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Monday, August 20, 2018

What you should know about smart speakers at work

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Large corporations do everything to make smart speakers become the same household appliance, like teapots, microwave ovens or music centers. Life has figured out what gadgets are already on the market, and which ones will go on sale very soon.

IT-giants are once again trying to change the world. Users are accustomed to the fact that while ordering a taxi, hotel reservations or buying air tickets people will soon not have to sit at the computer or pick up a smartphone. It will be enough to voice your desire, and a clever column will cope with any mission.

On the one hand, this approach will save us a lot of time. On the other hand, there is a huge list of nuances, the main of which is under development, and at times frank dullness of voice assistants.
Smart speakers, like Amazon Echo, are quickly becoming something familiar, at least for Americans, writes Business Insider. The publication indicates that these gadgets win consumers much faster than it was possible for smartphones or tablets. Today already 16% of inhabitants of the USA have a clever column at home.

The edition also assures that these gadgets replace other home devices. Those who bought the column begin to watch less TV and less often take up a smartphone. But most of all the columns were struck by the already outdated radio news channel.

According to NPR and Edison Research, 39% of owners of smart speakers refused it because of traditional FM-receivers.
But, despite all the difficulties, Amazon, Apple, and Google do not give up and continue to develop smart speakers. Already in 2018 there can be a fierce battle between these brands for the buyer.

What is the essence of a smart speaker?

It's very simple: a smart speaker is a device that hears the user, analyzes his speech and tries to fulfill all the requests of the owner. In fact, the voice assistant from the smartphone is simply transferred to the case of the speaker, which also plays music, if you ask it.

In the long term, this is really convenient, because many people are not ready to communicate with the phone, but have nothing against talking with a separate gadget, which is for this purpose.

Modern portable speakers are clever day by day. In order five years ago to get a "smart" prefix, it was enough to have a wireless module on board to broadcast music from a mobile phone or streaming from an online service.

Additional features, such as a built-in display, support for a new audio format, 360-degree sound dissipation or conferencing mode, made the device particularly advanced. However, today such "twists" no one surprises. What now is the indicator of "mind"?
In 2017, a smart speaker is not just acoustics for listening to music, but a multifunctional device with built-in speakers. And the functionality is limited only by the imagination of its creators. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of the most interesting and popular modern smart speakers.

The device that can help you at work Column Amazon Echo with built-in voice assistant Alexa was released in November 2014 and became, perhaps, the most popular and discussed device in its class. After the appearance of Echo on sale, many manufacturers were puzzled by the creation of such a device, but only more advanced and stuffed with all sorts of modules and functions.

The device is equipped with several microphones for accurate recognition of voice commands. To play the sound there is one woofer and one tweeter, to enhance the bass - bass reflex. Due to its design, the column has a circular pattern. But the main function of the Echo is not to play music at parties, but to help the user in solving everyday tasks at work.

To work, Amazon Echo requires a constant connection to Wi-Fi and a 220 V network. It is controlled by voice or via iOS / Android application (although on the top there is a pair of buttons and a ring of volume control). The built-in voice assistant is able not only to execute commands but also enter into a dialogue with the user. For example, Alexa can offer to add the listened song to favorites or tell about the latest news, and not waste time.

The column will perform the proposed action only after the user's positive response.
English-speaking user Echo opens a lot of opportunities. First, the device understands the smart home control commands: the column connects to the IoT-technology and manages it at the owner's command. Secondly, the device can be associated with a Google account, which will allow you to check your mail, keep track of your calendar, etc. Thirdly, Echo tracks events outside the home - weather, traffic jams, news and you will never be late for work. And this is not a complete list of features of the smart speaker.

Amazon regularly releases updates for the Echo, and it can be assumed that in the near future the smart speaker will acquire even more interesting and modern skills.
34% of consumers said that with the column they freed the time that they used to spend on a smartphone. The fact is that such devices allow you to output sound notifications, write messages or make calls, so the need to constantly pick up a smartphone really decreases.

