Thursday, May 26, 2016

Toolz and Tunde Demuren to hold White Wedding in Dubai

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Toolz and her fiance Tunde Demuren will be having their white wedding this weekend in Dubai. The couple and some of their friends are already there. They shared some photos as they prepare for the day.

Their traditional wedding was held in January 2016.

Congrats to them. Check their traditional wedding pictures here.

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Actors Gbenro Ajibade & Osas Ajibade shows off baby bump on Genevieve Magazine -Exclusive

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The couple who got married in 2015 revealed that they are expecting their first child in the shoot. Congrats to them
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Frying puff puff or buns doesn’t require much - A Banker Turned Puff Puff Seller (Read his story)

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When he lost his banking job, Mr. Omotade Johnson swallowed his pride and took his destiny in his hands. Today, he makes ends meet through frying and selling puff puff at Igando bus stop in Lagos, writes Peter Uzoho

He was among those one of those who lost his job due to bank liquidation in 2009.Omotade Johnson, a graduate of Mass Communication and former staff of the defunct Intercontinental Bank PLC, would groan only for a while and then, had to moved on as a man.

After losing his bank job, he resolved never to apply for any paid job again. He decided to do something differently. He buried ego and pride, rolled up his sleeves and started the puff puff business.

“Formerly, I worked with Intercontinental Bank PLC. That happened shortly; I lost the job when the bank got liquidated and everything went flat. But, as a man, you have to work and I can’t see anything I can’t do. So that was why I joined the new trend”.

Fortunately, when he relocated to Lagos in 2012, he met his friends who were into confectionery business and that caught his interest. Subjecting himself to learning the nitty-gritty of the vocation, he was taught by professionals in the business, who could be younger to him by age, but older by virtue of mastery of the trade. He was humble and really wanted to learn.

“The business has been on for the past 11 years; I met it in 2012, when I came to Lagos. I never went to school for it, I learnt it from my friends who were professionals in the business. Although, some of them were younger than me in age then, but that never mattered to me, because all I wanted was for them to teach me how to fry and all other things involved, which they obliged and taught me, even without demanding I should pay money for the training. So, since I joined, the business has been good; I don’t have anything to regret. I’m not lacking any money”, Johnson explained.

Unlike some who despise their occupation for the right or wrong reasons, he loves what he is doing.
“I love the business. It’s quite a profitable one. Of course, if it’s not, this my team you see working here wouldn’t have been here. Because you can’t just wake up early in morning, stay here till night without going home with something that is worth the time and you continue working”.

With his cheerful look, alluring tone and quick service delivery, he has been able to establish good rapport with his regular customers. He knows them by their names and even categorised them by the motive of their patronage.
“I’ve good and reliable customers and we are very friendly to ourselves. Some of them come to buy for personal consumption. May be, they are hungry and need something to eat, so they would decide to go for snacks. They may not want to eat heavy food at that particular time.

“We have people who buy it as appetiser; they’re waiting for the main food and need something to keep them ready. Even some take it as after- meal. You know some people like to take something immediately after their meal, not that they eat too much, but because it’s something that they are used to.

“We also have people who buy it for use at events; they want to use it to refresh their guests. Corporate organisations, like banks, do come to buy for their events, associations come as well, and those who are holding birthday parties, weddings and all such events patronize us too. They know the quality of our snacks and the level of satisfaction they get after eating it and so have no better option than to come to us. So, on the whole, our customers cut across working class people, organisations, school children, bus drivers, okada riders and roadside traders and so on,” he noted.

The affordability of the product is among the reasons why he records high patronage. “It’s cheap and affordable to both the rich and the poor. You don’t have to pay more. The puff puff and buns go for N10 each, doughnut is N20 while egg roll is N50”.

However, contrary to the belief that the business is a tedious and demanding one, he said he finds the job very easy and interesting.

