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Friday, June 23, 2017

Google releases new software updates for MyGlass

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Google Glass has made a surprise comeback after its sales was halted in 2015 by Google for failing to capture consumer attention.  A new update published on Google Glass's support site on Monday June 19, 2017 reads,
"Bluetooth Input Device"
:Glass can now be paired with Bluetooth input devices, including keyboardsBug Fixes and performance improvements"
The site was last updated in October 2014. This shows that Google has not completely forgotten about the $1,500 eyewear.

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6 Easy Ways to Advance Your Career

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There’s no better source of motivation than a healthy dose of Vitamin D. When the weather turns warm, I feel ready to tackle challenges, revisit old commitments and put plans into action. And it’s no coincidence that when the temps heat up, companies also tend to come out of hibernation and start to refresh their ranks with new hires and promotions. This is good news for you, and means that if you’re exiting grad school or looking for a new adventure, it’s time to brush up on your career skills.

In fact, there’s no better time to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year. So whether you’re gearing up to ask for a raise, ready to apply for your dream job or just want to grow in your current role, here are six tips that are sure to support your goals.

1.) Take professional development into your own hands
What happens in your body when the words “professional development plan” cross your path? If you’re like me, you might cringe and avert your eyes. Planning for the future can be hard, and especially when we work as much as we do, it’s easy to fall into the day-to-day and forget we’re actually working toward some goals — and not just those that support your company’s bottom line.

Gone are the days where jobs step in to push professional development, so if you want to keep growing, it’s up to you to ask for feedback, seek solutions and implement a plan. Take stock of your progress and contributions at work at least twice a year and use the benefits your company offers — tuition reimbursement, sponsored workshops, etc. — to invest in your future and improve yourself. Not only will you sharpen your skills and expand your qualifications, but you’ll also showcase that you’re resourceful and proactive.

2.) Say yes
There’s this thing called imposter impostor syndrome, and you may have heard of it. It creeps into our psyche and tells us we’re not good enough. It says there’s no reason someone should rely on us to get anything done because we really don’t know what we’re doing and are just waiting for the world to find out. That voice is wrong, and it’s holding you back.

Saying yes when opportunities arise can help you be seen, get recognized for your enthusiasm and applauded for your aptitude. Also, no one expects you to be perfect. If you’re in a certain position or role at work, more likely than not, you’ve genuinely earned it. There’s confidence associated with saying yes, but there’s also maturity and self-awareness associated with saying no. If you’re stretched paper thin, it’s OK to turn down tasks and ask your manager to help you prioritize your work. In the end, everyone (including yourself) will thank you.

4.) Don’t forget your people skills
There’s no denying that when it comes to promotions your work product counts. But no matter your rockstar status, how you get your work done matters too, and at the end of the day, decisions about advancement are made by people, for people.

It’s not necessarily about being the chatty Cathy or the biggest personality, but it is about being respected, and more importantly, respecting others. To do this, find a mentor, build relationships, be the person everyone wants to work with and practice being kind every day. This positive energy will come back to you in spades and sometimes when you least expect it. There’s a quote from the book, Power Your Career by Nancy Burke and Richard Dodson that I love, and it goes like this: “Tactful self-promotion is an art that, when practiced appropriately and authentically… pays off in greater visibility, richer relationships, more interesting assignments, more recognition, and expanded opportunities to use your gifts… and secure the rewards you deserve.”

Basically, being humble all the time can actually be hampering your progress. Don’t defer credit, minimize accomplishments or fail to speak up about your wins. In the long run, you’re only harming yourself.

Instead, don’t be shy and learn how to tastefully highlight the unique way you bring value to the table.

6.) Don’t play by the rules
Years ago I left my “dream company” to take a job in a new city, industry and function. I did it because I was operating under the definition of success that society created for me: climb the corporate ladder, get promoted, make a ton of money and aim for a cushy corner office.

When I followed that direction, I was met with disappointment. My festering unhappiness affected my performance at work, as well as the person I was at home. With help, I decided to figure out what advancement and success meant to me. Rejecting people’s expectations was hard, but the resulting fulfillment and satisfaction wiped away any doubts.