My name is Alexia Wolker, I am a blogger and work as an editor. I have a Master's Degree in literature and love both reading and writing about books and literary topics. I also help students with their literary assignments - articles, essays and summmaries of books, my works you can see at thepoetrytrust.org website

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

10 best holistic approaches to deal with Asthma naturally

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Asthma is a serious lung disorder! Over 300 million people suffer from this condition worldwide. As a matter of fact, 1 out of 10 children and 1 out of 20 adults are suffering from severe asthma. In fact, it can start at any age, but mostly it starts in childhood.

Asthma patients suffer from wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing at night or early in the morning. In this chronic breathing disorder, our airways get inflamed resulting in respiration problem. So, the first and foremost goal of asthma patients should be to remove the mucus as this will provide them with an immediate relief.

We can prevent asthma attacks effectively by sensing the warning signs before the attack, staying away from causing agents and by following the doctor's advice.
What Causes Asthma?

The sole reason for the asthma attack is when we are exposed to its trigger. These triggers might be anything -smoke, dust mites, air pollution, pollen, pets, and mold.

During the asthma attack, the airways of the lungs become smaller due to inflammation and mucus. This causes tightness in the chest and difficulty in breathing. The wheezing sound that you hear while coughing is due to the movement of air through clogged airways of the lungs.

Mucus is not always bad for lungs as it protects bacteria, dust, and other foreign particles before they enter into the lungs. However, in asthma excess mucus is produced by the body as a defense mechanism. This causes a great trouble in breathing.

Air pollution and asthma are also interconnected. The exposure to harmful particles in the air can aggravate your asthma. To escape this scenario, you can opt anti-pollution masks. These masks filter out the particles that trigger the attack.

Is there any permanent cure for asthma?

First, we need to understand that asthma is not actually a disease in itself. It is, rather, a condition that causes several respiratory issues.

So, like common cold and cough and allergies, it never entirely goes away. It can be controlled through exercises and medications. Sometimes, people are able to control it so effectively that it amounts to a virtual cure.

In most cases, its medication is focused on controlling inflammation of the airways and reversing symptoms before they get out of control. A recent study says vitamin D supplements benefits in asthma including providing a protection against attacks.

Dealing with Asthma when the inhaler is not around

When you feel that you are going to have an asthma attack try to sit upright and take a break from all your activities instantly.

Start to slowly breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Always be calm and don't get panicked as this will deteriorate your tightening of the chest.

Identity your allergen and try to stay away from it. It can be dust, smoke or pollen grains. Hot beverages like ginger tea or coffee can bring some relief by opening your airways.

Never make a delay in seeking medical help if wheezing and chest tightness persist.

Foods that trigger Asthma

Scientists and Researchers suspect that food and asthma might be inter-linked. It is believed that the high consumption of refined grains, processed and red meats, and desserts can escalate the asthma condition.

According to 5000-year-old Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda, Milk and milk products cannot go along with asthma. Almost 60 % of asthma in people is caused only due to milk and milk products.

If asthma patients stop consuming milk and products made from milk, their sufferings can be reduced to one half. It says that you should consume the banana, jackfruit, boiled beetroot to prevent asthma from getting worse.

A research paper at PLOS One – the reputed community portal of Medical Researchers, says that Among legumes, kidney bean followed by chickpea and peanut are the major allergic triggers in asthma and rhinitis patients in India.

Food Asthmatic Patients Should Prefer

What you eat in asthma is equally important as what not to eat. These foods act as the common medications of asthma easing the tightness of the chest during the asthma attack.

Also, they reduce the throat phlegm and mucus production. These foods, additionally, provide strength to our immune system. 

1.  Honey provides a relief

Honey comes with an anti-inflammatory property. Many forms of medicines already use formulations of honey for cold and flu treatments.

