the kids are into.' And they can also teach you how to Snapchat and tell you the new apps that should be on your radar."
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Prince George celebrates 3rd birthday in casual wears

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Fortunately for the mischievous toddler, who is third in line to the throne, granny and grandpa run one of the country's most successful online party goods companies – which helpfully sells a range of 3rd birthday-themed balloons, banners, sparklers and even piñatas – so the day is bound to go with a swing

Prince George turns three today. Her parents shared new photographs taken at the family's Ammer Hall garden in Norfolk in his honour. The third in line to the throne looked so cute rocking casual shorts and T-shirt in the shots.

He enjoyed his third birthday party with all the trimmings at the family's Norfolk mansion, Anmer Hall. He was joined by his grandparents, Michael and Carole Middleton, as well as friends from his nearby Montessori School, Westacre.

He was born in the private Lindo Wing at St Mary's Hospital on July 22 2013.

Dressed in a striped jumper and his favourite Trotters shoes, Prince George looks cherubic as he poses in newly released photographs released by the Palace to celebrate his third birthday. Here, he is seen roaming through the family's Amner Hall garden in NorfolkThe little prince, third in line to the throne, can be seen in two shots playing on a swing in casual shorts and a T-shirt at his parents' country home that is inscribed with their names, William and Catherine. It is believed to have been a wedding gift to the couple. Here, he wears a £9 Sunuva T-shirt
In another of the four newly released images, a barefoot Prince George is seen feeding the family's dog, Lupo, an ice cream in the  garden on a summer's day
Daily Mail

Happy Birthday to him.
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#Fashiontrends: Buy your quality and cheap bags on JiJi

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Top bags trends

When it comes to bags, fashion trends are of great importance. Although there were many curious creations on the podiums, the coming season, in overall, promises to be hot. Handbags trends cover most fashionable styles, so there is no reason to complain. There are many new ideas, although the usual solutions are in trend as well. Some brands just copied the trends of their previous collections. But, in general, fashion weeks pleased us with diversity, so we are glad to make this short review of the main season trends.

Spotless classic

If you prefer classic style, pay attention to Trussardi, Fendi, BOSS Hugo Boss, Tod's. These brands were able to present eternal truths amid universal originality bordering on the grotesque.


Duffle bags

To leave a little time to relax from the office work, many fashion houses offer women dimensionless leather bags. Although, if you wish you can make this model a part of your working image - summer gives you the opportunity to relax a little. Summer colors and memorable juicy prints: for example, lemon hue from Marni or patchwork from Tommy Hilfiger.

Mini purses
Craving for facilitation balances grotesque designers` creations. Small purses require that a woman takes minimum of things and thus makes the image neat and air. Try to take a bag-pendant or a bag-bracelet from Balenciaga instead of a bulky bag — and you will have a great day without lugging around heavy weights.

Some designers play with associations

Bags from Burberry Prorsum are more like cases for smartphones, and Karl Lagerfeld, the designer of the Chanel Fashion House, surprised his fans with a mini copy of a suitcase.

 Bags that repeat the print on clothes
Designers seem to be unable to say goodbye to the images of the total look. They were popular last year, so no one is surprised that the bags that exactly repeat the print and color of clothes are back. It seems that Channel has liked this idea the most. After the great success of the autumn-winter collection, based on the total look, designers decided to use the same methods in the new spring-summer collection 2016 as well.
On Jiji, you can find all kinds of fashionable bags at best prices. Jiji is one of the largest marketplaces in Nigeria and it is very popular. Therefore, there are many offers and you will definitely find the best option. The website offers both new and used stuff. Also, it is provided with a perfect system of protection from the scams and intuitive interface.

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Are you content with your finances? Here are 5 tips to guide you

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I feel content with my finances when _______.

The simplicity of the answer may surprise you. According to a study by the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you'll feel content when you feel like you're in control of your finances—regardless of your income.

"It's refreshing to see that satisfaction with your finances doesn't hinge on the amount you have saved, how much you're in debt, or whether you own a home," said Tony Giordano, a financial planner with Vanguard Personal Advisor Services®. "You can achieve a strong sense of financial well-being simply by having confidence in your financial priorities, making progress toward long-term goals, and maintaining a comfortable day-to-day existence."

Survey participants who were content with their finances felt both secure and free. They reported feeling in control of their daily finances and confident in their ability to rebound from a financial setback. They were free to set their own priorities so they could enjoy life without jeopardizing their ability to meet longer-term financial goals.

You're in control
Financial well-being is a scalable concept. You may feel in control if you pay your credit card balance in full each month, meet your employer match in your 401(k), and take a modest family vacation each summer. Others may have different parameters: They may feel in control only if they're debt-free, ready to retire, and travel abroad twice a year.

"Regardless of where you fall on the scale," said Giordano, "keep in mind that you're defining what you need to feel content—which may, in and of itself, give you a feeling of control."

5 ways to move closer to contentment
Although contentment depends, in part, on your mindset, it also depends on the health of your finances. The tips below can help you make the most of your money.

Live within your means

Be familiar with your financial resources. Even if you don't have the motivation to make a detailed budget, understand what you have coming in versus going out—and avoid going into the red. "Outlining your financial priorities can help you distinguish between your wants and needs," said Giordano.

Use credit responsibly

Living within your means and using credit aren't mutually exclusive. A credit card can help you track your expenses, build your credit history, provide some fraud protection, and even help you earn rewards—such as cash back, money for college, or airline miles.

"If you use credit cards responsibly, you can take advantage of the benefits and essentially eliminate the risk of getting into debt," Giordano said. "If you only charge what you can afford to pay off within that billing period—and you make your payments on time—you'll pay no interest on your purchases, but you'll still be eligible for all the perks, including rewards."

Make smart decisions

Whenever you make a purchase, you're trading your hard-earned money for a product or a service. Make sure it's a fair trade.

"Whether you rely on word-of-mouth, recommendations, or online reviews, taking time to carefully consider your options before making a monetary commitment can help you find the right product or service for your needs, ensure that you're paying a reasonable price, and help you avoid buyer's remorse," Giordano said.

Make goals and work toward them

Set yourself up for success. "Set goals that are measurable and attainable," said Giordano. "For example, rather than having a really broad goal like 'save for retirement,' break it down. Start by figuring out how much income you'll need in retirement. Then backtrack and set a specific savings goal. When you have a specific number to work toward, you can pinpoint exactly how much you need to save each paycheck, each month, or each year. And you may even find that you can ‘afford' to direct some of your savings to another goal, like saving for college."

People are generally more successful when they set goals for themselves and make a plan to achieve them. "The tools and calculators on can help you make a plan, or if you want more help, you can partner with an advisor," said Giordano.

Save. Invest. Repeat.

Save for the short term and invest for the longer term. Bank accounts and money market funds are ideal when you don't want to take a chance that your money will go down in value—and when you're building an emergency fund.

Retirement accounts offer tax advantages that can help you save more for retirement, and 529 college savings plans offer tax perks that can help you save more for higher education. You can also invest for other goals—like buying a house or a car.

First, open an account. Then contribute. Then contribute again, and again, and again. Financial contentedness is likely to follow suit.


All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.

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