Maybe for you advancement means fancy clothes, high-rise buildings and a fat paycheck, and that’s completely OK. But you should also recognize that success comes in many forms. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself and write a definition that feels right.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

YOGA prevents diseases and can be practised at all ages -WHO

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that yoga, the ancient Indian science of exercise and healing, can be practised by people of all ages to stay fit, healthy and fight lifestyle diseases.  Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia, said the only requirement is “a commitment to better health and a willingness to gently stretch, exercise and invigorate one’s body and mind”.
“It (Yoga) can help kids get the 60 minutes of daily activity (which is) needed to set up a lifetime of good health. It can help adults reach the 150 minutes of weekly activity needed to stave off non-communicable diseases,” she said.

“For persons aged 65 and above it can help reduce the risk of depression and maintain cognitive functioning”.

Yoga is considered an effective way to increase strength and flexibility, enhance cardio-fitness, burn calories and relax the mind. It has also been known to help cultivate routine and integrate physical activity into daily life.

In December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approved by consensus an Indian proposal to celebrate Jun 21 as the "International Day of Yoga".

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Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO resigns

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The CEO of UBER Travis Kalanick has resigned from the ride-hailing company on Tuesday just a week into a leave of absence meant to quell concerns about his management style.  In his statement, Kalanick said,
"I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investors request to step aside so that Uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight,"
In a statement, the board of directors praised Kalanick’s decision.
”Travis has always put Uber first. This is a bold decision and a sign of his devotion and love for Uber,” the board said. “By stepping away, he’s taking the time to heal from his personal tragedy while giving the company room to fully embrace this new chapter in Uber’s history. We look forward to continuing to serve with him on the board.”
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"Work" Singer Rihanna looks stylish for 2017 LVMH Young Fashion Designer Ceremony

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Rihanna looked stylish in a lacy white caftans and hats with bandannas from Christian Dior Resort Runway collection. The songstress was photographed during the presentation of the 'Young Fashion Designer' - LVMH Prize 2017 Edition held at Fondation Louis Vuitton on Friday, June 16, 2017 in Paris.
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Researchers found Experimental Ebola vaccine safe in human

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A new Ebola vaccine has been found to be safe for humans, according to the results of an early clinical trial developed at the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory of the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

The researchers also found that high antibodies were present in participants six months after immunisation with the experimental VSV (vesicular stomatitis virus)-Ebola vaccine.

The trial involved 40 healthy people aged 18 to 65 years and looked at the safety of the vaccine and the lowest dose required for an immune response after injection with one of three doses. Out of the 40 people, 30 participants received the vaccine and 10 received placebo injections. The researchers found that adverse events were mild to moderate, with only three severe reactions, including headache, diarrhea and fatigue, which were completely resolved. 

"The results of this trial were positive and very promising; all 3 dose levels of the VSV [vesicular stomatitis virus] Ebola vaccine were well-tolerated by participants, and no safety concerns were identified," says Dr. May ElSherif.

This study, published in Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) shows the importance of further investigation.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beware of Coconut Oil - New American Heart Association study warns

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A new study by the American Heart Association has advised that people should avoid eating coconut oil.  The recent studies showed that coconut oil increased LDL or bad cholesterol in seven out of seven clinical trials that attempted to look into the effects of coconut oil diet.

Hence, there is no significant difference between coconut oil and other oils that are notorious for high saturated fats such as butter, beef fat and palm oil. The report says that 82% of the fat present in coconut oil is saturated whereas butter has only 63% saturated fat, beef fat has 50% and pork lard 39%.

The studies showed that reducing saturated fats lowered cholesterol, reduced the risk of heart attack and stroke, and in some cases lowered the risk of death from coronary heart disease.

The lead author for the study, Franks Sacks advised people to reduce saturated fats by not cooking with butter, but with canola, or corn oil or soybean oil, or extra virgin olive oil.  He further said, "there’s nothing wrong with deep frying as long as you deep fry in a nice unsaturated vegetable oil,”

Image credit: CHOICE
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