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Monday, July 16, 2018

Duchess of Cambridge steps out in yellow dress at Wimbledon men's final

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Kate and her husband, William were at Wimbledon’s Centre Court yesterday to watch the men's singles final between Serbia's Novak Djokovic and South Africa's Kevin Anderson. The Duchess of Cambridge looked gorgeous in a £670 sunshine-hued yellow dress by Dolce & Gabbana which she wore to the event as she waved to fans.

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So beautiful!

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Thursday, July 05, 2018

WHO Announces new drug to prevent excessive bleeding after childbirth

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) in a new study has announced a new drug that can cure excessive bleeding after childbirth. It was in collaboration with MSD for Mothers and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.  The product innovator and oxytocin were provided by Novartis for the study.

The study, published on June 27, 2018, in the New England Journal of Medicine, has shown an alternative drug – heat-stable carbetocin – to be as safe and effective as oxytocin in preventing postpartum haemorrhage. This new formulation of carbetocin does not require refrigeration and retains its efficacy for at least 3 years stored at 30 degrees celsius and 75% relative humidity.

Commenting on the new drug, Dr Metin Gülmezoglu from the Department of Reproductive Health and Research at WHO states that:
“The development of a drug to prevent postpartum haemorrhage that continues to remain effective in hot and humid conditions is very good news for the millions of women who give birth in parts of the world without access to reliable refrigeration,”

Welcome development. 
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Friday, June 22, 2018

Why Beauty Entrepreneurs Should Go The Organic Route

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Today, we are more informed and smarter about the planet we live on and the impact chemical-laden cosmetics can have on our face, hair and body. 

That is why the rise of organic products is significantly changing the personal care landscape. Women of all ages are becoming more attracted to organic or natural alternatives, and it's becoming a lucrative and exciting market to be in for beauty entrepreneurs.

Consumers Are More Aware and Willing To Spend
More people are starting to understand the negatives of many beauty and personal care products on the market, and are opting or searching for natural alternatives to not only safeguard their health but to play their part in protecting the planet. 

This has been observed by different players such as Kari Gran, a small company in the organic beauty industry, who recently reported a 235% increase in sales over a 3 year period. They also commissioned surveys in 2016 and 2017 to get an idea of how the market felt about natural beauty products.

The 2016 survey, featuring over 1000 US women, found that almost 60% of the women read the labels of personal care products and 40% were willing to increase their spending if a product was all natural. Furthermore, the age group with the largest proportion of participants that were willing to spend more on natural products were millennials at 50%.

Chart created using data from 2016 Kari Gran Green Beauty Barometer Survey

This shows that the market is growing, primarily because the younger age groups will continue to grow and be a valuable sector of the market. 

In 2017, the same survey was repeated and in most of the results, there was an increase in consumer awareness and demand for organic beauty across all the age groups, showing that the market was still growing. 

The big beauty stores have also been taking notice. Sephora, CVS and other big corporations are making major changes and allowing for more personal care items that feature natural, non-toxic ingredients but these products are still limited in number. In fact, the more recent survey shows that a significant number of women are unsatisfied with the selection of natural beauty products available at retailers where they purchase most of their beauty products.

This leaves the door open for enterprising beauty entrepreneurs who market organic products, to swoop in and take a slice of the pie just like Kari Gran has.

Even if going fully organic is impractical for you, or you lack the knowledge or tools to do so, you can start by getting rid of some of the more disliked ingredients first. The three most avoided ingredients by those reading labels are sulfates, parabens and synthetic fragrances.

Going Forward
Non-toxic beauty is a movement that is growing yearly. Millennials are helping to drive the clean beauty base forward, demanding transparency in the products they choose for their faces and bodies and calling on the FDA to slam companies that use toxic substances in their personal care items.

Final Word
Going green in the beauty business is something that warrants serious consideration, not only because of the demand but because climate change is becoming a growing topic and a driver for different legislations.

Microbeads, for example, have been banned by several major countries over the past few years due to their negative impact on the environment. Many product lines and even some businesses tanked when this change was introduced because they lacked the foresight and awareness to adjust to the change. Similarly, your business may suffer if changes in consumer attitudes aren’t taken seriously.