“Frying is a natural and normal thing that people do on daily basis. Frying puff puff or buns doesn’t require much; it’s just to mix the flour with other ingredients, leave it for some time, to get to a certain state and then, you start frying. So, I don’t think the process involved is hard. And for the raw materials needed, flour must be there, there must be yeast, butter, sugar, and sometimes, milk,” Johnson further explained.

Johnson and his team are professionals who work in synergy; putting their combined efforts in the business to maximise profits and are paid commensurately.

“We work as a professional team. Everybody puts his best in the trade. With the combined efforts and contributions from all of us, we are able to make enough good sales and profits and we pay each other accordingly. It’s a partnership kind of business.”

While most people think it costs huge amount to start up the business and dilly-dally in taking decision on whether to go into it or not, Johnson said the start-up capital is relatively low and affordable.

“To start up the business does not require one having millions. The minimum amount to start it could be within the range of N100, 000 and N120, 000, which I think is not that much compared to the amount of money people spend on drinks. Anybody that is determined to save for it can do it without much stress. Though, we all know that everything is going up right now. So, for the basic things needed for it; flour must be there, which is the major raw material for the production. There should be burner, gas cylinder, the gas itself and some other things. You know without money, you can’t make money.

“Also, you need to have money to pay for space where you will stay to do the business. You can see where we are; we pay for it every year. This is Lagos and you know you can’t run a business here without paying for the space you are using.”

For the business, rainy season is the ideal period and that’s when greater sales and profits are recorded. “We love rainy season; that’s when the business moves well. During rainy season, people will want to take something hot because of the coldness of the weather. They like it when it’s hot to balance the body system. So during rainy season, the business is very lucrative because that’s when we make more sales.”

For Johnson and his team, the bar is raised for ‘A & B Concept’, his organisation. They dream of seeing the business flourish and become the cynosure of all eyes. “Everybody has a dream; if God blesses us beyond, we will move A & B Concept to a state where we will be happy to see it flourish and people will want to behold it.”

However, in spite of the joy he derives in the business, one thing stands as a clog in the wheel of his lofty dream. From time to time, officers of Kick Against Indiscipline, an agency of Lagos State Government and the Federal Road Safety Corps, would come and destroy their goods in the name of discharging their responsibility, which would make them start all over again.

“The KAI and the Road Safety come around and sometimes, they would destroy and throw away our market, despite the fact that they know the situation in the country. I don’t know if they expect us to go into stealing or kidnapping. If you see young men coming out to hustle, I think you are supposed to give them that grace, encourage them and allow them do their business. But instead, you come and destroy their market, pack their things and go away. They will start all over again and you still come back to do the same thing. It’s really worrisome and that’s exactly what we are passing through here”, Johnson said.

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Microsoft to slash up to 1,850 jobs in Smartphone Unit

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Microsoft has revealed that it will slash up to 1,850 jobs as sales of its smartphones continue to fade.In an email to all Microsoft employees sent early Wednesday, Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the company’s Windows and devices group, described the cuts as “incredibly difficult” but said that Microsoft needed “to be more focused in our phone hardware efforts.”

Recall that the company announced the biggest layoffs in its history in 2014 when it cut up to 18,000 jobs after acquiring Nokia's phone unit.

"We are focusing our phone efforts where we have differentiation — with enterprises that value security, manageability and our Continuum capability, and consumers who value the same,”
"We will continue to innovate across devices and on our cloud services across all mobile platforms." Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a statement.
The job cuts, to be completed by July 2017, are the latest to roil Microsoft's phone business.

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Ebola and Zika Virus can be detected through Urine test -New study

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A group of scientist has come together to develop a new method to detect a single virus rapidly in urine; this simple urine test will detect Ebola, Zika, and HIV at the very early stage. This new method is highly selective and will eventually be able to detect a range of viruses that have plagued humans in recent time.

To detect the virus, the scientist has taken a sample of mouse urine and have placed an electrode on it. Electrode is a wire used for conducting electricity. After this, the scientist adds to the urine some molecules that are made of enzymes and antibodies which stick to the virus that has to be detected.