And Yes! Honey can treat asthma too. This is because honey reduces swelling of airways. Consequently, causing a relief in coughing which is a typical symptom of an allergic asthma attack.

The health department of the University of California suggests 2 teaspoons of honey at bedtime. Honey has also been suspected to make an individual less reactive to pollen - a common allergen in Asthma attack.

When glucose and fructose present in honey breaks anaerobically inside the body, it releases heat. This heat makes the thick mucus in the respiratory tube to melt slowly.

If you are feeling a tightness in the chest and feel that an asthma attack is going to happen. In this situation, you should take honey with hot water. This will delay your asthma attack for at least an hour allowing you enough time to get your regular medicines and come out of this situation.

2.  Basil Leaves

Basil herb has always been known for its numerous health benefits in Asian herbal system of medicines. It is known to promote better respiratory function and body resistance to diseases.

A study on animals reveals that 500 mg of holy basil extracts taken 3 times a day clears airways resulting in a better breathing function and fewer attacks.

Mix 3/4 basil leaves in honey mixed with black pepper. Soak it for about 3 to 4 hours. Now, take out and chew these leaves. This will reduce your chances of an asthma attack.

3.  Neem Leaves

Neem oil helps asthma patients by controlling phlegm.

In alternative natural remedy of asthma, neem seed oil is said to even cure asthma permanently. If the better taste of Neem troubles you then you can go for neem tablets to gain similar advantages.

It produces a lot of heat in the body which is beneficial against asthma attack. Natural medicine practitioners suggest eating Neem leaves wrapped in honey in the morning for best results.

4.  Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil has also been proved to be beneficial in asthma disorder. It clears mucus from the airways, lungs, bronchi, and trachea.

This oil also prevents the worsening of your asthma if it has become chronic. It has bronchodilation and anti-inflammatory effects on your lungs. That means, it opens constricted airways and delivers a relief in the attack.

5.  Broccoli sprouts

Broccoli sprouts contain a natural compound which has been found to protect us from asthma and similar respiratory inflammation.

In asthma, the tissues of our lung's airways get damaged.

As a matter of fact, Broccoli increases production of anti-oxidant enzymes to 3 times more than normal. This delivers protection of air passages.

6.  Ginger Relaxes in Asthma

Ginger has always been known as a herbal medicine against common cold and flu.

It has been effective against asthma too! It relaxes and widens lung muscles cells that carry air into and out of the lungs.

In fact, it is due to this bronco-dilating effects, Recent studies advocate combing the ginger compound with asthma's regular medication.

The bottom line is that ginger containing food and beverages can benefit in asthma induced respiratory suffocation. So, don't forget to grate some ginger over your recipes if you are an asthma patient. You can even sip ginger tea to get the same advantage.

7.  Barks of Terminalia Tree (Arjuna tree)

The bark of Arjuna tree has been used for heart ailments treatment in Ayurveda since 3000 years.

It is beneficial in asthma as well with its proven benefits in improving respiratory breathing. By removing mucus from the lungs, it provides an instant relief in coughing.

8.  Asthma cure in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda – the ancient Indian system of medicine, Asthma attacks can be effectively avoided by taking honey and black pepper with hot water. It even claims this herbal formulation as a permanent cure to allergic asthma.

In order to prevent an asthma attack, Ayurveda advocates a balance in your lifestyle.

According to this ancient form of herbal medicine practice, a person suffering from asthma should avoid overeating and have milk at bedtime.

Even fasting for a longer period is not recommended. It cautions people with this disorder to stay away from frosty, smoky and congested places. It suggests people with asthma to adopt deep breathing exercise.

After a dinner, a gap of three hours must be given before going to bed.

Vital Yoga Asanas for Asthma

Yoga keeps your respiratory muscles strong, flexible and healthy.

Certain poses of yoga stimulate lungs and can increase the ability of breathing. Asanas like Pranayama and Surya Namaskar can be a natural therapeutic treatment for asthma.