Beauty is changing for the better and entrepreneurs who sell non-toxic beauty products are primed for the long run as the demand for organic beauty products is trending upwards and is unlikely to stop in the near future.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

"Control" singer Janet Jackson covers Essence Magazine “The Happiness issue”

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Janet Jackson is the cover star on the July/August issue of Essence Magazine.  The 52-year-old singer talked about her life and career in the publication.  She revealed the secret to her infectious smile:
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

WHO classifies video game addiction as "gaming disorder"

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The World Health Organisation has recognised compulsive and obsessive playing of video games as "gaming disorder".

The new disorder is described as:
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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Surgeons spent 10 hours removing a 33lb tumour after 47 years

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Zhao Xingfu had a 33lb (14.9kg) tumour removed from the back of his neck after 47 years 

Surgeons spent 10 hours removing a 33lb (14.9kg) tumour from the back of a man's neck after it had been left untreated for nearly 50 years.  The huge tumour had a circumference of 100cm, or 40 inches.

Zhao Xingfu, 64, said the growth, known as a lipoma, first appeared when he was just 17 and was initially 'the size of an egg'.  Mr Xingfu, from Panzhou City, China, ignored the mass due to it being painless and him being unable to afford treatment.

Due to it being painless and him being unable to afford treatment, Mr Xingfu ignored it 

After the weight of the tumour left Mr Xingfu struggling to walk, his son Zhao Jianjiang sought the help of Dr Dong Shixiang, from the Guizhou Tumour Hospital.

Now at home a week after the surgery, Mr Xingfu is expected to make a full recovery.
An X-ray shows the size of the growth, which was making it difficult for him to walk 

Despite feeling 'relieved' that the operation was a success, Mr Xingfu jokingly said: 'I'm not used to it not being there yet!'

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

5 Tips For Staying Interested In Your Chosen Career

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Do you wake up feeling pumped about work, or wanting to stay in bed? So much of our lives is spent working. Don’t waste those precious hours doing something you don’t care about. At the very least, you should be interested in what you do.

Only 13% of employees worldwide say they are engaged in their jobs. What about the other 87%? Many of my coaching clients come to me looking to find more meaning in their career, and I am here to tell you that it is possible. You, too, can break out of your career rut and find your purpose.

Don’t know where to start? Here are five tips for staying interested in your career.

1. Know your “why.” This is fundamental and where you need to start. Why do you do what you do? Make sure you’re in a line of work that you find interesting, and then clearly identify why you’re doing it. I highly recommend Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why, so that you can more deeply connect to your personal career mission.

2. Set digital goals. Now that you know why you’re doing what you do, set up short-term and long-term goals to keep you engaged and on track! I love digital tools and apps since they can give friendly reminders. Want to get promoted in 12 months? What are the steps you can take to get there? Get them on the calendar, and start working.

How to To Overcome The Skills Gap And Advance Your Career

3. Pick up a new skill. Keep your brain sharp by learning something new. Look into trainings at work, or ask to go to a seminar or conference. Select something that falls outside of your comfort zone but that is still relevant to your career. Your boss will love the added value you’re bringing to the team, while it won’t hurt to add an additional skill to your resume either.

4. Ask for feedback. If you aren’t getting the feedback you need, ask for it. A good manager will want to see that you’re interested in your career as well. Feedback can motivate you to perform better since you’ll feel more valued at work, and it’s a tool for continuous learning. Staying stagnant in your career most likely won’t keep you interested in anything more than a steady paycheck…which can work for a while (if you’re getting paid what you’re worth), but generally isn’t sustainable for career engagement.

5. Be mindful. Start each morning with a positive mantra. Then, watch what you say to yourself and others throughout the day. Avoid negative thoughts and comments about your job, and skip the office gossip. Stop taking everything so personally. Bonus: when you practice mindfulness at work, your stress levels subsequently will go way down.

Here are 3 Skills You Need for a More Successful Career

If you flat out hate your job, follow these tips to stay positive until you’re able to make a switch. Do not stay in a career you despise! I promise that you will never find it interesting.

We all fall into career slumps at one point or another. Personal growth is the key to staying engaged. If you want to stay interested in your career, keep a positive mindset and never stop learning.
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