Once all the three sticks together and bump into the electrode, it creates an electric current which can quickly detect the virus that has affected the body.

Commenting on this incredible development Jeffrey Dick, co-lead author of the study and chemistry graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin in the US,
"While we can not say that the new development will be entirely successful, but so far the work is moving in the right direction. As of now the goal is to build a cheap and easy-to-use device that can be used to detect virus like Ebola on the spot."
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Here are reasons you have not met your goals

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When we opt for the elevator over the stairs, swear we’ll start eating healthier on Monday, or skip that morning workout, we tend to blame our lack of self-control and willpower.

But what if this lack of self-control is just a cop out? After all, any time you engage in self-sabotaging behavior, it’s easy to convince yourself that it’s because you’re weak or lazy to allow yourself to continue doing what you’re doing.

But maybe the underlying reason why you “can’t” just pass the elevator, “can’t” say no to the cookie, or “can’t” get off the couch to go to the gym is that you haven’t recognized your priorities and what you truly value: your why. Without knowing your why, it’s much harder to align your actions—no matter how big or small—with what you want to work.

Self-control still matters
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying self-control is dumb and unnecessary. We still need self-control to beat our impulsive nature into submission and help us toward what’s good for us instead of what just feels good in the moment (think: going to the gym instead of Netflix and chilling).

Rather, I merely think blaming the problem on a lack of self-control is like putting the cart before the horse. That is: No amount of self-control is going to keep you from consistently turning down donuts or saying yes to yoga if you don’t know why you need self-control in the first place.

Why do you need to restrain yourself from eating that cake? Because you know it’s “bad” just doesn’t cut it. Why should you get up off the couch and do something active? Because you want to “have a better body” isn’t much more illuminating either.

Find your deepest why

What you really want and value aren’t always immediately obvious. So to find your why, bust out a pen and paper—we’re going old-school with this. The purpose of this writing exercise (borrowed from fitness coach JC Deen) is to help you dig up your deepest motivation for why you want to do something.

Start by thinking about your current goal. Let’s say you want to lose weight. Write it down and then ask yourself, “Why?” Maybe it’s because you want fit into your jeans from college again. Okay. Why? Because you think it will make you look hot. Why? And out comes your real why: You want to feel confident in yourself.
You could even do this exercise for smaller habit changes like “drink more water every day” or “go to bed earlier.” Once you’ve discovered your true why, write it down and keep it somewhere you can see (maybe you post it on your bathroom mirror, at your desk at work, or set it as the background on your phone). This way, when you’re sidetracked by temptations or start to wonder what the right choice is, it’ll serve as a powerful reminder.

Use your why to guide decisions

Once you’ve figured out your why, you can now go forth and use your powers for good! Develop better self-control by doing the following:

Understand the “risks versus rewards.”

The idea of risk versus reward is often used in finance, but it’s applicable in various areas of your life, including fitness and weight loss-related decisions.

By weighing the risk of a decision against your goal, you are teaching yourself to take a step back rather than simply going with the “act now, think later” approach.

Just do things now.

When you say something like “I’ll start my diet on Monday,” or “I’ll work out more when things slow down at the office,” you’re offloading the responsibility of making decisions to change to the “future you.”

You hope that “future you” will miraculously take up responsibility for making the better and healthier decisions. Except in reality, “future you” is equally as foolish and probably just as likely to make similar excuses. And on and on the cycle goes.
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Desmond Tutu's daughter denounces Priesthood for practicing same-sex marriage

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Rev. Canon Mpho Tutu-Van Firth, the daughter of  former Cape Town Archbishop Desmond Tutu revealed that she would be given up her church license for marrying a woman.  This is because the Anglican Church does not recognize the practice of same-sex marriage.

In her statement, she revealed, "Because the South African Anglican Church does not recognise our marriage, I can no longer exercise my priestly ministry in South Africa," 

"The bishop of the (Cape Town) diocese was instructed to revoke my licence. I decided that I would give it to him rather than have him take it."