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9.  Surya Namaskar

In yoga's principle, Surya Namaskar or the salvation balances your body's heat distribution. It cures the nose blockage issue which is a common problem in asthma and sinusitis.

This asana is vital heat releasing exercise for our body. People who daily practice Surya Namaskar Asana do not get affected by cold and flu too often.

10.  Pranayama Yoga

Asthma has many types - allergic, bronchial and psychosomatic. An influence of stress and strong emotions can also trigger asthma.

And, Yoga which is a mind-body control practice helps you to reduce stress and regulate breathing. If you are suffering from allergic asthma, pranayama can effectively make less vulnerable to it.

It reduces most of your bronchial problems if practiced daily for one to two weeks.

Author Bio - Himanshu Jha is the founder and editor of lifebing.com. He loves to blog about health, wellness and fitness issues.

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Thursday, August 02, 2018

Barbadian singer Rihanna covers September 2018 Edition of British Vogue

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Rihanna is the cover star on British Vogue’s September issue. The singer showed off  her beautiful pencilled on the cover. She was styled by Edward Enninful.
Shot by Nick Knight. RiRi is the first black women to appear on the magazine's cover

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Thursday, July 26, 2018

'My Heart Will Go On' singer Celine Dion slays in colourful pantsuit

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Celine Dion who is currently on world tour rocked a hot lemon yellow, double breasted suit by Maison Rabih Kayrouz recently. She accessorised the bold outfit with Prada sunglasses and embroidered pumps, and a wedge-shaped Chloe bag.
The Canadian pop singer shared the image on social media with the caption:
“Beautiful Bangkok...unforgettable.
“Bangkok...magnifique et inoubliable. - Céline xx...”

Lovely ensemble. You like?
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Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil and Side Effects

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Peppermint oil is much more than just being there for flavour in foods and beverages. It is also responsible for the magical and irresistible fragrance in your soaps or cosmetics. Above all, it is helpful for a variety of health conditions which is the reason behind its universal popularity and demand. Derived from the peppermint plant, the oil is clinically proven to relieve indigestion, headaches, irritable bowel symptom together with being helpful for skin and dental health. Peppermint oil is also used as dietary supplements and many a skin care preparation contains it for benefits. With the right use, it can keep you healthy and help you stay disease-free. 

Here are some of the health benefits of peppermint oil -

1. Pain muscle reliever

Peppermint oil is considered very effective in reducing pain in muscles and providing a calming effect to troubled persons. It’s also deemed highly effective in alleviating headaches, sore back and muscle aches. For ages, the oil has been in use across cultures and societies for relieving pain and bringing a soothing feel to a person of any age and gender.

2. Help in digestion

Peppermint oil is just perfect for those who look for a natural remedy to help in digestion. Its contents (and carminative nature) are helpful in treating a variety of digestion problems including excess gas. You just have to add a few drops of this oil in water and drink it for getting immediate benefits from indigestion and related issues.

3. Effective for headaches and nausea

If you search for an effective home remedy for headaches and nausea, try peppermint oil as it works big time. You just have to put the oil on the head and it will work like a magic in relieving pain. It is believed to even cure migraine beaches. And you can inhale it to reduce nausea and motion sickness.

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4. Good for the joints

As we age, the joints start showing signs of wear and tear and also makes movements progressively difficult. You can trust peppermint oil to reduce pain or stiffness in the joints. Applying a mixture of this oil with lavender oil can help relieve muscle pain almost instantly. The oil can also keep you warm.

5. Stress reliever

If you have stress and you want a home remedy, peppermint oil is then perfect for you. Its soothing properties are considered helpful in alleviating stress, mental fatigue and depression. More so, the oil is extensively used across cultures for relieving anxiety. You can keep it handy at home and let stress go away without relying on those mystic pills that often have side effects.