Although gay marriage was legalized in South Africa in 2006, the South African Anglican law on marriage states: “Holy matrimony is the lifelong and exclusive union between one man and one woman.”

Firth is divorced with two children and got married to her long-time partner Marceline Van Furth – who is also divorced with children – in her native Netherlands in December.

Firth and Marcelin also held a second ceremony on Sir Richard Branson’s wine farm in Franschhoek earlier this month. It was attended by the Tutus and officiated by Rev Charlotte Bannister-Parker, a priest from Oxford.

Desmond Tutu became a prominent name in 1980s for his strong opposition to apartheid, along with his campaigns for a number of socials rights struggles, which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, along with many other awards.

He was given permission by the Archbishop of Cape Town, the head of the Anglican church in Southern Africa, to give the union a “father’s blessing”.

Though he retired in 1996, he has continued calling on the Anglican Communion to change its laws on marriage and has been a supporter of gay rights. Desmond Tutu had earlier given his support for gay marriage as he quipped his refusal on going to a “homophobic heaven”.

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Police sergeant arrested for robbery in Lagos

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A police sergeant, identified as Yusuf Bello, and an accomplice, Idowu Badmus, have been detained by the police in Lagos State for allegedly snatching motorcycles and selling them in the Iyana Iba area of the state.

It was learnt that Bello, who is attached to the Itire Police Division, was arrested on Monday by the Igando Police Division after a victim, identified only as Aramide, reported that he was robbed of his motorcycle at Iyana School bus stop on the Lagos State University-Iyana Iba Road.

The police had recovered three stolen motorcycles from the sergeant and his accomplice while the buyer and a motor mechanic had also been detained.

Aramide had reportedly identified his motorcycle among the three recovered by the police.

Our correspondent learnt that on Sunday at about 1pm, the sergeant, who wore a black police T-shirt, and his accomplice, Badmus, who was in mufti, had accosted Aramide, at the Iyana School bus stop.

The suspects, who also came on a motorcycle, were said to have slapped Aramide, and ordered him to come down from the motorcycle.

Badmus was said to have displayed a police ID card and a pair of handcuffs.

The two allegedly told Aramide that they were from the Iba Police Division, adding that they were taking his motorcycle into the police station.

PUNCH Metro learnt that when Aramide came down, one of the two suspects started the motorcycle and rode off, while the other followed him on the motorcycle they brought.

The suspects were said to have escaped with the motorcycles instead of riding it into the Iba Police Division, where they claimed to have come from.

Aramide was said to have reported the matter at the Iba and Igando police divisions, after which he boarded a motorcycle to trace the suspects.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Badmus was, however, arrested on Sunday on Makinde Close, Ile Epo bus stop on LASU-Iyana Iba Road, while allegedly returning from another operation.

A landlord on Makinde Close, who did not want his name in print, said it was residents who arrested Badmus, and handed him over to the police at Igando.

He added that the arrest of Badmus led to the sergeant’s arrest on Monday.

He said, “I was in front of my house around 4pm. I saw a man riding a motorcycle into our close being followed by another man on a motorcycle who was shouting, ‘help help, thief, thief.’ That got everyone’s attention.

“When we stopped both motorcycles, the man, who gave his name as Idowu (Badmus) showed us an ID card, saying he was a policeman from the Ikotun division. He said he seized the motorcycle from the man at Iyana Iba.

“So, I asked him how his jurisdiction got to Iyana Iba from Ikotun. We took all of them in a car to the Ikotun division. It was at Ikotun that he was discovered to be a fake policeman and the police arrested him and transferred him to Igando.

“When they interviewed him, he confessed to have snatched about three motorcycles and identified a police sergeant in Itire as his accomplice. That was how the sergeant was arrested on Monday. We heard that there are some fake policemen working with real policemen to perpetuate crimes on the LASU-Iyana Iba Road. The police should investigate them.”

Speaking with Punch Metro, one of the victims, Aramide, said, “Around 1pm, I took a lady from Iyana Iba to Adolf, near Iyana School bus stop. While I was waiting to take her back in front of a pharmacy, two men on a motorcycle stopped in front of my motorcycle.

“One of them showed me a police ID card and the other slapped me. They asked me to stand up from the motorcycle. They said they were from the Iba division and they were taking it to the station.

“Immediately I got down from the motorcycle, one of them jumped it and zoomed off, while the other followed on the motorcycle they brought. They did not go to the Iba station. I was shouting, ‘thief thief’ but no one could help.

“I took a motorcycle to Obadore junction, but I could not find them. I went to my house in Akesan.”

Aramide said it was in the evening that he learnt that a suspected motorcycle snatcher was arrested and had been taken to the Igando division, adding that he went there and saw that it was Badmus.

A police source told Punch Metro that the suspects tampered with the motorcycles they snatched before selling them.

He said, “The suspects had removed the number plates and plastic covers of the recovered motorcycles. Badmus confessed that he usually worked with Bello, a sergeant in Itire division.”

The Lagos State Deputy police Public Relations Officer, DSP Damasus Ozoani, confirmed Badmus’ arrest.

He added that the suspect mentioned a policeman as his accomplice.

“The complaint was made against Badmus and three motorcycles were recovered from him.

“The suspect named a policeman as his accomplice. Investigation is ongoing.”
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We want to continue what our dad lived for-Rashidi Yekini’s kids

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The two children of ex-Super Eagles striker Rashidi Yekini say they want to turn the house of the fallen footballer into a museum as part of their efforts to immortalise him.

Yekini had two property — one in Ibadan and another in his hometown Ijagbo, which is occupied by his mother — before his demise on May 4, 2012 and his children Yemisi and Omoyemi hope to use the house to honour their father, even though most of the laurels he won as a player were allegedly stolen from the house by family members just before he died.

“I and Omoyemi come from a great home; we both have great mothers and a great father, so we are not money-hungry children. We are not here to sell the house or get the money. What we both want is the house in Ibadan, which we (with Omoyemi) shared with our father. That is the one we want,” Yemisi, a Cinematography undergraduate at De Montfort University, Leicester, said at a media briefing in Lagos on Wednesday.

“We are not bothered about the money; we’ve been able to look after ourselves. I had the idea of turning his house in Ibadan to a museum. Mr. Olanrewaju Jibril (Yekini’s lawyer) told me that when he went to the house, everything was gone: all his trophies, his pictures, awards all gone. And that’s very sad because that’s something we would have used to remember our father,” she added.

However, Yekini’s lawyer, Jibril Olanrewaju, said there was pressure from the late footballer’s family to sell the house in Ibadan. Family members allegedly abducted the 1993 African Player of the Year few days before his death, claiming he was mentally unstable, and carted away his property.

Olanrewaju assured that Yemisi and Omoyemi had the right to possess the property of their father in Ibadan, adding that the children were also planning a testimonial game for their father.

Olanrewaju stated, “For now, they can (possess the house). When someone dies without a will, usually, you collect a letter of administration and because the property belongs to them, the two mothers are the administrators to manage the estate.

“We got the letter from the Registry of the High Court of Oyo State in December. Legally they (Yekini’s children) are in actual possession, though there is pressure from the family to get the house sold. But I have been persistently blocking them from doing that.

“The kids told me that they are not happy that their dad didn’t have a testimonial match before he died and that they would want to do that in his honour. They want a platform with which they can do that. They also want most of what their dad lived for, generosity and charity work, to continue.”

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Selena Gomez slays on the cover of Vogue Brazil's June 2016

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Selena Gomez is the cover star for June 2016 of Vogue Brazil.  The songstress was joined by Louis Vuitton's creative director, Nicolas Chesquière in one of the shoot.

She wore a Louis Vuitton jumpsuit in a solo shot taken by the Bruce Weber.  

Beautiful covers!

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