6. Skin care

For ages, peppermint oil has been used for skin care and beaut

y care. It has menthol which is known to provide a cool sensation on the skin. With regular use, this oil can easily get rid of your dull skin and oily skin. This is how you can make your skin refreshing and rejuvenated and start looking younger to your age.

7. Freshen Breath and Reduce cavities

If you are dealing with bad breath problem, you can trust peppermint oil as a great home remedy to get rid of the issue. This oil has been in use for generations for freshening breath and eliminating bad breath. What’s more, it can also help prevent cavities, much more than your chemical drugs do. You can use it as a tooth cavity treatment, wash your mouth daily and maintain a superior dental health.

Peppermint oil side effects

When used in excess, peppermint oil can be toxic and extremely harmful to the body and your overall health. In fact, large dosages can even lead to kidney failure or kidney inflammation. So, it’s essential to take caution with the use of the oil to enjoy its numerous health benefits.

Some of the common side effects of peppermint oil -

· It contains a neurotoxic content and may harm nerve tissue

· Its content can also be toxic to the liver.

· The oil is not recommended for patients with gallstones and gallbladder inflammation

· The oil may also worsen a hernia

· It may also cause drug toxicity to harm the body

· The oil may also decrease testosterone levels

· Peppermint oil is not recommended for infants, children or pregnant women

· The oil may also lead to allergic reactions

· It may also cause dermatitis

· Nausea and vomiting and heartburn are some other side effects of this oil

· Use of the oil may also cause blurred vision

· Breathing problems may also happen with the use of this oil

· Acid reflux and heartburn may also happen with the use of this oil 
In overall, peppermint oil is good for you with numerous health benefits but only when used with restraint. You have to be careful with the dosage else it might harm the body greatly.

Author Bio:

Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He loves sharing views on anything that provides value to the readers and helps broaden their horizon.

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Beyonce and Jay Z share new family vacation photos

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Beyonce and her husband Jay Z shared adorable photos of their 13-month-old twins - Rumi and Sir Carter and big sister Blue Ivy during a family trip to Europe on the Queen Bey website.

The images were taken while they were On The Run II World Tour.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Benefits Of Swimming: 10 Reasons Every Woman Should Start Swimming

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All women want to be healthy and beautiful. One of the most popular ways that many women choose is taking exercises to be healthier and more beautiful. Depending on your ability, there are a wide range of exercises for you to practice. Swimming is increasingly familiar with many people because of its popularity, advantages and suitability for everyone at any age, from toddlers to the oldsters. Actually, swimming is not just a fun way to be cool down during hot summer, it also brings numerous amazing benefits for the body, especially for women’s. Let’s see how good swimming is in the article below:

1. Swimming Is A Full Body Workout
Most types of exercises focus on a certain part of the body. Thus, in order to have impact on all parts of the whole body, we need to practice different forms of exercises. Fortunately, you do not need to do that with swimming. It is a full body workout without heavy equipment. When you jump in the water, swimming can help tone your whole body from head to toes with a just few laps. Therefore, if you’re looking for a total body workout, swimming is your best option.

2. Swimming Is A Great Way To Burn Calories
Freestyle swimming is the most common and effective stroke which helps burn a lot of calories and improve metabolic process. An hour of freestyle swimming can help burn 472 calories for a woman whose weight is 130 pounds and 563 calories for a woman whose weight is 155 pounds. If you are more advanced in swimming, you can lose more calories.

3. Swimming Helps Maintain A Healthy Weight
Because swimming is a total body workout which burns lots of calories, it can help maintain a healthy weight effectively. If you are worrying about overweight, try swimming to lose the amount of weights as you wish. Apart from strengthening heart and lungs, swimming works out all major muscles which can help keep your body slim and fit.

Thanks to the combination of burning calories and building up muscles, swimming brings fitness effect for your body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that we should spend 150 minutes on moderate swimming every week to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Swimming Increases Flexibility
Swimming is an exercise that activates most of the main muscle groups including shoulders, arms, legs, back and abdominal muscles. The more you swim, the more flexible your muscles are. This is because when you swim, strokes’ repetition improves the endurance of muscles.
Moreover, the resistance against your body from water is much more than that from air when you take exercise on land. As a result, swimming helps strengthen and tone the muscles. Thus, it helps increase flexibility which can protect you from injury and cardiovascular disease.

5. Swimming Is Good For Lungs
In order to swim properly, you must breathe in through your nose and then exhale through your lips. This process makes carbon dioxide get out of your body. Your body also adapts to take in more fresh air every time you inhale during the process. Thus, swimming is especially useful for people who find difficulties in breathing. It helps expand the capacity of lungs and make them function more efficiently.

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6. Swimming Reduces Stress
Women are twice more likely than men in getting stressed because of their hectic work and family schedules. In this case, swimming might help them reduce stress. Swimming may bring a calming effect by decreasing immune system chemicals and heightening body temperature.

Much more than that, it also liberates endorphins and neurotransmitters which increase the good feelings, such as accomplishment and self-worth, and get you away from worries, sadness and other symptoms associated with stress.

You can also swim like doing meditation by focusing on your breath and rhythm of swimming. This allows your mind to relax and feel peaceful.

7. Swimming Makes You Smarter
It’s hard to believe that swimming can make you smarter. However, it’s true. While you are swimming, you have to focus on counting strokes, breathing, dividing and flying that kicks off the wall. Your attention must always lay on all these activities during long workouts.
The Journal of Physiology also claims that when you are submerged in water, there is a 14 percent increase of blood that flows to your brain. All these things help make you become smarter.  

8. Swimming Strengthens Muscles
Swimming does not only strengthen your muscles but also lengthen them. Different strokes encourage different groups of muscles. Lap swimming has impact on the muscles in biceps and triceps, hamstrings, abdominals, quadriceps and gluteal. Butterfly swimming focuses on muscles in deltoids, abdominals and legs. Backstroke swimming tends to emphasize the muscles in legs and triceps. Freestyle swimming involves in muscles of torso, thighs and lower legs.

All the movements during swimming work on muscles throughout your body and enhance muscle tone and endurance in the core. This process makes the muscle groups strengthened and lengthened, leading to the improvement of your body form.
In addition, the water resistance also guards your muscles from quick and jerky actions which may cause injury. For those who want to look healthier, slimmer and higher, swimming is a good choice. 

9. Swimming Makes Women Look Younger
This is good news for most women in the world. The truth is that regular swimming makes women look younger. Researchers at Indian University concluded that if you swim regularly, you are physiologically twenty years younger than your true age. Especially, swimming makes your cholesterol level, blood pressure, cognitive system, cardiovascular endurance and sympathetic system more youthful. This successfully contributes to the process of slowing down the aging.

How Waking Up an Hour Earlier Can Improve Your Appearance

10. Swimming Eases Exercise Difficulties For Pregnant Women
Most women are buoyant while swimming. Because of this, pregnant women with their heavy weight may find it more comfortable with submersed exercises than on-land ones. Swimming offers stronger muscles and oxygen efficiency which can help pregnant women’s baby absorb oxygen more effectively. However, the benefit does not stop there. Swimming is extremely advantageous for pregnant women due to its effect on lowering stress and anxiety associated with pregnancy. According to The Baby Center, swimming can help women sleep more deeply and enhance their ability to cope with psychological and physical challenges.
Now you can see that swimming brings a wide variety of positive advantages for your body. Do not hesitate to make it part of your daily regular routine to maintain an overall healthy body. Let swimming benefit you by jumping into the pool and enjoying your time of swimming every day.

About the author:
Victoria Tan is a Health and Beauty expert who has more than 8 years of experience in Health Care industry. For more health care tips on healthy living, visit her at the website TrueRemedies.com. There, you will find posts on natural treatments, healthy foods, DIY recipes and so much more.

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